How Little We Know

A/N Hey its Tsubaki Yayoi713 here with a RagnaxTsubaki Fic.
Now many people ask questions like 'why this pairing' and 'thats unlikely to happen' but its fanfiction and what the fans want the fans get. This story focuses on their relationship towards each other as bitter enemies turn allies it is certain that there will be some fun moments and a few sad but enough rambling lets begin.

This is a tribute to RegnaResoleon who recently left our community.
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Chaper 1- A request

Ragna yawned as he woke from the clutches of sleep.

"Damn it thats the last time that I sleep on the ground" He contemplated As he rose to his feet he noticed a figure walking towards him. As on instinct he reached for Blood-Scythe. The lone figure drew nearer he could make out that it was a young girl in a gothic style dress and her hair with bows that made her look like a...

"The hell rabbit" He growled as she approached "Come to Piss me off some more"

As the figure reached him Ragna recieved a slap to the face.
"Quiet you filthy beast" She said with her usual bored demeamour "I require you to look for a certain person who is essential to our fight against Terumi or have you forgotton about him already" Said the figure

"Fine Rachel who do you need me to look for is it that crybaby Noel or..." Ragna

"Miss Yayoi" She said bluntly

"Escuse me it sounded as if you meant that red haired bitch from the librarium" He Said in disbelief "You know the one who tried to kill Noel and my brother"

"As devoted to librarium as she is it is possible that she may defect if she knows the true nature Of 'Captain' Hazama" Replied Rachel

"The fuck makes you think that" "She is probably in league with them already.
wouldn't fuckin' suprise me in the least" He snapped

she sighed "You brainless beast, if she was in league with them she would know who Hazama truely is and my servant Valkenhayn assures me that she has no connection with any of Terumi's allies except as being their subordinates"

Ragna agrees "fine but if she so much as tries to attack me i'm gonna fuckin' kill her"

"I would prefer if she does not come to harm I believe that restraining her would be the best option"

Ragna smirks "Yeah i'll do my best"

Rebel 1 end

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