Child of an Angel:

(A/N: This is my frist All dogs go to Heaven fanfic. Charlie and Sasha are happily married and about to have their first child. But also there are some enemies from the past as well to add. I don't own All dogs go to heaven characters. I do own Charlotta, Zac, Libra and Death. Please read and review no flames.

Chapter 1:

It had been a year since Charlie and Iitchy's Christmas adventure and the defeat of Belladonna. Somehow deep in Charlie's soul felt that the evil whippet was still out there somewhere plotting her revenge.

So he thought she has no control over Carface and Killer but that could mean she could find some help from another source. As he gave a stretch in the bed he shared with his newlywed wife Sasha.

He stared loving ly at her. She was still lovely as she was when they first met. She was his sole reason besides David for him to remain on earth. He would rather choose a life with her than a life in heaven with a broken heart. He nuzzled her softly. As he couldn't believe it was a few months since they were married.

It was a small gathering with a few friends which were Iitchy, his girlfriend Bess and Annabelle. It was a warm sun day as nothing could spoil their happiness. Charlie got to his feet walking down the stairs. It was quiet feeling empty since it was dark outside meaning it was the early hours of the morning.

Charlie couldn't sleep for some old reason. ''Oh come on Charlie don't get yourself spooked over things that had passed'' said Charlie thinking some fresh air would do him some good.

He went out the door to find Annabelle waiting for him. ''Annabelle what are you doing here'' asked Charlie.

''Well Charles I have come with grave news'' said Annabelle as her voice sounded sad and concern. ''Uh oh it doesn't sound to good'' said Charlie. ''You remembered Belladonna well she is back'' said Annabelle.

Charlie's mouth dropped at once. ''How can she'' said Charlie. ''An old enemy of your past is helping her they both seem to enchant the other now listen to this careful Charles in time they will have a child in years to come their son as I know it will be born of male blood will rise and help them avenge what you had done'' said Annabelle.

''Sounds like a new mission for Iitchy and I to do'' said Charlie. ''Yes but you must wait for both children of light and dark must grow first when they met the fight will start'' said Annabelle. ''Children of light and dark what are you on about'' said Charlie.

''You will know the answers in due time'' said Annabelle as she vanished from sight. He wondered who this old enemy of his was and was this son of Belladonna's he was to watch out for.

He went back up to bed as he lay beside Sasha. ''Charlie'' said Sasha's voice. ''What is it Sasha'' asked Charlie. ''I think I am feeling sick'' said Sasha. Charlie felt his heart stop in frozen horror. He wouldn't dare anything or anyone harm her she meant everything to him.

''David, David I think we need to get Sasha seen by a doctor'' yelled Charlie. So the teenage human who had taken Charlie and Sasha in rushed as soon he heard one of his friends were ill. Even if she was a dog as David got them straight to the vet's nearby as he examined the animal.

''Strange I check her for tests and she seems fine to me'' said the vet to David. ''Then why is she sick'' he asked. ''I think I know why isn't that right lucky fella'' said the vet patting Charlie happily on the head. He was confused what did he mean as he was allowed to go in and see her. ''Sasha the vet says you are alright you can leave'' said Charlie. ''Yes but still he wants me back in to see if anything is wrong'' said Sasha.

Charlie nodded as he was preparing for when that day after Annabelle's warning. He pondered either to tell her or not but he decided against himself not to tell her. He didn't want to frighten her with possible news that Belladonna might return.

As they returned home early that afternoon Charlie thought maybe he should see Iitchy but it felt best if he stayed by Sasha's side.

As the days turned into weeks as autumn was around the corner. ''Charlie I having been wondering'' said Sasha as they were resting on the grass in the warm late afternoon sun. ''Yes Sasha what'' said Charlie as he kept his eyes closed. ''That we could ever be happy'' said Sasha as her words came out sad.

''But Sasha we are we have each other, David, Iitchy, Bess, Annabelle'' said Charlie. ''That is not what I mean everytime I see couples go by with their kids like I saw Zac and his parents the other day and Libra and her mother since she is busy being a single parent since they lost her father when he got hit by that car'' said Sasha. Charlie knew now what she meant.

''If we did have a kid Sasha it probably is a late comer you know it isn't the time for it to be born yet'' said Charlie. Sasha agreed to this. ''But still it would be nice to have at least one'' said Sasha.