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A Surprise engagement

Chapter 1 - The planning of the surprise

Jill and Gordon have been together for 2 ½ years and living with each other for 2 and it was Jill's birthday coming up and he wanted to make this one very special. As Jill was getting ready for work Gordon was downstairs with his children and asking them if it would be ok and asking Jill to marry him and she would become their step-mum.

"Kid's can you come here please" "what is it dad" said Katie and to that Gordon began to ask them the question that had been on his mind for the past few months " well the thing is kids I want to ask you a very important question… how would you feel if I asked Jill to marry me" Katie replied by saying " I will be more than happy to call her mum because she has made us all happier these past few years" " Tom you haven't said what you think of the idea" Gordon said asking Tom "well… as long as your happy daddy, I don't mind… might even be good having Jill as our mummy…" " So daddy when are you going to ask her" Katie said butting in with a question for her father " well I was planning on taking her for a nice meal with a few members of staff from the hospital… then possibly going for a nice long walk along the beach and asking her to marry me under the moon and stars… well what do you think" " I think it is the most romantic way I have ever heard and I hope she says yes. Dad have you got the ring yet" Katie replied while her brother Tom stayed quiet

" Not yet Katie but I will be getting pretty soon… right enough of that lets see if Jill is ready for work and we will drop you of at school on the way… so get your stuff together and we'll get going" Gordon said just before he shouted up to Jill who was still in the bedroom " JILL are you ready my love only the kids are going to be late for school and we'll be late for work" " Gordon can you take the kids to school and come back for me only I have something to tell you" Jill shouted down to Gordon who was at this point half way up the stairs " yes cause I can but can you call the Royal and explain why we might be a little late" " yeah… yeah will do I'll only speak to matron through" " oh see you in a little while… Oh and Jill… I LOVE YOU" Jill went red as he said this because he would only say them words when they were in bed and in each others company and to that Jill replied " I LOVE YOU TOO"

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