Chapter 4:

When they arrived home Red dropped his son onto the floor. ''Where had you gone off to Death did your mother and I not told you that you teaching into power is important than anything'' he yelled at him. ''Yes father it is but she seemed well nice and I saw no wrong in playing with her'' said Death in a low voice lowering his head.

He hated it when his parents got angry either it was a telling off and a huge lecture which he heard all the time or they would used their powers to frighten him into not doing it. He was unsure which one his parents would use. ''What your father is saying Death friendship is no more than a mere emotion that you can't use in life so it best to forget it'' said Belladonna.

Death nodded to show his mother he understood them both. ''Good now we begin your teaching Death in years to come for you see your birth was a special one for when it comes the time of the days of light to end and for the days of darkness and peril begin'' said Red. ''I know father'' said Death. ''Death don't cut in when your father is speaking'' said Belladonna.

''Yes but to make that happen three things that are lost to this day must be found the crown of dark desire, the staff of awakening evil and the book of recreation'' said Red as he used his powers to show Death three strange objects.

First one was a dark blue crown with the top shaped like sharp thorns pressed together to form a strange symbol, second was a dark green staff with a purple jewel and finally a black leather bound book. ''Once these three things are found they must be used in the order the crown for the one your dark heart desires must wear for that is how it is done and the staff and book are yours to use for in the book is a ritual passed down through the years'' said Red.

''This that how you and mother done it'' asked Death curiously. ''No for you see these items were still lost to this day for we couldn't trace them but maybe you can Death but listen this is the important part when you say it then the angel will fall'' said Red.

Death was confused he knew well what an angel was he heard his parents talk about them all the time. But why did his mother mention only one angel. ''What does that mean'' asked Death. ''I think one of those angels whose destiny it is to stop you'' said Red. While Charlie and Sasha walked in silence with Charlotta trailing behind them sadly.

She guessed they were mad with her right this moment for what she had done. She gave a small whimper. ''Charlotta don't look at me like that'' said Charlie as he turned round staring angrily at her. But ti seemed when he looked into those smale green eyes of Sasha it made him melt for it felt his anger for his child had gone away like snow. ''Now Charlotta you know we are only angry because we worry about you that is all'' said Sasha as she couldn't hold a grudge against her daughter as well.

''I know father who was those two you were talking and how come they knew you'' asked Charlotta. Charlie and Sasha stared at each other for a moment thinking of how to tell her. ''You see Charlotta when you mother and I were around there were some bad people well dogs I should say'' said Charlie trying to find the words to say. ''And don't forget a demon cat'' said Sasha. ''Yes Sasha I am getting to that point that is why Charlotta you must stay away from them it is dangerous to mix with them'' said Charlie. Charlotta nodded as that moment a bright light appeared before them.

''Annabelle is here'' said Charlotta happily wagging her tail. For when Charlotta was born Charlie and Sasha had made Annabelle her godmother becuase she would always look down and watch over the child. ''Look there little Charlotta, evening Sasha, Charles we need to talk'' said Annabelle. That sounded like she hadn't come for any chat or catch up on things as she had a serious look on her face. ''Sounds like my cue Sasha will you take -'' said Charlie. ''Charlotta home'' said Sasha cutting him off knowing what he was about to say as she pulled the pup forward after Charlotta said her farewells to Annabelle.

''She is a delight to have around'' said Annabelle happily. ''Yeah Charlotta means everything to me and Sasha'' said Charlie. ''I expected you had met my cousin'' said Annabele. Charlie he knew she meant Belladonna. He didn't know why the two fell out or how she had gone to the dark side while Annabelle stayed true to the good side. ''Yeah Belladoona she is back and she has brought Red along with her and some kitten with them'' said Charlie. Annabelle's face fell as it become mere serious. ''Beware Charles for in years to come that kitten Death which is his name will grow and might bestow the evil in his heart the same way his parents which meant he might come after Charlotta'' said Annabelle. Charlie fell open mouth at this in shock. Then he growled angrily.

''He dare try anything on her and he has me to deal with'' said Charlie. ''Very noble Charles no Charlotta must fight her battle herself for I fear they are after the three missing items that will cause this world into chaos'' said Annabelle. Charlie was confushed he had heard and seen any things in his time but he wondered what she meant.

''The crown of dark desire, the staff of awakening evil and the book of recreation once all these are found and in the wrong hands there is no telling what will happen'' said Annabelle in a worried tone of voice.

Charlie knew Annabelle was right on this. ''Then what you want Iitchy and me to start searching for these three things before they do'' said Charlie. ''No for you see only Death and one to defeat him the angel to save us from this dark path will be the only ones to do so'' said Annabelle. ''So we have to wait years later for some dog angel to appear to stop him'' said Charlie. ''Not exactly Charles the angel is with you for there was a reason Charlotta was born'' said Annabelle. Charlie gasped he had almost forgot the angel he became when he had died that night. Which meant years from now Death and Charlotta will meet again. ''Yes but don't worry when she is old enough I will come by from time to time to train her myself but I fear I come with more bad news Charlotta must make a powerful price to rid the world of their dark power'' said Annabelle. Charlie nodded sadly he knew that meant in order for Charlotta to become a full angel she must face when the time came for her to die. Charlie tried to be strong knowing now he must be prepared for when it came.

''But for now we must not worry for Charlotta is too young to think such things she must enjoy life the way any puppy should'' said Annabelle as a smile appeared on her face. Then in a flash she disappeared the same way she appeared. Charlie left the spot as rain started to pour down more heavily as somehow it knew the sadness about to embrace his fmaily. He made his way into the house as his fur got wet when he entered to find Sasha waiting for him. He noticed Selene and Kaira had left with Zac and Libra. He wondered if they found out too what was to become of Charlotta. ''Charlie what was it Annabelle needed to speak to you about'' asked Sasha as he nuzzle her.

''Where is Charlotta'' asked Charlie as he was going to tell her but waited till their daughter ws out of earshot. ''David is feeding her at the moment'' said Sasha as Charlie told her what he was told. ''So that guess is another adventure for us guess Charlotta was more like you than you thought'' said Sasha. ''Sasha'' said Charlie taring at her.

''Well it is true you both are clever in your own street wise way, kind for you have a heart of gold Charlie, you and Iitchy always find a way to get through to the other even if sometimes it ends up wrong at the start and she has a special reason in life as you have'' said Sasha. ''But Sasha what if Charlotta goes down the same road I did I can't let her do that and feel I should be blamed for it'' said Charlie. ''She won't Charlie she has you, me, Iitchy, Bess, Zac, Libra, Selene, Kaira and Annabelle to watch out for her and I know she will follow a different path'' said Sasha sternly.

Charlie knew he couldn't argue with her when Sasha was mad like that. So the conservation was dropped as Charlotta entered the room as she played at her parents feet. Charlie thought how cute she looked doing it. But in the back of his mind he was thinking of how could someone as loveable as Charlotaa hold a destiny to change the world and her whole life.

(A/N: Sorry readers this is the end of Child of an Angel. So I guess you have unanswered questions till Kiss of Death when the adventure continues.)