Ennis had been freed from Szilard's iron fist only a few months ago and she couldn't be happier. Having this new found freedom was like having a tight grasp on her existence finally pried off of her. In fact, for Ennis, that's just what it felt like.

If Szilard wanted to, he could have taken her life just with a thought within that cold and heartless mind of his, and knowing that… knowing that she wouldn't be able to know the feeling of life again, knowing she would never see her friends, Isaac and Miria again, knowing that she would never be with the man that had worked his way to her heart without even trying, it was horrific for her.

She thanked the heavens for letting her be sparred and to continue to exist, to be with her friends and to be with him. that charming, witty, cocky, smug, delightful young man that had rid her of the monster she once called "Master" and had asked her her name in such a manner, she couldn't help the bubbling feelings of shyness come over her and perhaps something that meant a little bit more.

With the running around and hustle and bustle of the drama that went down not to long ago and knowing that the two of them had forever and ever on their side…

Ennis couldn't be more thankful.