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Chapter 5 - Not Even Caught.

Axle lifted his head as soon as he heard the front door open and close.

"I'm home.. Moxie how're you doing?" Sue's cheerful voice shouts from the kitchen.

Ronnie woke up with a start.

"That better be my mind going crazy"

Axle quickly picked up his shirt and shoes before leaving the room. Ronnie couldn't help but laugh at the poor boy.

Sue walked into the room maybe ten minutes later.

"And he just left me like that.. I had to walk home.. Its like ten miles from here"

Ronnie nodded pretending to understand whatever Sue was trying to tell her.

"So how're you feeling? Still sick?"

"A little better" Ronnie said softly a smile playing on her lips.

"Good. I'm going to do my homework.. Shout if you need me"

Ronnie nodded and lay back down in the bed as Sue left the room.

The next day in the Heck house was followed by awkward silences whenever the two older teen's where in the same room.

Finally as the Hecks and Ronnie were sitting in the sitting room at dinner eating taco's and watching 'The Wheel' Mike did something about it.

"Alright, what happened?" He asked as he set his beer on the coffee table.

"Huh?" Ronnie asked confused, she like Axle knew what Mike was talking about but chose to stay unaware.

"Whatever happened.. Something happened"

"Nothing happened.. Other than people forgetting about turtle girl"

Axle sniggered.

"Axle" Sue complained.

"What's turtle girl?" Ronnie asked.

"Turtle girl was when Sue could get to her locker and she ended up taking all her books in her bags, carrying them around all day she feel and wasn't able to get back up" Brick explained and after whispered "back up" to himself.

Ronnie bite her lip in an effort to try and stop herself from bursting with uncontrolable giggles.

"That's awful Sue" she said and patted Sue's knee.

Ronnie did feel sorry for Sue. Ronnie never had an embrassing moments.. Except in first class in primmary school. Well two in first class in primmary school but they weren't worth getting into.

"Did you have any embrassing moments Ronnie?" Brick asked.

"Ehh.. If I did I can't remember them"

"What happened" Frankie asked.

"Eh well.." Ronnie began.

Shoot. She thought. She'd thought of another embrassing moment. Oh wait five.

"Its not worth getting into"

"It can't be as worse at turtle girl" Sue mumbled.

"Yeah it is"

"People took photo's of me on there cells"

"Thankfully back then no one had mobiles with camera's and everyone else in my class was six or seven.. But they still remembered.. I'd say even now, though they won't say it to my face"

"Sssh! The wheel's back on" Frankie said as she unmuted the remote.

Ronnie never felt so relieved that the tv was part of the families dinner time. Axle felt relieved that the conversation had moved away from the awkward silences between himself and Ronnie. He had to be a lot more careful now.

"So any plans for tonight Ronnie?" Frankie asked as she searched for the remote.

"Ehh.. If I had any I'd properly have remembered by now" Ronnie said as she helped look for the remote.

"Ronnie what are you doing? I thought we were going to the movies?" Axle said as he walked to the front door.

"Oh yeah, well there ya go Frankie" Ronnie said as she grabed her jacket off the kitchen counter.

She followed Axle out into the car. As he drove down the lane he decided to break the awkward silence.

"Darren and Shaun arnt coming"

"Why not?"

"To be honest, i never invited them in the first place"

"So you tricked me into going out with you? Good one I guess"

"Yeah" Axle said slowly.

The awkward silence took over again. Ronnie was sick of them after another day full of them.

"Right, are we going to pretend that what happened the other day didn't happen?" She asked glaring out the window into the fading sunset.

She was expecting a yes from him and was supprised when she got a

"Do you want to?"

"No.. It was ehh good" she said awkwardly as she fiddled with her fingers, a sign she was nervous.

"Yeah well it should have been, I'm pretty good" Axle boasted.

Ronnie raised an eyebrow and smiled slightly before rolling her eyes.

"Jesus you drive a girl mad ya know that?"

"So I've been told"

Ronnie could only laugh slightly at his cockyness. It reminded her of Liam and with that came home sickness and Sean. He was still missing. Still maybe lost. But she couldn't leave. She would if she could but the Hecks were keeping her with them. With their love, kindness and disfunctional lifestyles it was something Ronnie all her life had longed for. That and her friends telling her to stay, telling her things they'd heard about her father. Things Liam never told her about, even when she asked and things she didn't ever want to repeat.

Just like he could read her mind Axle asked her about Sean.

"Is he still missing?"

"Yeah, all my friends are out looking for him. There really supportive and telling me to stay here. They'll find him. He's nine.. He can't get very far"

"You don't believe that do you?"

"No.. Sean may be young but by god he's the smartest little man ya ever did meet" pride filled Ronnie's voice and Axle smiled at that.

He loved it when her voice filled with good emtions like pride, happyness, warmth. Not bad emtions like sadness, fear, envy.

As Axle parked the car in the movie car lott Ronnie smiled at him.

"Thanks, you know your not as dumb as everyone thinks"

He smiles before frowning as the words settle in.

"People think I'm dumb? Who?"

Ronnie laughed and opened the car door and walked towards the movies, Axle quickly behind her asking her about what she had said.

The movie held no interest for Ronnie. Axle wanted to see zombies try to defeat aliens while Ronnie didn't mind. Some of these movies she hadn't heard of yet so she really didn't care.

After the movie the two walked out into the cold, wet darkness of the street sidewalk.

"So did you like the movie?" Axle asked her.

"Ehh zombies attack aliens? No offense but if I wanted to see that I'd go back home and watch the Carroll's take on the O'Donovan's"

"Who take on the who's?

"On my street there's two families. The Carroll's. They live beside me. The O'Donovan's live across from the Carroll's. There always fighting and they all hate each other. When we all get off the bus from school the Carroll's walk on the right side of the road while the O'Donovan's walk on the left side"

"Right and why do they do that?"

"Carroll's live on the right side. O'Donovan's on the left"

"Why do they hate each other?"

"Wealth, even though there's no much in Ireland, Sports, both families are very sporty but the Carroll's are better than the O'Donovan's at it, Arts, again Carroll's better than O'Donovan's, Medicine and Science, the O'Donovan's are better than Carroll's at those. Hell there's lots of reason's why but I'd be explaining all night"

"Right I think I understand, so these guys fight all the time?"

"If you mean fight every second of every day than yes"

Axle smirked. He liked the way she explained things to him and the way she held the conversation. Usually with another girl they'd hardly ever have a conversation.

But Ronnie was different. Here he was having a full blown conversation with her.

"Do you miss them fighting?"

Ronnie laughed. A full laugh, full of happyness and memories. Axle's heart went ninety just listening to it.

"Sometimes.. It just became part of my life.. Chatting to them as I walk to and from the bus and on the bus and then seeing them all the time at training.. What am I talking about? I miss them everyday. You should see my wall on facebook. Only can Tiana and Lorna start a fight on my wall over who's my bestest friend or who writes more on my wall even though they know they both tie"

Ronnie laughed again as they got into the car and drove back to the Heck house.

"I remember one time in first year when I invited them both over to stay the night, Lorna woke up screaming in the middle of the night. I had to separate them. So when me and Tiana ran in and she stopped I said 'jesus Lorna you screamed like your worst nightmare walked into the room' and Tiana said 'no I didn't come in until after she finished screaming'"

Ronnie sighed happily at the memory. Her eyes took on a dreamy look and she couldn't help the smile that spread across her face.

That was when Da wasn't as bad as he was now. He was a shell of a man before becoming the monster he was now.

As Axle pulled up the driveway to the house he pulled at Ronnie's hand as she tried to get out.

"Hey wait Ronnie"

Ronnie sat inward towards him. She rested her hands in her lap and blinked a couple of times before asking


"I had fun tonight"

Ronnie smiled widely, showing off her perfectly white teeth causing Axle to look on in shock at the pretty girl sitting in his car as his stomach filled with butterflies.

"Me too. Sorry I've been talking so much. Once I get comfortable with someone I can't shut up. Maybe that's why Tiana and Lorna havnt killed each other yet. They've been too busy listening to me talk and havnt had time!"

Ronnie laughed at her joke causing Axle to smile at her. Ronnie noticed how his eyes darted from her lips to her eyes. She smiled and leaned closer to him.

"Thanks" she said and kissed his cheek.

She laughed and got out of the car, leaving Axle with a stomach full of butterflies and a blush creeping up his neck.

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