Once upon a time there was a beautiful kingdom called Granundia. The people there were happy, with love and joy and song at all times of the day or night. The land never suffered, it was fertile and lush with life. Trade was strong with the neighbouring countries and many of their products were sort after across the lands.

The kingdom was ruled by a wise, strong and brave king and his gentle, loving queen while someday they would be joined by their smart, fun loving daughter.

The three ruled with the same joy and happiness that their people enjoyed. Everyone was happy to live under their gaze and protection.

However, as happy as fate had made them, the kingdom had to pay the price one day. The queen became ill and, despite everyone's hopes and prayers, she passed away in her sleep, with her family and friends around her.

The kingdom mourned her passing for several months and it was several years before the king sort a new wife, looking for someone who was as kind as his first wife. The woman he found was not only kind to him and his people but also kind to his daughter, willing to help her change from a child to a young adult and prepare for her future.

The years passed and the princess began to take her roles more seriously, taking a more active position in her royal way of life.

Her father, the king, was so proud of the young girl and often told her so, while his new wife was equally proud of her.

Yet fate decreed that Granundia still had to pay for their happiness.

One day, while out on a family ride, the King's horse spooked suddenly and he fell from his steed in a pure accident. His wounds were painless but fatal, leaving the kingdom to morn and the two women alone in the world.

The princess found comfort with her stepmother and for a few weeks, the woman allowed the girl to grieve but then duty tore the two apart. The queen took full command of the kingdom, dealing with disputes and troubles in the lands while the princess was free to play with her two ladies in waiting, the sisters, Demon and Angel.

Her Royal Highness, Queen Naloria Fay was as beautiful as the land she ruled, her hair fine in tight ringlets, cherry red in colour that she often had held back off her head with her crown, her droopy brown eyes that looked like two acorns and she was often seen in gold and yellow clothes to match her fair compaction.

Her stepdaughter, her royal highness, Princess Rin Moren had grown up with the beauty of her mother and the wisdom of her father, her long black hair often tied back in a plait while her brown eyes sparkled with happiness and intelligence. She was as carefree as the wind and she loved to run around in the palace gardens with her ladies in waiting or sit in her room reading.

The two women ate together every night, talking quietly about the kingdom and life. One night, they were talking about Rin's birthday as it approached.

Naloria smiled as they planned a grand ball to welcome the princess into her adulthood, joking about who to invite and who to not. Rin twitched her head to the side when she noticed the Queen was striking off almost any unmarried young man or possible suitor.

"I'll be of age stepmother. It… it will be expected of me to marry soon."

The queen looked up softly from her food. "Rin, take an older woman's advice… do not rush into marriage." She chuckled then sighed. "I was lucky with your father." Her eyes drifted to the portrait hanging over the fireplace of the king, painted with him in full noble pose, with a gentle smile on his face as he looked down on those in the room. Naloria sighed softly and lifted her glass to the picture. "I loved him, he was a good man and I miss him…." She moved her glass to Rin, lifting it a little more. "As I know you do."

Rin lifted her own glass and smiled softly. "I miss him, but at least I have you."

"And I you Rin. And I you."




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