Chapter 1:

Sue Storm, otherwise known as the invisible woman, sat on a stool passively watching her husband work. Reed Richards, a brilliant scientist and known to many as a genius. Although he was much better known by most of the public for being . They were in one of Reeds many labs located in the Baxter building; the scientist was once again obsessing over another project. Sue let out a small sigh "Honey come to bed. You've been in here working for 18 hours now...please."

Reed could hear the worry in her voice, but then she had no idea what this project was and so simply could not understand its important. He had often thought about telling her but it was too soon. Richards turned away from his computer to meet her gaze giving her an apologetic smile, "I'm sorry Sue, I know I get wrapped up in my work but this is important."

"End of the world kind of important?" Sue asked raising an eyebrow slightly.

"Not it's not like that at-" Reed was cut off from his reply by his wife who had leaped off the table and embraced him in a kiss.

"Then you can spare a few hours to sleep next to your loving wife," Sue said a smirk appearing across her face, both her hands were cupping Reeds face as she pulled in for another kiss.

Reed returned the gesture knowing she would not drop this easily; maybe it was time to have a rest and clear his mind. She was as usual right, this was not an end of the world scenario as of yet and he so very much missed his wife. He snaked his elastic arms around Sue's midriff encircling her a few times before lifting her up with ease. Giggling Sue grinned at Reed, "I knew you'd see it my way."

Before they could make it out of the lab though a sudden loud crash was heard throughout the building. It was quickly followed by a very loud and angry voice, "MATCHSTICK!" The sudden outburst caused both Reed and Sue to sigh in unison.

It didn't take the two long to make their way upstairs, as the doors to the lift opened Sue was the first to step out and access the situation. Or she would have had there not been a sofa flying in her direction. With a sharp intake of breathe Sue quickly erected a force field around her, the sofa smashed into it with a thud and dropped back down to the ground. At that moment all movement seemed to stop.

Johnny Storm was stood behind her; as usual he was covered in flames and flying just a couple of feet from the ground. In front of her stood Ben Grimm, even though the man was made of orange rock his face till held a surprising amount of expression, right now it was shock and guilt. "Susie I'm so sorry I didn't see the doors open, are you alright?" He asked her, the concern in his voice evident.

Before Sue could say anything Johnny interjected "Dude, you gotta be more careful. I mean seriously throwing a sofa at my sister is going soooo OTT." It was clear that Johnny was just once again trying to bait The Thing into starting again.

"Why you-" Ben was ready to start charging once again at the pip squeak but was interrupted by his best friend Reed. He put himself in between Johnny and Ben putting a friend hand on the mans shoulder. "Don't rise to it Ben, you know he is just trying to get a reaction from you." Reed said as he directed Grimm away towards the kitchen, away from Johnny.

Sue waited until they left before turning back to Johnny, "What the hell is wrong with you? It's like looking after two children the way you two act." the woman scolded.

"Sis chill out, I was just having some fun is all." Johnny replied as he set himself on the ground and allowed his flames to dissipate.

"And your idea of fun isn't the same for everyone little brother," Sue said harshly, a bit harsher than she would have liked. She let out a sigh and looked up at Johnny who was now frowning at his sister's words. "Look you know how hard it is for Ben to even feel like he fits in, and your mocking him and constantly pointing it out doesn't help."

"You're right," Johnny agreed as he rubbed the back of his head. "Guess I just wasn't thinking again as usual."

"Come here," Sue said smiling as she pulled him in for a hug.

Back in the kitchen, Reed was sat with Ben. They spent the first minute or two in silence, Ben was the first to speak. "I'm so sorry Reed you know I'd never intentionally hurt Sue." Grimm said apologetically.

Reed raised a hand indicating for him to stop, "I know Ben, but you need to stop letting Johnny get to you like he does."

Ben sighed and looked over to his friend and allowed a small smile. Before anything else could be said Reeds PDA began to beep incessantly. Frowning Reed pulled it from his pocket and looked to see it was, much to his surprise it was Namor.

"Richards!" Namor's voice boomed through the PDA, although that was his usual way of greeting Reed, there was an under-tone of urgency in his voice that few would notice. One of them few was Sue Storm. She and Johnny had just rejoined Ben and Reed in the kitchen when Richards answered the incoming call.

"Namor, how can we help you?" Reed replied his voice disconcertingly even; it was almost as if he'd practiced such a tone. It was no secret there was bad blood between Namor and Reed; they had many a personal issue but had managed to maintain a more professional relationship, more through necessity than anything else. The Fantastic Four were Namors ambassadors to the human world and in return for peace between the two races Namor allowed controlled access to the Atlantean archives for scientific research.

"Why am I being invaded!?" Namor shouted expecting an immediate answer. He didn't get it though, every stood their mouths slightly agape. An attack on Atlantis would simply be preposterous and the fact that Namor was contacting them could only mean it was the act of humans. "Answer me Richards!" The Sub-Mariner demanded.

Before Reed could say anything Sue stepped in and snatched the PDA off of him. "Namor can you give us more detail of the situation?" She asked genuinely sounding concerned.

"Its good to hear your voice again Susan," Namor replied his tone much smoother and cool. "I can trust you at least to be level headed about this whole fiasco. Approximately an hour ago the Atlantean city came under attack by various mechanical contrusts, they are tearing through my city and my people. Why had your race launched such an assault upon my people?"

"You must be mistaken Namor, if anything like that was going to happen we would have known." Sue replied defensively, she couldn't believe how he was jumping to such conclusions but then who else would have the capability to assault Atlantis. Reed sat next to her taking in this information furrowing his brow like he usually did while in deep thought. Ben and Johnny had already left to get on their costumes, they wern't stupid enough to believe we wern't going to have to go to Atlantis now.

"This is no mistake Susan, I have seen it with my own eyes and barely escaped back to my citadel to contact you." Namor allowed a small sigh to pass his lips. "I place no blame of this onto you or your team Susan, but I believe your government are keeping you out of the proverbial loop. They have never been happy about how we controlled the information given to them from the archives and now I fear they are here to take the information by force."

Sue knew that this was Namors way of asking for help and she wouldn't hesitate to do so but she wasn't so sure about the rest of the team. She hadn't noticed before but Reed had disappeared with no clue as to where he had gone. "Namor we will contact our government and see what they have to say. We will stop this you have my word."

Namor gave a curt nod, "I will hold them off for now but I cannot guarantee no one will be harmed." With that the line of communication dropped.

Slamming the PDA onto the table she looked around, "Reed where the hell are you?"

Sue stormed into the living room to find Reed talking to someone on the TV, he was a quite tall Caucasian man, his haired greyed with age and in a well decorated military uniform. "Thank you General, you've been very helpful." Reed said before turning off the monitor.

"What was that about?" Sue asked concern painting her face.

"That was the pentagon, after hearing Namor I decided to question them about it," Reed answered as he moved towards the lift. "From what I understood this is the first they've heard about it and in fact seemed surprised that such an activity was going on without their knowing. So I can only conclude that they are either lying to us or there is a bigger player at work here who has the ability to blind the pentagon."

"Neither of those options are particularly good," Sue responded the concern retching her face more if that was even possible at this point.

Reed stopped for a moment and took his wife by the shoulders so that she was facing him; he looked her in the eye and smiled sweetly. "Don't worry we'll sort this mess out and be back for dinner." Reed said with a small grin as he kissed his wife gently.

Sue chuckled and returned the kiss before pulling back. "I guess we better go get ready for our trip to Atlantis."