Chapter 2 - The shock

Jill was sat on her and Gordon's bed thinking of a way to tell him what was on her mind. Jill glanced at her watch it had only been 5 minutes since Gordon left with the children and she had already rang matron which she wasn't pleased about but then again when is matron ever happy and especially when 2 of her best doctors were going to be late but she understood the reason why and at that moment Gordon walked through the bedroom door and Jill never even heard the front door open or even shut.

"Jill my darling" looking at Jill he knew she'd been crying " hey whatever is the matter love" " nothing it's just that I never said goodbye to the kids that's all… Gordon you know I love you don't you and I love Tom and Katie as well and I don't want thing's to change between any of us" " Jill your starting to scare me now and I don't like it… please baby tell me what is wrong and I might be able to help" " Gordon you can't help me with this you'll hate me and I don't want that to happen ever" "I could never ever hate you… you mean to much to me ok… just let me know when your ready to tell me… oh and Jill I will always love you no matter what happens just so you know" " Thanks babe that means a lot and when I'm ready to talk I'll let you know and I'll always love you from now and forever." " Well my darling girlfriend how about we go to work and deal with matron because I know she won't be happy seeing as we are 1 hour late and she will be on the war path making sure all our patients are seen to and our ward rounds are completed, and any operations we may have during the rest of today and as long as I have you by my side I know I can get through anything" " oh Gordon… I feel the exact same way as you and I now know that no matter what happens in the future I will always have you… So Doctor Ormerod are you ready to go to work then" " Yes I'm ready to go Doctor Weatherill " he said " Well I'll see you there then" " yes you will and if you need to talk then my door is always open just for you my darling" he said just so that if Jill needed to talk she could.

So Gordon and Jill went to work in their own cars but not before giving each other a kiss that seemed to last forever when really it was only a couple of minutes and also a quick hug. Jill locked up as usual because she was always the first one home.

Will update chapter 3 soon

Now who will be the first one home? And what is Jill hiding from Gordon