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Never fitting in my school, I was a complete outcast. My dad was an alcholic who couldn't think straight due to his constant drinking, he abused me and used me l was a souless vessel, nothing else. My mother died in a horrible car crash, left me alone, helpless and weak in this wretched world.

No one could be trusted that's how I think. They don't love you, its all just pity. I fought on as that was my mom's last dying wish for me. One day, I was completely sick of it. I bolted out of my house with my precious possessions leaving my father in dust. He would come and find me, so he wouldn't look bad. Damn what a fucking hypocrite he is.

There was no where to go, my school mates bullied me, calling me a whore, idiot and pathetic. I had been sniped by their crude comments daily. So this is the story of me. I sat sliently at the corner in class, trying to catch any attention, I wished to be invisible, that was my only wish.

"Hey look at Miss goody two shoes so hard working in class. Such a great teacher's pet," Liz mocked me.

I ignored her, pretending I was all alone in this room. That's right, to them I was just a useless nerd.

"Bitch, you ain't suppose to ignore us, come on, entertain us, whore." Patty chimed menacingly.

I turned my hand into a dagger and glared at them," Please, it takes a bitch to know one's a bitch."

"No one talks to me like that!" Liz screeched. SLAP! She slapped me. Across my face.

People murmured and started taking their phones out to take pictures and videos.

"This is some good shit, i wish i had popcorn," Soul said.

i gave them a death glare.

I pushed her against the table. "Get this in and now. I am not the kind of girl you can bully,"

I was about walk out of the room when her bodyguards Kid and Black*Star stopped me.

"Piece of trash, how dare you talk to Liz that way!" Black*Star said cooly at me and punched me in the gut.

They dragged me to the back of the school and gave me a massive beating. I lied on the ground, helpless, waiting for death to mark me for her own.

Sucks for me, it never came there is always this annoying guy that interfered. "Damn, you look bad, come on let's get you to the nurse."

As he carried me there. I sighed. Soul was a super popular guy in the school. With his white spiky hair and crimson red eyed many girls fell for him but never judge a book by its cover. He always made people feel bad by teasing them harshly. I completely do not trust him. When he tried to help me up, I let out a ear-piercing scream. The pain was excruciating.

"J-Just let me d-die," And I blacked out. When I woke up, I found myself on a comfy bed and I was all bandaged up.

Sigh, why didn't he just let me bleed to death and why was in Soul's apartment again. I limped silently to the door and leaving a poem on his table.

Soul's P.O.V

I woke up and found the bed Maka slept in empty. Same as ever I thought and read the note she left

My life shattered,

Like glass, broken, crushed

Life is unfair

Never was it ever.

Like a rag doll.

Tossed around, used.

A second chance,

That's not right.

There's no such thing

Not in life.

Just a line,

Easily broken.

Good things will come my way?

Don't make me laugh.

Horrors more likely,

Than good luck

Fall after fall,

Damn it's sick

Battered and lost,

My screams ain't heard

Like a souless machine,

Gone and silent

I must well leap,

into eternal despair

than face the crap,

that awaits ahead.

Let me die,

So i can fly,

Death, What a word.

I know you are kind but please just .Alone. I am perfectly okay with my books. But thanks anyway.

i chuckled and dressed up for school. Maka's such a weird person. Wait, why am i even talking to her? So uncool. I thought to myself as i ran my hand through my hair and went to school.

In school~

"Where were you yesterday? You missed me and Kid beating Maka into a pulp! YAHOO!" Black*Star exclaimed.

"But there's something wrong with her. She used to be slightly more happy and give a strong front, when we were about to beat her up, she would usually escape. But now she doesn't it's like she wants to die," Kid remarked as he looked at Maka who was passing by the corridor.

"Hey Dim-Wit did i say you could enter the class?" Liz cornered her, with Patty grinning.

"J-Just leave me alone!" Maka said and pushed Liz aside.

"Bitch, don't you touch me!" She grabbed Maka's hair.

She yelped with pain and she struggled to free herself. When she did, she ran off with wet streaks streaming down her eyes.

For some unknown reason, I decided to follow her out. Wait. Why am I even doing this?

Maka's P.O.V

Argh I hate my life, why didn't I just die with mom that day! I would have been in paradise by now.

"M-Maka, don't d-do this to y-your dad," Spirit suddenly stumbled on me, drunk.

Letting all my anger out, I yelled at him."You aren't even my father! You cheated on mom, that was the only reason she left! You fucking man whore, you don't think sluts are enough, you even turn to your daughter!"

"Maka, you aren't suppose to call your dad like that," He growled at me.

"You know what, i don't fucking care!" I went to him and grabbed him by the collar and kicked him in the guts.

I ran out of school, so long as I could get away from school. When I finally settled down on a park bench, I started to cry. Reality was so cruel.

Soul's P.O.V
I could believe I heard the confrontation between Maka and her dad. Her life was so much more complicated than I thought it was. She didn't seem to notice me following her, which was rather uncommon for someone as observant as her.

I don't know what drove me to go up to her and give her my comfort. For some weird reason, I think I actually care for her. Dang Soul, what the hell are you doing? You are putting your reputation at risk. I silently argued with myself, unable to persuade myself on what to do.

She didn't reject me, she actually leaned her head against my shoulder, leaving wet streaks on my leather jacket. While crying, she mumured,"S-Sorry for your j-jacket."

"Its cool," I just replied and let her continue crying. Allowing one to cry its sorrow all out was the best way to allow one to get over things faster.

I think it was an hour later when she stopped crying, the sun was already going down, drooling and dozing off.

"Oh my god, I'm so sorry for your jacket!" She said apologizing to me in alarm.

"Nah, it's okay. The night is going to be cold, you'll need this," I said putting the jacket over her.

"T-Thanks, I'll return it to to washed." Maka said as she walked away, limping.

Why do I care so much for her? The silent question was stuck in my head, leaving me to be a very confused Soul.

In order to see the rainbow, you have to put up with the rain first.

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