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As the lights blinked and the darkness seemed to be growing, I ran with all of my might.

I screamed as someone picked me up and realized it was Eric.

"We have to get out of here now." He told me as we stopped in the lobby of the main exit.

I was still in shock of everything that had just happened.

I just saw my first love die in front of me.

His departing words had been like an icy dagger in my heart and I wasn't sure what to believe. My heart, which was telling me that somewhere in there Bill was there or my head, which was telling me he was gone the moment he died.

He had been reborn into something that I wasn't sure was even a resemblance of the man he used to be. He was the monster that he was trying so hard not to be.

The tears streamed down my face as Eric continuously clicked the button for the elevator doors to open.

"Fuck!" He yelled as he slammed his fists against the doors.

"What's happening?" I asked him as he backed up a bit.

"I'm going to bust these doors open, stand back." He kicked the doors with all of his might and a dent was left there.

"Perfect." He muttered as he went up to it and slowly opened it with his bare hands.

I looked down the dark corridor and my heart sank as I realized that we were in some serious trouble.

Bill was gone and I knew that this new Bill would be coming after us and he wouldn't stop until we were dead.

"Sookie, let's go." Eric held his hand out to me.

"Leaving so soon?" I screamed as Bill stood there, bloody and naked in front of us.

His fangs were fully extended and the look on his face was wild and monstrous. A small smile laid on his lips, and the very image of him was a mockery of the man I once loved.

The blood lust in his eyes was evident as he eyed me down and I backed up closer to Eric who grabbed me.

He jumped up and he flew upwards toward the top floor.

I held on to him and I buried my face into his chest.

I could still hear the strange growl that had escaped the lips of the monster that was wearing the mask of my ex love.

The image of his bloody body falling apart into a pile of goo floated around in my mind. The way his eyes showed such intense fear as he was dying tore me up inside. For a second there was clarity in his eyes as he saw the error of his ways, but now that was gone.

Eric stopped us right in front of the doors of the top floor and he cursed as he held on to me and kicked the door and made another dent and kept kicking it until the doors broke apart and he flew right into the room.

He let go of me and took my hand.

"Sookie, I need you to be strong right now." He told me and I nodded as he led the way for us to escape this house of horrors.

As we walked up the stairs, I saw that the door was slightly ajar.

We hurried out of the room and outside we saw Pam, Jess, Tara, Nora, and Jason all covered in blood waiting for us.

"Where's Bill?" Jess asked us but Eric paid no attention to her as he kept his hand intertwined with mine.

"We have to get out of here now, Nora and Jessica come with us, Pam I need you and Tara to go and retrieve the papers regarding the ownership of Sookie's home now. When you are done, meet us at Sookie's brother's house. I assume you know where it is Tara?" She nodded and Eric brought me over to Jason's truck that had been waiting for us.

Jason threw his weapons in the back as he got into the car.

"Eric, what happened to Bill? Something is wrong, I felt him…. Eric where is he?" Jessica demanded as he hurriedly got me into the truck as well and Nora sat in the open back of the car.

"He is gone; do not ask me anymore questions until we are in safe distance of this place." He told her as he got into the back as well and she followed him.

"Go now Jason, take us to your home. It's the only safe place right now."

Jason started the car and slammed his foot against the pedal.

The car zoomed out of the place and I finally let go.

I was in hysterics and I couldn't calm myself down.

I heard Eric explaining what had happened to his sister and to Jess, who seemed to be in disbelief at the whole thing.

I heard her start to cry and start to yell at Eric, saying this was his fault. I closed my eyes, afraid of what Eric may do but nothing came. When I opened my eyes I turned around and I saw something that shocked me completely.

As uncomfortable I could see he was Eric was hugging Jess. As she cried into his shoulder he told her that we would find a way to get Bill back to her.

I knew that Eric knew what it was like to lose your Maker, the pain of it.

He was actually being caring about this whole situation and I remembered the time when he was still cursed and he was crying in my bed when he had a dream about Godric.

I couldn't take my eyes off of them and when he let go of Jess she wiped away her tears and stared off into the darkness that we were leaving behind us as each second passed.

Eric looked at me and I saw the Eric that I fell in love with. Right here and now was the Eric I loved, without all of the walls.

As soon as I saw that he became cold again as Nora began to talk to him about the night once again.

"What happened in there anyway?" Jason asked me as he went faster.

"Bill died." I whispered as the pain of it all still affected me.

"Good, one less fanger." He said coldly as I ignored him.

"Then he came back as something…..else."

"What do you mean came back?" Jason asked.

"He was dead, just a pile of goo and then he rose from it. Like something out of a bad horror movie." I told him and Jason's eyes were wide.

He seemed to be thinking over something until he shook his head.

"Fuck, how did you get out of there?"

"Eric, but it was strange it was almost like Bill didn't even try…. Like it was too easy to escape." It seemed almost like he wanted to let us escape.

A chill ran through me as I realized that he didn't want us to go because he still cared, he wanted to make this interesting, and he wanted to slowly destroy us.

He wanted to make this his own personal game of cat and mouse. The Bill I loved was gone and this monster would stop at nothing to kill us all.

"Shit." I muttered and I turned to look at Eric whose eyes were wide as well.

It looked like he had the same thought as me.

"Go faster Jase." I told my brother who nodded.

What were we going to do? Whatever happened to Bill wasn't good, not at all. The only thing that seemed to be certain was that if Eric was so sure that he couldn't even handle Bill any more was not good. We didn't know what Bill's new powers could be and how this affected him really beside the fact that he seemed to escape death. He rose from his blood and the sound that came out of him still rang in my ears.

What could Bill do now? Could we still even get him back, could we even kill him?

As the anxiety filled me we pulled into my brother's driveway.

"Quick, everyone out." Eric said as we all got out of the truck.

As we walked up to my brother's porch he opened the door for me.

Jason stood at the entrance to the door and turned back to face Eric, Nora, and Jess.

"Jason, invite them in." I told him as he stood silent.

Eric looked over to me and I pushed Jason.

"Invite them in!" I yelled at my brother.

"You have an opportunity to tell these fuckers to leave. We could leave and Bill would never find us. You don't owe them anything Sook." Jason told me as he grabbed me and shook me lightly.

The blood from all the vampires he took out still covered him completely and he looked like a crazy man.

"This is our home, we will not run. I am tired of running." I told him reminding him of the night at the fae bar.

"It's not running it's called surviving." He told me as he tightened his grip.

"Invite them in Jason, or I will leave. I will not let them die, not after everything they have done for us." I looked over to Eric who glared at my brother.

"Sook…" I sighed as I walked over to the door and my brother grabbed me.

"You can all come in." Jason said lowly as Jess, Nora, and Eric walked inside the house.

Eric shut the door and locked it.

Eric walked up to my brother and bent down to be eye level with him.

"You are lucky you are Sookie's brother because I would rip out your throat for that little stunt." He growled and Jason smiled as he got closer to Eric.

"Don't let that hold you back." Eric's fangs came out.

"Enough, this is neither the time nor place. Eric put your fangs away and

Jason stop acting like an asshole." They both backed away from each other.

"Jesus Christ, you all can't act civil for at least a second! We are seriously fucked and all you guys can think about is your hatred for one another." I yelled at them.

"Fuck this!" Jason said as he stormed off into his room.

I looked over to Eric who just went and pulled out the closest chair to him and sat.

"Hey Sookie, is there any place I can go and rest." Jess asked me and I realized for the first time how distraught she actually looked.

Her red hair was now in a tangle on her head as the blood tears from her eyes still seemed to stream. The blood from the vampires that she must have killed had drenched her clothes and it broke my heart to see someone I still considered so young to look so broken.

"Yeah there is a basement that is pretty light tight, you can stay there. I'll make you a bed." I led the way, leaving the room because I just didn't want to have any talk right now with Nora or Eric.

I grabbed some spare sheets and pillows and made small beds on the floor. They didn't exactly scream comfortable but they were all we had right now.

I looked over to the shelves and saw some sleeping bags and put them on top of the sheets as well.

It looked better but it still didn't look great. I wanted to continue fixing it, trying to make it perfect, make it right. I needed to fix it.

"It's perfect Sookie." Jess said as though she had been reading my mind.

I nodded as I shook myself out of my mini breakdown and began to walk away. As I walked away I heard her muffled cries as she fell on to the sleeping bag.

"Jess I'm so sorry, I tried to stop him." I told her and she shook her head.

"It scares me to know how lost he was, and to know that he may be lost forever is horrible. I loved him, like a daughter can love a father, but he was gone he wasn't the Bill I loved." Her words seemed to mesh well with my own thoughts and feelings.

"He's a monster now, isn't he?" She asked me and as the word soaked in to what Bill truly was now, I nodded.

Her cries grew even louder as I walked over to her and sat next to her as I held her as she cried.

"I'm scared to know what he is going to do next, I'm so scared." She told me as she buried her head against my shoulder.

"Me too, me too" I told her as my own tears fell from my face once again.

I heard footsteps come down and when I looked up I saw Eric standing there.

"Can you give us a second?" I asked him.

"Pam and Tara are here and I need you to sign the documents for your house." Eric said softly.

I nodded as I got up and Jess wiped away the blood from her eyes.

"When we go to my house tomorrow you can take a shower there." I told her and she nodded as she laid down and I got up.

I looked at my shoulder and blood dripped from it from Jess tears. I wiped away the blood and joined Eric as we walked up to the living room.

"Will we have enough room at my place for everyone to stay there?" I asked Eric.

"If I make some small adjustments."

"Like what?"

"Make some of the rooms light tight so they can stay in those rooms as well." I sighed as I realized my house had fully become a hotel for vampires.

"Okay." I told him and he seemed shocked by my answer but didn't question it.

"Just sign what Pam tells you to sign, I am going to make some calls so your house will be all set tomorrow night." I nodded as he walked away from me.

I sat at the kitchen table and looked at all the papers that were already laid out for me to sign.

"Ready fairy princess?" Pam asked me and I nodded as she handed me the pen.

Pam pointed to some spots for me to sign and after a couple of minutes it was all done.

"Congratulations, you just got yourself a house." She smiled sarcastically.

"Hope I like it." I said and I heard a small chuckle escape her lips as she walked away and joined Tara on the couch.

"What was it like seeing that?" Nora asked me as she sat next to me.

"Excuse me?"

"Seeing Bill rise from the blood?" I saw some sort of excitement in her eyes and it sent a warning signal throughout my body.

"Why do you care?" I said coldly and she shrugged.

"Not every day a vampires dies and then comes back. Only Lilith did that, and that was a hallucination. Do you think it could have been a hallucination?" She asked me and I shook my head.

"If it was then that was one hell of a hallucination." I told her and she nodded.

"Well my explanation is that Bill is now the reincarnation of Lilith herself." Nora whispered to me.

I thought back to the mythology of Lilith and remembering hearing about her back when I was a child.

"Lilith is a demon right?" I asked Nora and she nodded.

"Some say that, while some suggest she is the first vampire ever created. That she is the mother of us all. And if in fact Bill did in some way become her, than we are all truly fucked." Well that was not good.

"What powers did she possess?" I asked her.

"The power to control other vampires was her only one. She could make them feel this intense feeling of blood lust if she wanted to. She could control armies of vampires if she wanted to." I thought back to Bill rising from the blood and I shuddered.

What if he controlled vampires to come after us, what if he controlled Pam, Tara, Jess, Nora, or Eric?

The cold chilling feeling of despair hit me and I got up.

"Did I upset you?" Nora asked me.

"No of course not, I wanted to hear all of that." I told her as I scoffed and walked off.

I walked into the hallway and saw Eric getting off of the phone.

"Everything should be done by tomorrow night," he paused as he looked me over, "how are you?"

I shook my head as more tears came.

"I honestly don't know." I told him as he came closer to me and brought me into his arms and held me.

It was like we were back in the Authority and I had just seen Bill die.

"What are we going to do?" I asked him as I looked up at him.

He seemed to think it all over and then I saw his walls disappear and all was left was my Eric.

"I don't know." My heart broke as I buried my head once again in his chest.

"But I promise you that I will keep you safe, no matter what I will not let him or anyone else harm you."

"You can't promise that." I said against his chest.

"Yes I can, he will not win, and I won't let him." He told me.

As the silence surrounded us, I welcomed it for the first time.

"Sookie know that what Bill said to you tonight, it was a lie. He did love you. What was left of him back there was a monster, not the real Bill Compton." Eric told me and I was surprised that he said it.

This was a man that was fighting against Bill for me and here he was defending Bill.

It shocked me to discover that I always thought Bill was the selfless one, when in fact Eric was.

I looked up at Eric and he looked down at me. He ran his hand against my cheek lightly and bent down slowly.

"Eric." Pam's voice broke us out of our small trance we were both in as Eric let go of me.

We both walked back into the room where on the TV was Luna telling the world about the Authority.

"This isn't good." Eric whispered as we both watched the TV.

Wait, why was Luna there. If Luna was there was Sam? Was Sam still there?

"Oh my God Sam."

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