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Chapter 12: You Should've Knocked

"And then I said that she should've told me that she used to date Donte, I think I have a right to know," Luigi said as he looked at his older brother.

"Sure I guess, but that was the past. Don't worry about it," Marshall said while patting Luigi on the shoulder.

"Okay now it's time for some of my questions. So how are you and Cameron?" Luigi asked as he sat down next to Marshall at Marshall's apartment.

"What do you mean Cameron and I?" He asked.

"You've guys have been friends forever and you guys now live in the same house. You guys must have done something." Luigi said with a smile.

"Ew Luigi that's disgusting," Marshall responded.

"Well you've at least seen each other naked right?" Luigi asked.

"Ew no," Marshall said quickly.

"Well there was that one time..." Cameron cut in as he casually entered the room.

"I said to never speak of that," Marshall growled.

"Oh yeah," Cameron said slowly.

"Awkward..." Luigi responded, "Anyways I've got to go, mom and dad are going to be curious when I'm this late." Luigi replied and then he stood up.

"Kay Cameron we'll be back," Marshall informed as he stood up with his car keys and headed towards the door with his little brother.

Marshall closed the door behind him and walked down the hallway with his brother in complete silence. The brothers walked into the elevator and went down together. Marshall was the first one out of the apartment followed by Luigi. They were headed for Marshall car until they were stopped by a little girl with a phone and she froze in her spot.

"Oh my god, A-A-A-ARE YOU LUIGI?" The girl with curly brown hair asked.

"Um yeah and how did you know that?" Luigi asked while staring at her.

" Oh my gosh I can't believe that's really you. Oh my gosh; oh my gosh; oh my gosh! I can't believe I am face to face with Luigi Mario! I love you so much I want to marry you!" The little girl replied while fanning herself.

"Well since you know my brother you probably know me," Marshall said with a smile.

"Nope never heard of you," the girl admitted while shaking her head.

"That's impossible," Marshall spat.

"Ohhh I see you're probably an OC, dang I hate those," the girl said while brushing some hair out of her face.

"Obsessive Compulsive? Wow you're something alright," Luigi said while laughing.

"NNNOOOO I mean OC as in original character. Oh and by the way I'm Melody, and by coincidence there is a girl named Melody in the game Luigi's Mansion. She played the piano and you had to guess the tone she was playing. But of course you already know that," Melody said with a smile.

"YOU HAVE A MANSION?" Marshall exclaimed while staring at his brother. Luigi shrugged and looked at Melody as she pulled out a book and flipped pages.

"Oh remember in Mario Kart where in Daisy Circuit there are two statues of you guys dancing," Melody reminded.

"There is a statue of Daisy and I dancing?" Luigi questioned with a huge grin.

"Yeah, oh also remember Super Mario Sunshine?" Melody replied.

"Ohh what did I do?" Luigi questioned while leaning close to her.

"Nothing," Melody said boldly and threw a book she had behind her.

"Oh well bummer," Luigi said while leaning up.

"This stuff doesn't make sense how am I an original character?" Marshall asked.

"Some nobody thought it would be a good idea if Mario and Luigi had an older brother. AND IT ISN'T!" Melody yelled.

"That doesn't even sound legit, I was born first." Marshall shot back.

"Whatever loser, anyways OC's don't exist. No one knows what they look like, and no one is able to feel them like the way the creator does. Marshall you might as well call yourself Lady Gaga because you were Born this Way," Melody spoke.

"So wait, you're tell me that my life's a lie?" Marshall questioned.

"Pretty much," Melody said with a smile.

"You liar, you know nothing about me. You might as well call yourself Taylor Swift because you'd lie," Marshall shouted.

"The song is called 'I'd lie'," Melody groaned.

"Oh I've got one, you might as well call yourself Miley Cyrus because you're obsessed," Luigi said with a smile.

"See that worked, my baby has it,"Melody said with a smile.

"Well I have a girlfriend," Luigi admitted.

"I'll kill her!" Melody snapped while holding up a knife.

"Ummm no okay?" Luigi said while coming close to her and lowering the knife.

"I love you Luigi. I'm you're #1 fan. Well I used to be your #3 fan until I kidnapped the first and second, set them on fire and then danced around them." Melody explained and then started dancing.

"Luigi I think we should go," Marshall whispered to his brother.

"Lets," Luigi answered and then the two ran away.

"I'LL FIND YOU LOVE; I KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE!" Melody yelled after the boys.

"Hello," Mario said quietly as he walked inside his house. Everything was quietly. Mario sighed and then he threw himself on the couch. He was so tried and he just wanted to close his eyes... WAIT! Mario stood up and grabbed a slip from his backpack that he needed his parent to sign. It wasn't something much he just needed to get a signature.

Mario walked up the stairs slowly and made his way up while holding onto the rail. Mario slowly walked up to his parent's room and opened the door without even knocking. As soon as he opened the door his face fell and his eyes opened wide up. His jaw also fell down. Mario quickly turned on his heels and ran out of the bedroom quickly. Mario jumped down the stairs and ran into the family room at full speed. When got to the couch he dived on top of it and started to cry into a pillow.

After a few minutes the front door opened to reveal Marshall and Luigi. Mario looked up with his eyes full of worry and wonderment.

"Hey Mario what's up?" Marshall asked as he closed the door behind him.

"I'M JUST SKIPPY PEACHY!" Mario cried with his eyes full of tears.

"I don't know what I said," Marshall admitted while walking into the kitchen with Luigi. Mario got up from the couch and slowly followed his brothers. Marshall went into the refrigerator and got two drinks for Luigi and himself. Mario just walked over to the end of the table and sat down in shame. Then he banged his head on the table repeatedly.

"What's wrong bro?" Luigi questioned.

"You don't even what to know," Mario said through tears. Iris and Sterling came down the steps together and walked into the kitchen.

"Oh when did you guys get here?" Iris asked. Iris walked up to her older son and gave him a kiss on the cheek. Mario looked at this in disgust.

"Hey son how was your day at school?" Sterling asked Mario while walking up to him and placing his hand on Mario's shoulder. Mario looked at his father in shock and then slowly turned his head to see his father's hand on his shoulder. Mario quickly turned pale and then started to cry.

"Mario why are you crying?" Iris asked while coming up over to him and hugging up.

"Noo," Mario said through tears.

"What's the matter?" Sterling asked while holding his son's arm softly.

"YOU'RE TOUCHING ME!" Mario cried. Iris and Sterling let go of Mario and then the two of them backed up from him. Maro then began to slam his head on the table once more.

"Hey mom have you ever had a relationship with one of dad's friends?

"Actually yes, I remember the day before your father and I's wedding we got into a huge arguement and cancelled the wedding. So I was sad so to get back at him and went out with his best man. I was stupid at that time but we had a one day relationship," Iris explained.

"Oh how long ago was that?" Luigi asked.

"Hmm About 19 years ago," Iris informed.

"Wait...I'm 19," Marshall replied while pointing to himself and looking at his parents.

"Oh that just reminded me I have to go finish my homework," Iris remarked and then turned away while clapping and walking.

"Mom wait!" Marshall called while running after his mother.

Daisy lied on her stomach in her bedroom working on some homework but she paused when there was a soft knock on the door. "Come in," Daisy replied without looking up. The door slowly opened and revealed Donte in the doorway. He stepped and shut the door behind him.

"Hey Donte," Daisy greeted.

"Sup, Daisy," Donte responded as he walked over to her bed and sat down. Donte took his shoes off and sat down Indian style next to her.

"What brings you by?" Daisy asked while closing her textbook and sitting the same way he was.

"Well I just wanted to talk to you face-to-face and talk about Luigi and us." Donte explained.

"Ohhh," Daisy replied.

"Rosalina told me what happened with you and Luigi," Donte informed.

"Oh yeah just so you know Luigi and I did nothing sexually. I told him that I could get pregnant from french kissing at that also counts as losing your V so..." Daisy explained while shrugging.

"Nice," Donte chuckled.

"So you said you wanted to talk about us?" Daisy reminded while picking at her bedsheets.

"Yeah, well didn't you like when we dated?" Donte asked.

"I did," Daisy informed.

"Well wouldn't you like that back?" Donte questioned.

"I would," Daisy said with a smile. Donte wrapped his arms around Daisy and brought her closer.

"Well we can have it, all you have to do is say yes," Donte informed.

"But I'm dating Luigi," Daisy spoke while rubbing Donte's soft hair.

"I know and I feel so guilty about liking you." Donte admitted. He leaned close to Daisy and gave her a kiss on the lips for a few seconds and then pulled away. Daisy didn't even try to pull away.

"I don't think I can," Daisy replied while shaking her head.

"I understand, but can we just kiss a little?" Donte questioned.

"Sure," Daisy agreed and then kissed Donte again on the lips while wrapping her arms around his neck.

"I SO KNEW YOU WERE EASY!" Melody yelled while looking through Daisy's window with binoculars in a tree. Melody cheered and then fell backwards out of the tree. "LUIGI SHALL BE MINE!" Melody hollered from the ground.

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