How little we know

Chapter 6 - The Rabbit

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"So what do you want to talk about" asked Tsubaki doing her best to keep her composure

"I want to talk about your loyalty to the librarium"

"Ohh I see..." replied Tsubaki. She had known for some time that this question would eventually arise but try as she might she could not come up with an answer.

"Something wrong Tsu?" inquired Ragna.

"This can't wait"

He had been talking to Rachel and she was as blunt as ever when he had told her that he had found the Yayoi but showed the slightest surprise when he told her she was here.

"My goodness the rabid dog has managed to earn the respect of a noblewoman enough for her to follow it"

At this Ragna let out an angry retort "Freaking rabbit, for once can you give me a break"

"Why whatever do you mean Ragna" replied Rachel in her usual bored tone. Upon hearing this Ragnas anger had reached it's peak but before he lost it he felt a hand on his shoulder.

He turned around and saw something that dissolved his anger.

What he saw was Tsubaki looking at him with a pained expression "Shit, what's with that look she's giving me, what did I do?" "Hello anyone there" he was snapped back to reality by Tsubaki who was wondering why he had become unresponsive.

"Uhh...yeah what is it" Said Ragna snapping out of his stupor
"You kind of got stuck by the look of it" replied Tsubaki blushing

"Yeah okay" he said bluntly "What were you saying Rabbit?"
"Fool, I believe you were the one who was asking Miss Yayoi about her allegiance to the Librarium"
When Rachel had told Ragna what he had been about to do the familiar sense of dread appeared and chilled him to the bone.

"Tsu, I know your feelings toward the Librarium and were not forcing you to join us but will you help in our struggle against said organisation" when he finished he was expecting a flat out refusal but what happened shocked him more than any punch she would have thrown.

"...okay..." replied Tsubaki in almost a whisper.
"WHAT...are you fuckin' serious me, what about your family and position" said a shocked Ragna who hadn't been expecting such a reply so quickly

"I can see your shocked expression and as loyal as I am to the Librarium I cannot carry out my orders to kill Jin and Noel" replied Tsubaki who at this point was looking at the floor in shame at what she was now saying.
"Wait, wait, wait you were sent to kill Jin and Noel, what have they done besides what I believe is their job" cut in Ragna who was incredulous at what she had said.

Tsubaki looked at him with a puzzled expression and asked "What I was told by Captain Hazama that they had aided and abetted you in destroying the Kagatsuchi Librarium branch"

"Bullshit, Jin tried to kill me the whole time I was there and Noel saved me from a fall into the cauldron beneath the whole building"

"Hey Rabbit mind if I tell her who Hazama really is?" Ragna grunted at Rachel
"I do not see any reason why not and mind your tone with me lest you will face my wrath"

Ragna scoffed and turned to Tsubaki "well you see Hazama as you call him is really Yuki Terumi..."

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