I woke up in my Trolley Bed, as normal as usual. It was a pretty much windy day, a bit cloudy. Oh, sorry! I forgot to introduce myself. I am Lei, you see. This little lavender bunny with dreamy thoughts, I am. A lot of cog invasions are going on lately. At least theres nothing worse than cogs.. I opened my closet, to choose some cool clothing to show off my fashionable taste of style. I thought - My theme will be red today. I went to Toon Valley to watch all the drama going on. Cat fights, hackers and stuff. I went to library peacefully, looking for adventure books. I noticed a book of a color totally different than all the other ones, It was grey and the bottom looked like it was dripping with blood. I tried to get it, but it disappeared when I touched it. It was strange. I was like "Oh well. There's many other books to choose from. But I feel somehow strange about it.." Oh boy how right I was. It was late, I went to my home, put on my pajamas and went to bed. I slept, but I woke up at midnight. I turned around... Just to see that creepy, blood painted text saying "YOU CANNOT ESCAPE YOUR FATE NOW". I was shocked. I still somehow managed to sleep, forgetting all of it. At morning, the text wasn't there. Another "normal" day repeated, that cycle I was always stuck in, having almost nothing to do with my life but hang out with friends, have fun, read books, get on the computer and thats all. I wish I could spend my time better. I would destroy the chairman, only if I knew where he resides. After this chase of kinda depressing thoughts I went home and invited my friend in. We had fun playing Call of Toony on the computers, because I was actually lucky to have 2 computers. I went to sleep. I woke up at night again. I noticed the clock said the same hour, 0:00. Again. This blood painted text appeared again, saying something different. It was hard to read, but I actually could read out of it the words "YOU'RE", "COMING", and I saw a "T". The rest was smudged, I didn't understand anything of it. Is this all real?