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Chapter 1

Gentle fingers tucked a loose strand of hair behind her ear. Slowly, softly they trailed down her neck. Though barely touching her, they cooled her damp, heated skin. Her breath hitched as they glided like silk past her throat, over her pounding heart, toward her breas- "We are beginning our final descent. Please turn off any electronic devices and return your seatbacks and tray tables to their upright positions. Flight attendants will be around to collect any cups or other unwanted items. Enjoy your stay on our beautiful island." A dream. Of course. Nothing like that would ever happen to her.


As she walked from the taxi into the main lobby of the resort, she couldn't help but notice the fine specimen of man going through the door ahead of her. Her eyes wandered from a long neck, down to broad shoulders - lean, not too muscular. Under his shirt there were hints of a beautiful back which narrowed to his waist. His shorts stretched across the cutest ass she had ever seen on a man. Her eyes stopped there, and she couldn't help but smile at it. Her head even tilted a little back and forth following each cheek as he walked. "Mrs. Newton?" The bellman's voice interrupted her ogling and brought her attention back to where she was. "This way, ma'am," he indicated the nearby elevators.

"Yes, of course," she replied. She glanced back slyly, but the man she had been looking at was nowhere to be seen.


Unable to sleep, she rested her forehead against the balcony door, staring out across the shining Caribbean. She felt like she was waiting, but she didn't know what for... for anything.


The rhythmic bobbing of the sailboat was soothing to her. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the gentle up and down motion. Instead of listening to the tour guide's description of the harbor and its history, she took in all the fascinating sights she would never see back home: a pelican perched on a boulder, the white steeple of a three hundred year old church in the distance, the crescent of white sand dotted with people, the morning sun streaming through the shallow blue water, a lone paddleboarder facing the shore looking behind him waiting for a wave. The paddleboarder kept her attention because he started paddling furiously while checking the wave behind him every few strokes. He was in the distance, but she could just make out the muscles in his back and shoulders working to propel him faster and faster. Just as the wave reached him, he sprang up, standing on his board and spreading his arms wide while the wave sped him toward shore. She couldn't help but smile, imagining how exhilarating that must be. She exclaimed in a whisper, "I'm king of the world!" Her eyes followed him all the way to the beach where he dismounted, picked up his board and headed back toward the resort.


The sea breeze cooled the deck beside the massive resort pool. It also ruffled the pages of her notebook, but that didn't bother her. She took one of the clips from her hair and used it to fasten the pages. Writing by the pool in the afternoon was something she was going to do regularly on this trip, she could tell. Shaded by an umbrella, the sound of the waves helped her tune out the noises from the pool. The bar on the other side had some delicious wine; really, her little table in the corner was darn close to paradise.


She took a minute to look around before letting herself get immersed in her writing again. Nearby, someone was going around picking up used towels and glasses. She supposed he was a so-called Cabana Boy. She chuckled thinking of the scandalous old stories of older women using the attendants of the cabanas they had at old-time resorts as their playthings. She had the fleeting urge to snap her fingers in the air and call out, "Cabana Boy! Another pina colada!"

She regarded him as he made his way between the deck chairs and realized he was not the first fine male form she had noticed here at the resort. Did they take that into consideration when hiring?


She thought an after dinner stroll might help her sleep better. She liked the feeling of the damp sand beneath her toes. She stopped to listen. There were guitar notes in the distance. She began walking toward the sound, eventually recognizing the tune as "Hoppipolla" by Sigur Ros. What an unusual thing to hear there. She realized the music was coming from the pool deck that overlooked the beach. Everything but the railing was out of sight. The thought of climbing the nearby stairs crossed her mind, but no. The mystery would remain. She sat in the sand to listen, then laid down, not caring about sand in her dress or hair. She let the music float over her and carry her away.

A while later, a young man put down his guitar and stepped up to the railing to watch the moonlight on the water. He was surprised to see a woman lying in the sand just below him. He had decided that he should go see if she was all right, but just then she startled awake. He stepped back out of her sight, not wanting to alarm her further. When he looked again, she was down the beach walking toward the main building.


She went out early for her morning jog. There were few people on the trail that wound around the resort. Coming around the bend ahead, she saw someone jogging toward her. First she noticed his black beanie and black socks, then she noticed his white t-shirt and the way it stretched across his shoulders as he ran. When she got close enough, she noticed the thick scruff on his face and that he was handsome. Then their eyes met and locked, unable to look away until they had passed each other. She didn't notice that he stopped in his tracks and turned to watch her jog around the bend. She didn't notice that he felt like a bolt of lightning had struck inside him. She didn't notice because she felt the same thing.

She chalked her strange reaction to that man on the jogging path up to hormones and lack of sex. Maybe it was because she was usually able to avoid direct eye contact here. It didn't matter anyway. She pushed it to the back of her mind.

Words did not come easily by the pool today. She found concentrating on her e-reader difficult as well. Maybe some wine would relax her. She saw the "Cabana Boy" from the day before was tending bar and smiled as she walked up. He was busy behind the bar washing glasses, arranging bottles, and trying to wait on customers at the same time. He must have just come on shift.

"What can I get you?" He was wiping up a spill on the bar with a towel when her turn to order came. He set a wine glass on the bar, filled it, and picked up her credit card all in about three seconds. "Do you want to start a tab," he looked at her card. "Isabella?" He asked before looking up at her. At once she recognized the thick eyebrows and those eyes, were they blue? Green? Grey? She was trapped by them, and all she could hear was her heart pounding and the sound of his voice, her name echoing, "EEsaBELLa..."

The next thing she knew she was lying back on a deck chair. Cabana Boy was holding a glass of water in one hand and her own hand in the other. "Isabella, are you all right? You looked like you might faint," he handed her the water and seemed relieved when she took a sip.

Was she all right? "Um... Yes," was all she could manage. Her mind was a swirl of thoughts and feelings. She couldn't make much out of it. Her attention focused on the slight tingle she felt where he was touching her.

"I feel it too, Isabella." He held up their still joined hands and smiled. "I am Eduardo. You were on the jogging path this morning as well, yes?"

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