Nia was sitting at the park near her café that she has newly open. It was tiring but that what she want, to have her own café. No stress and no politic. After a year has already passed after she passes over her position to Dylan, she has help him when ever she can and now she can really have her own life. Even thought she misses her friends in the company. She looks at the sky at the park. She smile to herself, even thought she has everything but there something her heart missing Dennis. It has been so long that she did not meet him. Nia look at her watch and was that it was time for her to go back to work. She turn around and wanted to walk back to her café when suddenly a car stop at the road in-front of her. Suddenly the driver came out from the driver side and walk toward her. She did not know who he is as he was wearing sunglasses. Once he got to her, he said,

"Do you know who I am?" Nia shake his head. The guy smile and slowly open his sun glasses. While he open his glasses, Nia notice that he was Dennis.

"Dennis!" Dennis smile at her and say,

"How are you?" Nia did not say anything. Her eyes suddenly full with tears. Dennis saw that Nia was holding back her tears. He move closer to her and wipe her tears away and says,

"I'm sorry….i should have never live you."

"You never call, email me. How long do you want me to wait for you?"

"I'm sorry." Said Dennis while he put his hand at her cheeks.

"I promise I will never live you again. I promise." Said Dennis. Nia nod her head.

"Let's go we they are very busy inside." Said Dennis. Dennis then pull her hand and both of them wanted to walk back to the café when suddenly pull Dennis hand back. Dennis turn around and saw Nia was standing and did not move. Nia the pull Dennis to her and says,

"I love you." Nia then kiss him at his cheek and run away back to the café. After Nia kiss him, he look at Nia run away. Dennis smile to himself and run after her. Once he manage to catch him he look at her in the eye and say,

"I love you too."