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Anyways I hope you enjoy and I would like to introduce to new characters. If you have read my other stories you would be familiar and know a girl named Kate who is the same age as Marshall and Cameron. And a newer character is Noah who is a year older than Marshall, Cameron, and Kate.

Chapter 1: POKEMON?!

"Come on it's just a test. You've failed many test before right?" Marshall thought to himself as he drummed his fingers on his desk. Marshall looked around the classroom and then he whipped his head to the right ans saw a guy who was also busy taking the test.

"Hey, do you have number seven?" Marshall questioned. The guy chuckled and turned away from Marshall. He stuck his tongue out and rolled his eyes at the same time. Marshall focused his attention to a girl next to him. Mainly he was looking at her paper. Marshall knocked his pencil on the floor purposely and bent over to get a better look at the girls paper. The girl noticed that Marshall was looking at her paper so she moved her paper to a different part of her desk.

"You are so single," Marshall thought as he glared at the girl. Marshall leaned over to a side of him and picked up a bottle of water he brought with himself. He took the cap off and took a sip but he was trembling so much he spilled some on his face and shirt. Some went up his nose and he bent over coughing and rubbing his red shirt. The others turned around and stared at Marshall curiously. "I-I-I'm okay," Marshall said as he sat up and got some air.

Marshall sat up and looked at all the water on his desk. He took his test paper and wiggled it trying to get the water off. He sighed and slammed his head on the table. Marshall looked up and became face to face with the teacher.

"Problem?" The professor asked as he looked at Marshall.

"May I use the bathroom?" Marshall asked. The professor nodded and then walked back to his desk. Marshall walked out of the classroom and spotted some other teachers. They frowned as they some him in the hallway. Marshall overlooked that and walked to the boys' bathroom. He walked in and washed his hands.

"What would Cameron do?" Marshall muttered as he searched through his phone. Marshall found Cameron on his phone and called him, but Cameron didn't answer. "How about Noah?" Marshall muttered as he found Noah's name. He called but Noah didn't answer either. Marshall got frustrated and banged his head on the wall. Marshall walked over to the dryer and pressed the button making the wind splash all over his face.

There was a loud bang that was heard. so loud that Marshall fell backwards and hit his head on the ground.

"What was that?" said a girl as she came out of the one of the stalls.

"I don't know, but isn't this the boys bathroom?" Marshall questioned while playing with his fingers.

"Yes, but don't tell anyone about this or what's about to happen," the girl said while playing with her short brown hair.

"About what," Marshall began as the girl ran up to him and kissed him on the lips for a second. She kicked him on his leg and then ran out of the bathroom.

Daisy stood in the hallway looking at some papers until Mr.L walked by and sprayed some mouth freshener spray in his mouth. "My lips taste like skittles; wanna taste the rainbow?" Mr.L questioned while smirking. Daisy didn't look up from the papers and let out a small laugh.

"So babe, I just found out that we are approaching the 1000th time I've asked you out!" Mr.L informed.

"Nice job keeping it up," Daisy congratulated while patting him on the chest. Mr.L got on one knee and cleared his throat while grabbing her hand.

"Daisy will you go out with me?" Mr.L asked politely.

"Sure what the heck," Daisy answered with a smile. Mr.L smiled and then run down the hallway and pushing people over as he did and dancing.

Daisy smiled and continued to look at her papers until an announcement came on over the loud speaker.

"Attention students: Cheerleading practice will be held in the gymnasium tomorrow immediately after school. Dress appropriately."

"How can cheerleaders dress appropriately?" Daisy mumbled as she leaned against the locker by her.

That Night...

Daisy stood at her front door and opened it with Mr.L doing a happy dance behind her. "If you keep dancing you can just go home," Daisy instructed.

"I'll behave," Mr.L muttered. Daisy nodded and then opened her door. "I'm home!" Mr.L cheered as he stepped inside Daisy's house.

"Look, you can't just yell randomly. This isn't some club," Daisy scolded.

"Oh baby," Mr.L giggled.

"Daisy's friend is here," Daisy's mother named Lily replied as she came out of the kitchen.

"Hey mom you remember Mr.L right?" Daisy introduced.

"Daisy brought home the sex offender again," Lily mumbled to her husband who was in the kitchen while smiling. Daisy walked with Mr.L in the kitchen and sat down next to him. The food was set down in front of everyone and they all held hands.

"L would you like to say the blessing?" Daisy questioned.

"Oh no no-no, we made that mistake last time," Lily said in a sing songy voice. Daisy's father Richard said the grace and everybody ate.

"So I received an A on that model of a home," Daisy informed the table.

"That's wonderful dear," Richard replied.

"I didn't do it," Mr.L stated. Daisy glared at him from across the table signaling him to shut up.

"Oh well um tell us about your parents," Lily ordered Mr.L delightfully.

"I don't know," Mr.L responded.

"Do you have any siblings?" Richard questioned.

"I think," Mr.L began.

"What's your favorite color?" Richard asked.

"Um Green?" Mr.L answered.

"What does the 'L' in your name stand for?" Lily questioned.

"Lucario," Mr.L answered quickly. Daisy face-planted and started to hit the back of her head. "Um, Lapris?" Mr.L said once again.

"Stop talking," Daisy muttered as she rubbed her temples.

"Interesting name um, Lucario." Lily said with an awkward smile.

"So Daisy is this your boyfriend or are you going to date that fruity boy that you used to like?" Richard stated.

"I don't know dad," Daisy informed while poking at her food.

"But Daisy you've been really sad and you've only been hanging out with your own gender since Marshall broke up with you," Iris added.

"Hm?" Mr.L said while leaning onto the table.

"I haven't been sad I'm just getting over things," Daisy replied.

"But you're still not well and that was almost a year ago," Lily responded while looking at her daughter.

"Hm?" said Mr.L as he leaned onto the table even more.

"Everything is okay I swear, nothing is wrong with me?" Daisy stated.

"Say what?" Mr.L asked as his entire body was now over the table.

"Well maybe you should consider not dating at all if this is what is going to happen all the time," Richard stated.

"I'm okay I'll find a new boyfriend soon, maybe he is right in front of me and I don't even see him!" Daisy hollered as she slammed her fork down. Mr.L then moved his body completely on the table so that his nose was touching Daisy's. "Get off the table!" Daisy snapped. Mr.L moved off the table by moving his hands forward but as he slid back he pulled the table cloth with him. When we got to the edge he fell backwards off of it bringing all the plates and the table cloth with him.

Daisy heavily sighed and stared at the other side of the table in frustration. "I-I-I'm okay," Mr.L muttered as he stood up and brushed his hair back.

"You're a completely waste of time and space," Richard mumbled.

"I SHOULD HAVE YOU KNOW THAT MR.L IS ONE OF THE FINEST MALES ON EARTH!" Chandler yelled as she popped up from behind Daisy with scared her to death.

Chandler had her hair in a hair elastic at the very bottom of her long blonde hair. She also wore a huge pink bow.

"Who are you?" Lily and Richard exclaimed simultaneously.

"Does that matter? Now what's for dinner?" Chandler questioned as she sat down at the table.

"I do it all p-p-put in a bowl! Scoop down low; Cherry Pie!" Luigi sung as he put some ice cream into a bowl. Caramel barked which got his attention. "Hey buddy what's up?" Luigi questioned while bending down and scratching his dog's neck.

"Burk, Burk!" Caramel happily responded.

"Of course," Luigi spoke. Luigi picked his dog in one hand and his bowl of ice cream in the other. Afterwards he walked over to the kitchen table and sat down. Suddenly the front door opened and in stepped his mother Iris with the groceries.

"Luigi put these away please," His mother kindly asked as she handed him several bags. Luigi stuck his hand in one and pulled out a clear container with brown stuff inside.

"What is this?" Luigi asked while pointing to the label.

"You're pointing to the name of it, and it's Nutella I heard it taste good try some AFTER you put the groceries away. I have to go wash some cloth," Iris informed. Luigi shrugged and as soon as his mother was out of sight he opened the container and stuck a spoon he hand inside. Afterwards he stuck the spoon in his mouth. That made his eyes light up in delight.

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