My attempt on shounen ai haha


an awkward story about confessing... something like that.

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"Ah? Difference between Like and Love?" the green haired boy repeated the question at the same time stroke his lucky item, a maneki neko.

The black haired boy who was in front of him nodded happily.

"Well…" he paused fixing his glasses, "My answer is that Like and Love have two different spellings." He said making the black haired boy dropped his jaw.

"Eh! Shin-chan! What kind of answer is that?" the black haired boy said.

"Well that's the truth. Take a look at the spelling of the two words." he said continuing to stroke his lucky item.

"I know that! Geez…" the black haired boy touched his forehead and some of his hair. "Shin-chan you really are something." He started to chuckle making the green haired boy popped a vein.

"Hey, Shin-chan. I love you…" he said making the green haired boy's eyes widened after hearing the black haired boy.


"I said… I love you…" he said again.

The green haired boy looked away, and this made the black haired boy hurt but instead of showing a sad face. He grinned.

"It's just a joke Shin-chan , don't take it ser-…"

"I like you…"

This made the black haired boy surprise at what the green haired boy had just told him.

"What did you just say Shin-chan?" he asked.

"I said… I like you…"


"What is it Takao?"

"I said I love you Shin-chan but you just said that you like me."

"Well isn't it like is something similar with love?"

"But you said that like and love are different."

"Shut up! In my vocabulary they are both the same!"

"Ah! So you admit it!"

"Shut up, shut up, shut up!"

"Ah, Tsundere mode are we?"

"Stop it already…"the green haired boy blushed.

"Uwah Shin-chan is so cute!"

"TAKAO!"the green haired boy screamed at the same time hit the black haired boy with a green slipper.

Done! Haha

By the way the green slipper is Takao's lucky item of the day. Hahaha

Maneki neko is also known as the lucky cat.