Whatever it Takes.

Written by Kellysuxs and CherryPezFoo.

This chapter was written by CherryPezfoo.

"On the first page, of our story, the future seemed so bright.

Then this thing turned out so evil, I don't know why I'm still surprised.

Even angels have their wicked schemes, and you take that to new extremes

But you'll always be my hero, even though you've lost your mind. "- Eminem and Rhianna


"FUCK THEM!" I raged while walking down the street "THEY DON'T KNOW SHIT ABOUT WHAT MAKES A GOOD SOILDIER" I screamed throwing my glass coke bottle at a wall and watching it shatter into a million pieces. Briefly, I remembered my father's shrapnel wound across his left eye, I imagine the pain, white hot metal grazing his eye, while he lived the life I longed for. I decided to kick the wall, and spit on it. When I turned around I saw people staring at me with disapproving looks. "WHAT?" I yelled "AIN'T NOBODY GOT NOTHING BETTER TO DO?" They all turned away quickly, pretending they were never staring at all. A mother ushered her child away from me, the child glanced back curiously and I pulled a face, I mouthed "I'm gonna get ya." The child instantly started crying and ran away from its bewildered mother.

I didn't want to go home, i didn't want to face the phone call I had to make to my dad. Three times I've been rejected for the army, three times I've had to disappoint my father. I always dreaded those phone calls, he wouldn't yell at me or nothing. He doesn't speak on the phone, maybe he has nothing to say. He never speaks when my ma calls either, but we both know he's there on the other end, listening. That's good enough for both of us. I walked along the streets, muttering shit to myself, in the first few streets the people stared at me funny, but when I got closer to home, the people didn't blink an eye. They knew I was shit crazy, they were used to my usual shit, they maybe even found it amusing. I was getting closer to home now, even though I was purposefully walking slow. I wanted to find a hole in the ground and just die there, maybe then I wouldn't be such a disgrace to my father's name.

Something slightly interesting catches my eye, a moving van. "Wow" I murmured, not at all interested. Someone had finally moved in. The house had been empty since long before I was born. Used to belong to a widow whose husband died in the great war. I couldn't even imagine the state it was in. I wandered closer to it, I wasn't really interested but it meant more time before I had to go home. It looked.. new, someone had to have came and fixed it up at some point, I wondered how I didn't notice before, then it dawned on me, I usually took the short cut which leads the other way. The only reason I passed here was because I was stalling. I caught my breath, emerging from the house was a man, with a weather beaten face, silvery hair, and hard steely eyes. But it wasn't his looks that made me gasp, I ain't no queer! It was what he was wearing. His uniform, was the exact same as my father's dress uniform, the one he wore when he received his medal of valour. There was a picture of it in my bedroom, it was my favourite. I hadn't realised I had been getting closer to him so I was almost able to touch his face. He looked straight through me. His eyes seemed to penetrate my face. He reminded me of my dad. "Can I help you soldier?" I didn't even feel embarrassed, he called me soldier, I already liked him. "Yeah..I was just "I started again. "Didi you just move here?" " Yes." he said gruffly as if wanting me gone. "I live just up the road there" I said pointing in the direction of my house "were neighbours" a smile that resembled a grimace fumbled upon his worn face. "What's your name boy?" He asked in an official tone" Teddy Duchamp" He frowned at me and I got the message. "Oh, Theodore Duchamp" Well Theodore I am Sergeant Thomas Steele, but you may call me Sergeant. I was confused yet captivated as to why he didn't want me to call him Thomas, my chest swelled up with pride at the m mention of my last name. "DAD!" someone shouted from the house, a girl appeared at the door and we both turned to face her. She was hot. She had long red hair and milky skin, she was tall probably taller than me and she shared her dad's elusive grey eyes. "Leanne wants you in the kitchen" "Okay Laura" He told her before turning back to me. "Well Theodore, glad to meet you young man." I noticed him glance at my ear for a second but I didn't really care, he probably knew what drove my father to this to me. "Just an accident when I was younger" I said, answering his unspoken question. I conveniently left out the part that my father was in the nuthouse for almost burning my ear off with a stove. He put a weak smile on in acknowledgement. "Goodbye sergeant!" I saluted him. "Goodbye Theodore." He saluted back. I felt a whole lot happier now, I would have something good to tell my dad on the telephone, he might even talk this time who knows! The gears started turning in my head as I decided that all hope wasn't lost when it came to the army, I had a plan, and it involved Laura Steele.