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Chapter 3 - Moving On.

As Lottie closed the door after her she turned to see Jack standing in the hall. He was angry that Lottie had left without his knowing.

"Lottie where have you been?"

"I went exploring..."


"Around the town and then I met a boy and he showed me around"

"What boy?"

"His name was Lock"

"You were hanging around with a Boogie boy!"


"Stay well away from them Lottie. There bad news"

"Bad news? He seemed nice enough"

"Just stay well away from them"

Lottie nodded, annoyed with herself that she had already upset Jack. She didn't want her to make him angry at her. She only been here a day.

"Alright, Sally's making breakfast. Come meet Buster"

As Jack smiled at Lottie she smiled back, happy he wasn't mad anymore and followed him into the dinning room.

It was black themed like the rest of the house. There was a long table with about seven chairs each side of it. At the very top sat a skeletion baby boy. He was the spitting image of his father. He was dressed in a onies.

He smiled at Lottie as Jack pulled out a chair from behind her.

"Lottie this is my son Buster. Buster this is Lottie, she's going to be staying with us"

Buster giggled happily and Lottie smilled back. He was cute.

"Good morning Lottie" Sally says as she enters the room carrying a tray with food and some drinks.

Lottie picked up the glass and raised her eyebrow at the creamy green liquid.

"Uhh what's this?"

"Frogs juice" Sally says as she takes a swing of her own glass.

Lottie put down the glass with hestiation. She wasn't a fussy eatter but she was not drinking that!

Lottie looked down at the bowl full of green worms and slim.

"Can I be excused?"

"But you havnt eatten.."

"I'm not hungry"

Sally looks at Jack who smiles at Lottie.

"Its alright Lottie you can go"

"Thanks" she says as she rushes from the table and out of the room.

She walks around the dark house. She wanted to go home. She wanted Mama's pancakes. She wanted Mama. She wanted Daddy. She wanted Van.

It was two weeks later that Lottie found herself forgetting her old life. Instead of her mothers sweet smelling embrace there was Sally's soft embrace. Instead of her fathers strong knee to sit on, there was Jack's boney one. Instead of fighting with Van there was watching Buster giggle. Lottie still missed her family but she was happy with Jack and his family.

It had been two weeks since she had followed Lock home and Lottie was itching to see him again. He was the closest one to normal here, even if he had scared her and had a tail.

Lottie was sitting at her desk in her room on a rainy day. She wanted to go outside like yesterday and the day before. Play with the mummy child with the one eye and the zombie child and the Withered Winged Demon. Grabbing a coat she decided she's go for a walk. Jack wouldn't mind. As long as she stayed away from Boggie's boys.

As she walked out of the door and into the rain she walked down the stone paths. She soon came towards the graveyard. Opening the gates Lottie runs down another path, passed the gravestones and towards the trees. Her hair sticks to her face.

Lottie leans agaisnt the tree and watches the rain fall.

"Hey Lottie"

Lottie turns to a girl with a purple witches hat and a purple dress. She smiles at Lottie.

"How're you?"

"Shock.. You followed us home"


A boy with green hair, deformed feet and dressed in a skeleton costume stands out of the darkness.

"I'm Barrel"

"And you know me Lottie"

Lock steps out of the darkness and stands beside Barrel.

Lottie backs away. She had a bad feeling about the trio.

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