Derek looks up at Stiles, his hands shaking while clawing at his lip.

"Come on, Sourwolf, tell me what's going on?" Stiles gets on his knees in front of him, letting his hands rest on Derek's knees.

"Do you remember when I was in heat, and you were the only one who could help me?" Derek asks shyly.

"Yes, we had awesome sex," Stiles answers. "And again, and again.." he says quickly.

Derek just nods once. Taking one of Stiles' hands, he places it on his stomach, right above the bellybutton. "When werewolves are in heat, we can get pregnant. Even if you are male. So.. Stiles, I'm pregnant," Derek says finally and looks in Stiles' eyes.

The teen strokes Derek's stomach quietly and rests his skull against Derek's thigh. "It was 3 months ago." The teen looks up, while he strokes incidentally his belly. "Why didn't you tell me earlier?" he asks and sighs.

"You are not shocked?" Derek looks confused.

"Hello? I have an internet connection. After the heat was over and you left, I did a search for everything that could happen. I was prepared for this," he mutters against Derek thigh. "I was hoping that you weren't going to be full of hormones and get a belly. I won't let you fight while you are pregnant with my kid…" Stiles looks up and smiles softly. "What are we now? Boyfriends or something like this? Because I would love to be your boyfriend, and the sex was amazing…." Stiles babbled.

A laugh came from Derek, which take Stiles face in his Hands and kissed him. Sweet and mouth closed. "We are mates, you idiot. "he says afterwards, while his forehead rested against Stiles head.

A laugh comes from Derek, while taking Stiles' face in his hands and kissing him, sweet and mouth closed. "We are mates, you idiot," he says afterwards, while his forehead rested against Stiles head.

After a long make out session, Stiles rubs his fingertips above Derek's belly and takes a deep breath. "We have 6 month to go. Right?" he asks, lifting his eyes from Derek's stomach, to his eyes.

"Yes.." the werewolf answered.

"We must tell the pack, we must tell my dad. We will be parents in 6 months." Panic crawls through Stiles' bones, as he thinks about his dad. How will he be take this? His son got a werewolf pregnant.

"Stiles, hush. We have 6 months. Everything will be okay." Softly, Derek strokes trough Stiles' short hairs.

"Yeah.. You are right. We get a baby, we will be a family. "

At the last word, Derek's eyes light up and a smile tugs at his lips. "A Family."

Finally, after hours of talking, making out and groping, they make it to Derek's bed, laying there quietly, while hands rest on Derek's stomach.

"I'll love to have a family with you," Stiles says in the quiet room, kissing Derek on the head and smiling in his hair.

"Me too."