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Chapter 1: The Pillar Awakens

Dream Sequence

"I am… Sailor Moon." Sailor Moon looked passively at the Pillar of the Sacred Lands, along with the other Senshi. "And the future Queen of the Universe. I and my Senshi have already killed your Gate Guardians. If you know what's good enough for you, Pillar, you will hand over the Justice Star and your crown!"

"I am the Pillar who represents the Love and Peace of the Sacred Lands." Ami declared firmly, a pair of angel's wings had appeared on her back and folded over her chest, guarding the Justice Star which had created a barrier around her. The wings unfolded and the multi-faceted crystal floated out of its place. Ami's wings fluttered gracefully, she rose up a few feet from the ground, and the wings enveloping her as she slowly spun downwards, her hair spiralling around the wings. A light flashed and the hem of a dress was seen on what were once naked legs. Ami lowered to the ground, her wings resting behind her. "In the future, you will become a tyrant who destroys millions of lives and dreams. I protect that future, and the future which comes after it, for I am Selestia."

"Alcadeias, Lord of Spirits!" Hakuoh summoned his trademark creature.

"Crystal Paladin!" that was from Boy George.

"Ballom, Master of Death!" the rather reluctant Kokujo was pulled into the battle.

"Bolmeteus Steel Dragon!" Shobu summoned his favourite creature.

"Stratosphere Giant!" Mimi's Nature Civilisation creature completed the Duelist Circle.

"Selestia Justice Power!" Ami called forth her transformation.

"What is that woman doing?" Kokujo asked.

"I swear a male designed those suits." Mimi muttered. "They're so form fitting."

"I don't mind." Hakuoh let out a smile.

"Hakuoh, that's your fiancée we're talking about!" Shobu flustered.

"The power of the Sacred Lands and the Justice Star will not fall into the likes of you!" Sailor Selestia declared.

""Don't listen to her! KILL HER!" Sailor Moon screamed frantically. In just the last few minutes, her world began to shatter around her. It was true that Crystal Tokyo would be built upon lie after lie after lie. Now that the Senshi knew, they were against her. They now knew the truth. One cannot be loyal to another who lied to them from the beginning.

"If what she says is true, then you've lied to us." Sailor Mars looked at her Princess in disbelief.

"Then, everything you ever told us could be a lie as well." Sailor Neptune whispered.

"You told us to ignore the prophecies...that they were all lies, but they were all true, weren't they?" Sailor Venus demanded, angry that she had dedicated her life to a Queen who didn't care about her own people in the slightest.

"How can you believe this girl's words?" Sailor Uranus spat. "What if everything she'd said was a lie?"

"Guilty until proven innocent." Sailor Selestia realized what Sailor Uranus was implying. "Very well. You'll see if I am innocent. The Justice Star cannot be deceived. I stand before you, Sailor Uranus, unguarded. Strike me down."

"Prepare to die." Sailor Uranus growled, raising the Space Sword high, the blade aimed to take off the Pillar's head. But when the deed was done, the girl remained with a head. The sword had passed through her, that was for sure, but it had not touched her. Sailor Uranus dropped the sword and then fell to her knees. "She... she... wasn't lying..." the Sky Senshi muttered.

Sailor Moon let out a scream of anguish. "YOU TRAITORS! TRAITORS!" she shrieked hysterically.

"No, it is you who is a traitor. This girl didn't lie. It was you! You are a hateful woman..." Sailor Neptune screamed in return.

Sailor Moon steadied herself, her perfect future was more important to her than these Solar System Senshi. Once I obtain the power of the Universe, I won't need protectors, she thought. She summoned the Ginzuishou and raised it above her head and a barrier appeared and surrounded her. Nothing could penetrate the border to harm her. She smiled cruelly at Sailor Mars and stretched her arm outwards, her fingers made motions, pulling. There was a scream from behind Sailor Venus. Sailor Venus whirled around in horror; she saw Sailors Jupiter and Saturn on the ground writhing in agony as the Ginzuishou started draining them of their powers.

"Don't… let… her… win…" Sailor Saturn mouthed to her adoptive parents.

"I will never…" Sailor Selestia gripped her command staff. "You will never become ruler of the Universe. I solemnly swear on my grave that it will never happen."

Sailor Moon smirked inside her barrier as she took Sailors Uranus and Neptune's powers. "And what are you going to do about it, little Justice Senshi?"

"This is the end, Serenity." Sailor Selestia held up the Justice Staff, Sailors Pluto and Venus' powers soon joined the rest.

"It's not over yet, girl." Sailor Moon sneered. "Even with that toy of yours, just the Ginzuishou holds more power. You're fated to die, just like the rest." She smiled cruelly, laughing insanely as she was filled with the power, the energy of the Solar System Senshi. She was stealing the planet's powers and using it to destroy the Pillar. "The best is yet to come. The power of the Solar System Senshi and the power of the Ginzuishou, how can you possibly win?" she laughed, letting another energy burst go, and then another and another.

"I will not give up!" Sailor Selestia's eyes flared in determination. "I won't be defeated! Never!"

Sailor Moon's blasts were deflected by the sudden energy surge. "This Universe is MINE. I swear to you that there will never be peace in it even after I die... Chaos and Evil will always reign." The crazed Moon Senshi laughed. "What? No!" she shrieked when the Senshi's powers started attacking her from within.

"I am the Pillar who represents the Love and Peace of the Sacred Lands." Sailor Selestia repeated. "I am the Messiah, I am the Saviour. Find peace within yourself, Princess Serenity, the last of the White Moon." Light swirled around the wand, expanding as the wispy fingers of light brushed against objects, causing them to fill with light.

Sailor Moon frantically tried to escape the purification, Saturn's power holding her in place. "NOOOO!" she screamed. Her body fell to the ground, full of the spiralling light, the Senshi's signs racing back to the stars.

"By all that is justice," Ami awoke from her slumber, the Justice Star burning brightly in her palms. "I swear Serenity will not claim this power."

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