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Chapter 18: Ice Cubes, Dyslexia, and Boys

Mr.L- Today really isn't a good day #miserablelife

Peach Toadstool- It's 3 A.M, that day hasn't really started.

Rosalina Star- And you can't use hashtags on facebook.

Mr.L has blocked Peach Toadstool

Mr.L has blocked Rosalina Star

Mr.L has unblocked Rosalina Star

Mr.L- I like looking at Rosalina's pictures I won't block you sexy. *smooches*

Rosalina Star- Ugggg

Alec Sulkin- What makes you upset?

Cameron Kesalawski- Euck you Ditch...


Rosalina Star- Just to be clear that wasn't for you Alec that was for L.

Alec Sulkin- Okay

Marshall Mario- I think Cameron's not doing well with his um...

Rosalina Star- With his what?

Mr.L- Small Weenie?

Rosalina Star- Shut up would you?

Marshall Mario- His Dyslexia.

Rosalina Star- Cameron has dyslexia?

Marshall Mario- Yeah

Mario Mario- So he has trouble reading right?

Marshall Mario- Yeah, he has problems with math, reading, writing, and comprehension.

Rosalina Star- Poor thing

Marshall Mario- What makes things worse is that he refused to let me help me. He says there is nothing wrong with him and he is just as normal as everyone else.

Rosalina Star- Well what's his reading level?

Marshall Mario- Like fifth or sixth grade.

Cameron Kesalawski- You don't have to share my business to the world.

Marshall Mario- Sorry Cammy

Cameron Kesalawski- It's fine

Mr.L- Pretty Boys
Mr.L likes this...

Cameron Kesalawski- I'll slap you and I'm not even playing
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Mr.L- Well anyone what to know why today is a horrible day?

Mario Mario- Sure go ahead

Mr.L- Well first of all, this tan fur ball is running around my room freaking me out; I have lipstick on my collar; I got Rosalina pregnant; Donte died; Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles got canceled.

Rosalina Star- I have a boyfriend, we'll never go out now stop that!


Mr.L-Poor You

Daisy Sarasa- I'm going to weep, Mr.L can you cuddle with me?

Mr.L- Anything virtual babe!

Mario Mario- Hold up, Donte's mom just texted me and said Donte said hello.

Peach Toadstool- At 3 in the morning?

Mr.L- Didn't I block you?


Mr.L- Well you asked me if I would cuddle with you, which means when your vulnerable your willing to have sex.

Marshall Mario- As the whore turns...
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Luigi Mario- I'm bald...

Peach Toadstool- What happened?

Chandler Young- Yeah brother in-law

Luigi Mario- Ask Mr.L

Mario Mario- What?


Noah Diamond- Rolligng on floor laughing...

Pauline Verducci- Poor Weegee, he's a total meanie.

Mr.L- I hate you for some reason...

Eclair Waffles- What's up L?

Mr.L- Gosh I hate you, go eat yourself!

Mario Mario- That means two things.
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Alec Sulkin- Interesting...

Luigi Mario- Daisy can we talk...yea know after I grow my hair back?

Daisy Sarasa- Sure what about?

Luigi Mario- We could text but I want to say this face to face.

Peach Toadstool- Luigi why don't you tell everyone here?

Daisy Sarasa- Yeah these are our friends, you can say anything in front of them.

Luigi Mario- Well then I'd like to say that I don't feel comfortable with what you're always doing.

Daisy Sarasa- Excuse me?

Luigi Mario-You're always in the arms of another dude and it makes me upset. I try to be the best I can be but all you do is find a way to argue with me, then you fall into the arms of someone else. We used to joke about this but now I'm not even kidding. You're really a whore and I don't want to be with a girl who probably sucked the entire football teams dicks. I'm sorry but you're a slut and I don't want to date someone like you. I really thought dating you would be the best thing in the world and that your love for me meant everything but that isn't true at all. I don't want anything to do with you anymore.
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Mr.L- Wow...

Daisy Sarasa- Wait, so let me get this straight, so after 3 years you just want to break up with me?

Luigi Mario- I wasted three years of my life on you, I'm happy we never had sex. Who knows what STD's you have.

Mr.L- HIV/AIDS, Herpes, Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Rabies, girl you're basically a sex symbol *does Z snap*

Daisy Sarasa- You know what Luigi, I do honestly love you and I would never do anything with anyone else while we are dating. Thanks for making me feel good about myself,

Daisy Sarasa deactivated her Facebook account.

Peach Toadstool- She is probably crying her eyes out right now. Luigi I don't know what to say.

Mr.L- Hmmm maybe I don't want that.

Marshall Mario- Luigi I never knew you had the guts to say that to Daisy.

Luigi Mario- I'm being completely honest. Also Mr.L want some Nutella I have some in my room.

Mr.L- Such a delicious hazelnut spread.

Mario Mario- Luigi has NEVER offered anyone any Nutella before. I think he has gone crazy.

Katelyn Matthews- I can't sleep

Cameron Kesalawski- Me neither

Noah Diamond- Cameron, AAA is on the phone and they want to speak to you.

Marshall Mario- Why is AAA on the phone?

Cameron Kesalawski- Ohhh no reason...

Katelyn Matthews- They help with car repairs don't they?

Marshall Mario- Well why would they need you about something about car repairs?

Cameron Kesalawski- Um I'm applying for a job

Noah Diamond- Well they don't support your service at this time so there is no way for them to help you.

Marshall Mario- But aren't you still working at that ice cream shop?

Cameron Kesalawski- Yeah

Noah Diamond- Well anyways Kate, weren't you talking about a guy you like?

Marshall Mario- You like a guy? Oh...

Katelyn Matthews- I don't necessarily like anyone.

Marshall Mario- Oh...

Noah Diamond- Oh yeah you did, you said he was very attractive and you really wish he knew how you felt. Um oh now I remember who this mystery guy is.

Cameron Kesalawski- Who is it?

Marshall Mario- Yeah who?

Noah Diamond- I don't know if you two are ready to know who this guy is. Are you sure you're ready?

Katelyn Matthews- Noah please don't tell them

Noah Diamond- So you admit there is a guy?

Marshall Mario- Well I don't think it really matters, its her decision who she likes anyways.

Cameron Kesalawski- Wow

Alec Sulkin- I wonder how Donte is doing?

Mario Mario- Probably not good, he can't text. His mom said he is just sitting there. The hospital let her see him finally.

Mr.L- Poor boy

Pauline Verducci- So Daisy gave him hypothermia? That's deep, well I guess she is just a cold-hearted whore. Get it, he has hypothermia and I said COLD?

Mr.L- Icee what you did there?

Mario Mario- Stop it guys he could die, this isn't funny.

Pauline Verducci- That girl Priscilla is in love with him. She is kind of a bitch if you ask me.

Mr.L- Donte is mine.

Mario Mario- Well I blame Daisy.

Mr.L- Hey since Daisy deactivated her account we can talk about her all we want. Her legs are hairy.

Eclair Waffle- She's slept with everyone guy in the school.

Mario Mario- She's a little annoying.

Pauline Verducci- She should shower more.

Eclair Waffle- She's ugly.

Mr.L- Woah, now that's too far.

Mario Mario- How?

Mr.L- Daisy Sarasa is a beautiful creature.

Luigi Mario- Yes she is a creature.
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Peach Toadstool- Don't be mean guys.

Mr.L- Don't be ugly, oh wait looks like you ignored that rule.

Mario Mario- L I swear you can pick on anyone except Luigi and Peach okay?

Mr.L- Guess how much I care?

Rosalina Star- Not much right?

Mr.L- Yeah

Alec Sulkin- Big Time Rush made a song about losing their virginity.

Peach Toadstool- Really?

Alec Sulkin- Well they didn't say it, it's kind of implied. Like the whistle song.

Rosalina Star- But sort of different considering the fact that Big Time Rush is for 12 year olds.

Mr.L- Big Time Rush can go die. One Direction is beast.

Rosalina Star- One Direction honestly sucks guys. They all are ugly and they have fake accents. Big Time Rush is real and Kendall, Logan, James, and Carlos are all my future husbands.

Cameron Kesalawski- You have a boyfriend you know...

Rosalina Star- You're sexy then them all :)

Mr.L- *sexier

Rosalina Star- I know how to speel dummy

Mr.L- *spell

Rosalina Star- You don't have to fix my grammer.

Mr.L- *grammar

Peach Toadstool- Like we were saying before, I personally think Big Time Rush is better.

Alec Sulkin- Rusher here

Mr.L- NO NO NO! Big Time Rush sucks. They suck Big Time.

Rosalina Star- Well fine have a fangirl attack over One Erection.
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Peach Toadstool- Can't Stop; Won't Stop we party rock...

Rosalina Star- You them red velvet lips sweet like...

Peach Toadstool- Betty Crock-ER

Rosalina Star- So call a Doc- TOR

Alec Sulkin- Cuz someone need to take your temperature you're getting hotter!

Mr.L- No the pain; stop...please

Mario Mario- Big Time Rush is alright I guess, I really don't have a preference...

Rosalina Star- You mean that Big Time Rush is the best band in the world and One Direction can go die in a whole.

Mr.L- *hole

Rosalina Star- IMMA SLAP YOU!

Mr.L- Gosh you're turning into a replacement Daisy, "Oh good girl gone bad; now do a shirtless scene" the good days.

Marshall Mario- High School was fun.

Mr.L- Shut up bro...

Marshall Mario- How's things doing at the manor?

Mr.L- That tan thing is in my room again. I'm poking it with a long stick...

Mario Mario- I don't mess with Caramel. He's really nice.

Mr.L- Who names a dog after food?

Rosalina Star- I used to have a cat and I named her butterscotch.

Mr.L- I bet you ate her...
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Peach Toadstool- That isn't really nice...

Marshall Mario- If I loved Cameron anymore I'd be gay.
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Mr.L- Too late...
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Rosalina Star- You guys have a cute bromance

Mr.L- I hate that word...Brother and Romance combined.

Rosalina Star- Hey Cameron and Marshall, there is this song called bromance, and in the the guy says "I love you in the most heterosexual way" that's my most favorite part.


Peach Toadstool- Stop being rude L

Mr.L- Stop being pink.

Noah Diamond- Bff's

Katelyn Matthews- I have some free time tomorrow, Rosalina wanna come over and have some girl time? Peach you too.

Peach Toadstool- Sounds fun

Rosalina Star- That sounds awesome sure.

Mr.L- I'm down, or in this case up...

Katelyn Matthews- Go jump off a cliff -_-

Peach Toadstool- Rosie and I will bring a movie.

Katelyn Matthews- Sounds fun :)

Rosalina Star- No boys allowed,

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