Chapter 5 - Jill's Birthday - part 1

So with Jill's birthday coming up I have decided to spilt this chapter into a 2 or maybe 3 part don't know which one yet so here we go with chapter 5

After sister Bridget slapped Jill around the face she headed back into the hospital and asked Lizzy to put up Gordon's lights

" Yes Lizzy my lights are up" " ah yes Doctor Ormerod… Doctor Weatherill is in your office and needs to see you right away and it looked like she'd been crying because she was holding her right side of her face" " ok…. thanks" and with that he headed towards his office and when he got there and opened his door he was shocked when he caught a glimpse of Jill's face.

Gordon ran up to his wife-to-be and the mother to his unborn child "Jill… who did this to you" " have a guess who bloody did it" " Sister flaming Bridget" "yep got it in one" " Ok well… let's check you and our baby over then I'll get you cleaned up and then we'll go and speak to Matron… because I am not having anyone slapping you around the face and especially not in your condition" " Ok Doctor… but I'm telling you now our baby is fine and I'm fine… apart from my face that is" Gordon started to clean Jill's cheek and lip and they wasn't as bad as they looked and didn't need any stitches putting in and Jill was right about their unborn baby and with Jill all checked over and cleaned up they headed towards Matrons office to speak to her about what has been happening.

Gordon Knocked on Matron's door and he and Jill both entered the room

"Matron Jill and I have some news and we feel as if we need to tell you" " Ok but can I ask what has happened to you Jill" " Well that's what we need to tell you about the thing is Gordon asked me to marry him this afternoon and I also found out this morning that I'm pregnant and well Sister Bridget is very happy about us as you can tell by the state of my face…" " Why on earth would she do that for and to you" " She think's that Jill stole me from her which is not true as you know and I don't want her anywhere near Jill from now on just in case anything else happens"

"well I suppose congratulations are in order on your engagement and the baby and I hope that it wont cause any more problems with Sister Bridget and I'll have a word with her" "thanks Matron we really appreciate it"

" have you both finished for the day then" " well Jill has she was just going home when the accident happened and I have 1 last patient to see to then I'm finished… why do you ask" " no reason I was just going to suggest that…. you both head off home and I will get one of the other doctor's to see to your patients that's all and that way I can have that word with sister Bridget without you both being here that's all" " Thanks Matron it would be really good if you did that and that way we can be both home together and we can tell the children the good news that we are getting married and that they are going to get a baby brother or sister… bye Matron" " yeah sorry bye Doctors and I'll see you both tomorrow"

As both Jill and Gordon left matron's office and headed towards Gordon's room to grab their things which they had left so they could go and speak to Matron about Sister Bridget before heading towards their cars still holding one another's hand since they had left Matron's office Jill had to ask Gordon something that had been on her mind since they had left his room

" Gordon why did Matron just say that she will see us both tomorrow seeing as tomorrow is Saturday and nether of us work on a Saturday…. And tomorrow is kind of a special day for me…." Jill got cut off by Gordon by a quick kiss to the lips and quickly go into his car " Jill I'll see you at home ok and I'll explain everything then"

This only made Jill mad as she didn't want to argue with Gordon when she arrived home and defiantly not in front of the children and as she got into her car and started to drive home all she could think about was how today was one of the happiest days of her life….. the love of her life had just asked her to marry him and she had also just found out that they were going to have their first child together and all she wanted to do was to go home and be with Tom, Katie and the father of her un-born child. As Jill arrived home she spotted Gordon sitting on the step waiting for her to arrive home as she got out of her car Gordon walked up to her and as he got closer he noticed she'd been crying.

" Sweetheart whatever is the matter" " Gordon….. just leave me alone ok…. I am going to our room and I intend on staying there until the children arrive home later" Jill headed up to their room only Gordon followed her and asked again what was wrong with her and he didn't want to argue with her he loved her. " Baby come here….. tell me what's wrong….. please…. Jill I love you… you know I do and I don't want to argue with you….. Jill I love both of you and the children" Jill walked over to Gordon and stood close to him as he wrapped his arms around her to make her feel safe and she had her head resting on his chest and wrapped her arms around his waist and sob her heart out " hushhhhh darling…. I've got you now and no-body's going to hurt you ever again" - about half an hour later Jill had calmed down and almost stopped crying and released her tight grip from Gordon and looked him in his eyes and he to had been crying and he knew then that he had to tell her the whole story of what was going on … … … …... ... ... .. ...…...…...

" Gordon why did Matron say that she'll see us both tomorrow when it's a Saturday and we have the weekend off" " Well… it was meant to be a surprise and well now Matron has let the cat out of the bag I may as well tell you" " tell me what" " oh never mind it's nothing for you to worry about"

Gordon left their bedroom after saying what he needed to so that Jill would follow him down stairs. She stopped him at the top of the stairs before he went down them

" Gordon Ormerod tell me right this minutes what Matron was on about" " no….." " Well why not….. I am your wife-to-be and the mother to your un-born child am I not" " yes you are….. but don't want to tell you and anyway I like watching you beg" " I do have the right to know if it involves me" " it might involve you but then again it might not"

" Gordon does it have anything to-do with my birthday tomorrow" " it might do but I'm not going to tell you until tomorrow or I might tell you tonight if your lucky….. So my darling wife-to-be are you coming down stairs with me because the children will be coming home in another 10 minutes and we can tell them the happy news of us getting married and the baby" " Of cause I'm coming down….. Gordon can we leave telling the children until later and only tell them about us getting married and not tell them about the baby…." " Why don't you want to tell the children about the baby" " well I don't know… let me think…. Oh we have just found out that I'm pregnant and we don't even know how far along I am do we and if we tell them now and something happens and I end up losing it how do we tell them that" before Gordon can replay Jill ends up crying again only this time her and Gordon are laid on the couch with him on his back and Jill snuggled into his side " Hush darling…. Now listen to me nothing is going to happen to our baby and on Monday we will go into work and run some tests ok" Jill never replayed to Gordon she only nodded and that was enough for Gordon and he kiss the head and they laid on the couch until the children came home from school and before he could speak again he noticed that Jill had fallen asleep with her head on his chest….. her hand on her stomach where their baby was growing and his arms around her keeping her safe and warm.

Sorry to leave it there find out in part 2

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