Nia got home late after her work. She has to stay a few hours because her friends can't come to work. Nia was very tired and also sleepy. She has to work 12 hour for the whole week lucky the next day she not working. After an hour of journey for work and her house finally she reach her house. She walk out of the lift, turn to the right and she saw her house. She walks to her house. When she got nearer to her house a lady high heel shoe at her front door. From what she knows, no one from her family wear heels. When she got to the door, she saw a women sitting opposite her mother. When she looks closely she saw Jennifer her father second wife.

"What the hell is she doing her?" said Nia to herself. She stands there and heard what they were talking.

"I'm sorry that thing happen this way. I too did not want anything like this happen. I hope you forgive me." Said Jennifer to Mariam. Mariam look down and breathe out. Her heart were breaking into two when Jennifer said that her husband marry her. In front of her is the wedding certificate of her husband and her. Proof that she is not lying.

"But I really love him and I did not mean to get marry with him." Said Jennifer.

"SHUT UP!" All of them turn to the door and saw Nia was at the door. All of them stand up.

"How dare you? How dare you?" said Nia towards Ms Jennifer.

"I'm sorry but I can't keep this any longer." Said Ms Jennifer.

"You could have told me and I would told them myself."

"I'm sorry." Said Ms Jennifer. Mariam, Lisa, Mia and Nurul look at Nia. Nia got closely to them.

"I want you to get out of here. I don't want to see your face. GET OUT." Shout Nia. Jennifer was shock at how Nia react towards her. She should have listen to Ahmed and let Nia talk to her mother and her sisters. Jennifer quickly takes her bag and walk out of the house. Before she step out, Nia says,

"Ask your husband to come here immediately." Jennifer did not say anything, she went out wear her heel and faster walk off. After Jennifer left, Nia breathe out and look at her family. They look at her. Mia says,

"You knew about this?" Nia did not say anything. Actual she did not know what to tell them. She felt very tired and don't feel saying anything. She then walks into her room. Nurul wanted to ask her again but Mariam pull her daughter hand and says,

"Don't…let her rest."

"But mum…"said Nurul.

"Let's wait for her to tell us." They wanted to ask her but Mariam told them not to disturb her.

Jennifer walks out the car and walk into her big mansion. When she got into the house, she saw her husband and her father were sitting at the garden talking. They were so happy talking to each other. When Jennifer saw them happily talking to each other, she felt very happy even though Nia has scolded her. She then walks to them. Once she got to them, Jennifer sat beside her husband.

'What are you guys talking about?' said Jennifer. Mr. Chen looks at her daughter and says,

" Ahmed is telling me his history when he was a teenage. If you listen to his story, you would laugh." Jennifer smile and look at his husband. Ahmed looks at his wife and says,

"I was looking for you just now! Where did you go?" Jennifer sit up straight and look around and says,

"Ah…ah…." When Mr. Chen saw her daughter reaction, he knows that her daughter must have got somewhere that Ahmed has told her not too. He knows he very well, since her mother die. Mr. Chen is the one who grow her up. From changing diapers to taking her from school even though he is busy with work. He don't want his driver to take and send her to school. He want to see her daughter grow up.

"Jenn where did you go?" said Mr. Chen. Jennifer looks at his father who is looking at her. Jennifer look down and says,

"I'm sorry…"

"Sorry for what?" said Ahmed. Jennifer looks at Ahmed and says,

"You told me not to go to your first wife house right?' Ahmed look at her, his heart skip a beat.

"What did you do?"

"I told them that we are marry and told her the true at first they did not believe but then I show them the marry certificate. And by then Nia…"

"Oh…great…do you know what you have done?" Ahmed stands up. Mr. Chen looks at them. He did not want to get involve. He knew that Ahmed is married and he even knew that one of Ahmed daughter knew that they are marry. Jennifer stands up and stands beside her husband and says,

"I'm sorry…I really am." Ahmed looks at her and says angrily,

"Why you still go there after I told you not to. I told you to wait until she told my wife and her sisters first then she would show you to them. Why you did not listen to me?"

"How can I wait...I don't want to be hidden from your family anymore." Ahmed walks a few distance from her and says,

"I sorry that you felt that way but if we told them that we are marry, Nia scare that the other three daughter might hate me and she did not anyone to get hurt especially her mother and you. You because she did not want her sisters to hate you." Jennifer froze.

"Yah…that girl my daughter did not want you her step mother to get hurt by her sisters and she did not want to see her mother fight with you. Even if she know that her mother would let it go she did not want to see her cry even you." Mr. Chen sits up straight and look at Ahmed.

"What? She did not want to see my daughter cry because Jenn marry her father?" said Mr. Chen to himself.

"I'll better go and see them." Said Ahmed, he then walk back into the living room and went up to his room to change his clothes. Jennifer still froze she can't believe her ears. That girl who shouted at her did not want to see anyone got hurt and that including her. Mr. Chen walks to his daughter and hug her.

Nia sit at her bed facing the door. It was already 3 in the morning. She can't sleep even if she forces herself. She did not know what to say to her mother and sisters. She stands up and walks out of the room. Once she got out she saw her mother were sitting at the living room in the dark. She walks to her, switch on the light and says,

"Mum what are you doing here?" Mariam look up and saw her daughter standing behind her. She quickly wipes her tears and says,

"You still up?" Nia quickly sat beside her mother and says,

"Mum are you alright?" Mariam nod her head and says,

"I'm fine. Why are you still up?"

"Mum…I'm sorry…I should have told you earlier." Tear start to flow out of her eyes. Mariam quickly wipe her tears and says,

"Why are you crying?"

"I'm so sorry mum." Mariam look at her daughter. She knew that Nia is hurting inside. Nia did not want her and the sisters got hurt because of her husband got marry with another women. Mariam pull Nia towards her, hug her tightly and says,

"Sayang, it's okay. She told me what happen and it's not her fault. Anyway your dad has already marry her.'

"Mum I know that it hurt you so much but…."

"It hurt but what can I do. He already marries her. And it okay I will took it as god has given me a friend. A friend that marries my husband, a friend who I really want to get to know." Nia look up at her mother and says,

"Mum don't lie!" Mariam smile and says,

"I'm a bad liar right?" Nia smile at her mother and says,

"Yeah very bad." Both mother and daughter laugh at each other. Nia sat beside her mother. Mariam hold her daughter hand and says,

"I remember the day I met your dad."

"At school?" Mariam nod her head, Mariam then continue her story.

The next day, all of them have breakfast. Nia kept eating without looking at their sisters. Mia and Nurul look at her. Mia wanted to say something but Nurul hold her. After Nia finish eating, she wanted to go back into her room and sleep some more, but then her sister, Nurul says,

"Nia we should talk." Nia look at her sisters and says,

"About what?"

"Yesterday." Said Mia.

"I want to sleep talk later can?" Nia wanted to walk back into her room but then Lisa says,

"We have the right to know what happen you know!" Nia turn around, sit back down at the chair and says,

"Fine…you want to know… alright I'll tell you."