A/N. Sorry for the long waits between chapters, I'm much more of a reader than a writer but I do intend to continue this, as I have the story planned in my head, even if it be at a slow pace.


One week had passed since Sue had woken up and discovered her life had been dramatically altered. Most of that week she had been at Johnny's side crying for her loss and waiting patiently for him to wake up; he was her brother and the only family she had left. Namor had been understanding to say the least, looking back in the week it felt like he was the sole reason she had kept herself together. Sue felt guilty for impeding on him in such a way, as ruler of Atlantis he surely had better things to do than comfort her. Sue Storm watched silently as the atlantean physician did his daily check on Johnny; it was hard to read its expression with its features mostly resembling that of a fish, the globe of water permeating around his head also hindered seeing anything she might construe as emotion. The physician shook its head and walked away; he hadn't improved clearly and was going to continue to remain comatose.

Sue pulled a chair next to the bed and placed her hand on top of her brothers. "Hang in there Johnny," she said quietly to herself as she leaned her head down to also rest on the bed. It wasn't long before she felt her eyes get heavy and her mind begins to wander but before she could achieve sleep she felt a strong hand on her shoulder. Immediately she jumped and turned around. "I'm sorry Susan I did not mean to scare you," Namor apologised as he pulled his hand away.

Rubbing her eyes she stood up to get a glass of water. "It's not your fault, I've not been getting much sleep so I am a little on edge."

"That is probably because you have been trying to sleep in here," Namor commented not bothering to hide his slightly scolding tone. "Although you are welcome to stay in here I would highly recommend using the bedroom I provided for you. It is much more accommodating and I am certain after a good night of sleep you will feel more rested."

Sue opened her mouth to argue something back but there wasn't anything to argue, he was right of course but she wanted to be here when Johnny woke up more than anything. She knew that bringing that up would lead to the debate on how it wasn't worth her own health. Storm sighed closing her mouth again and reaching for the water.

Namor smiled smugly knowing she had conceded to his point but that unfortunately still didn't mean she would listen. "You will accompany me to dinner," Namor stated, it wasn't a request but a demand and his intense gaze made that clear when she turned to protest.

"Of course," Sue replied before taking a sip of her water. This was the first thing Namor had asked of her since arriving at Atlantis and although she had been prepared to reject him she now felt obligated. Namor had been nothing but helpful and even now she wondered if this was only to make her eat something as it was painfully obvious she hadn't been doing much of that lately. It was then that Namor held out his arm for her to take. Sue for her part looked at Johnny one last time before placing the water down and taking his arm. Looking down at her Namor was glad to see she was giving him an affectionate smile, clearly thankful for his efforts to help; it was the first one he'd seen on her since she arrived.

Most of this floor of the Atlantean palace had been cleared of water so that Sue was able to get around, yet another thing Namor had done to make her stay more accommodating. Suddenly Sue felt a pang of guilt for only just noticing the efforts he had gone through even though she had been here for a week. Just as they were about to turn a corner Namor stopped and looked down to Sue, politely he asked her to close her eyes and she obliged. She felt him pull her around the corner, they went about ten steps before once again they stopped. "You may open your eyes now Susan," he said to her.

Sue wasn't prepared for what she saw when her eyes opened. They were on what looked like a balcony and she could see out into the water, see the rest of the extensive palace and how it lit up creating a beautiful image. It appeared the water was being held back by the same thing she had seen a week ago when she first awoke. Namor stepped forwards and pulled out a chair for her to sit down, it was only then that she noticed the table with what looked like a small feast, most of it she didn't recognise but assumed this is what Atlanteans ate in general. Once Sue was seated Namor took the one next to her. "I must apologise for the food, we are not used to cooking for land dwellers but I assure you the food tastes magnificent, it is only the presentation that needs adjustment." Namor said, using the term cooking very loosely. With being an underwater environment most of the food was made in Atlantis was indeed raw.

Susan smiled gratefully and placed a hand delicately on his which caused him some surprise. "Please there is no need to apologise, you have done so much for us. I don't even know how to begin to say thank you." Sue said giving his hand a small squeeze. Namor returned the smile before shifting his attention towards the food and gesturing for her to help herself. The meal continued and both simply enjoyed each other's company exchanging polite words about the quality of the food and small talk regarding the architecture of the palace. For the first time in a week Sue felt a tiny bit better, she was still undeniably mourning but Namor for a short while had allowed her to forget and that was something she desperately needed right now.

After the meal there was a show just outside the balcony, Namor had arranged for a small group of Atlantean soldiers to do a short display much like the many military parades she had seen. But she show was much more entertaining, almost elegant and like a dance. The show continued for approximately 15 minutes, immediately after Namor was curious to see what she thought of it but as he looked down he noticed she was leant on his shoulder fast asleep. The Atlantean ruler allowed himself a small chuckle, it was about time she got some sleep. Slowly he shifted his weight but continued to support her head; he gently picked Sue up and allowed her head to fall on his chest, one arm under her legs and the other supporting her back. When they finally arrived back at her room Namor cautiously laid her on the bed, he pushed her hair to the side so he could look upon her face clearly. He couldn't help but marvel at her beauty especially in such an innocent and vulnerable state, leaning down he kissed her lightly on the lips before getting up and leaving the room.

Namor barely made it out of the room when he was stopped by the Atlantean physician. "My lord he is waking up!" the Atlantean cried. The Sub-mariner scowled and grabbed the Atlantean harshly by the arm leading it towards where Johnny was. "Be quiet you'll wake her," Namor said sharply as he dragged to fish along.

They reached the room in a matter of minutes and indeed the physician had not been lying, the human torch was indeed awake. Namor whispered something to the Atlantean next to him before confidently striding over to where Johnny laid who was still clearly trying to gauge his surroundings. "Namor, what's going on?" Johnny asked groggily.

"Just relax boy, my physician is treating you." Namor assured putting a comforting hand on his shoulder. The Atlantean physician returned with what looked very much like a needle and moved swiftly to the other side of where Johnny was. But before he could do the deed the human torch wrenched his arm from the fish's grasp.

"I don't need to be treated, I feel fine!" Johnny argued as he moved to sit up. Instantly he was pushed back down by Namor.

"I am afraid I'm going to have to insist," Namor growled as he used the other hand to pin Johnny to the bed.

"FLA-" The sentence was cut short by the right hook he received from Namor. And before he could recover himself the physician had done his job and injected the substance into Johnny blood stream. His eyes fluttered shut and his body stilled. Namor stood up and glared angrily at the Atlantean across from him. "This does not happen again! He does not wake up until I tell you otherwise!" Namor spat as he approached the physician. He needed Johnny to stay comatose and dependant on him; that was the only way to keep Susan here long enough, long enough to see that she was meant to be with him and would be willing to stay in Atlantis of her own accord. "And make sure that his face does not bruise, I do not want her asking questions." Namor ordered as he stormed out of the room.