Written by Kellysux

"Treat me beneath this clear night sky, and I will lie with you. I start to feel those butterflies, when I'm next to you.

Tell me your secrets, give me a friend, let all the good times flood in. Do I love you? Do I hate you? I can't make up my mind. So let's freefall, and see where we land"-Ed Sheeran


On my walk home, I found myself smiling more than I have in awhile. I don't know what it was about Teddy. He was cocky, arrogant, and could very easily be considered crazy. But despite all that, I still found myself thinking about him more often than I should.

Even his friends were awesome. Chris was probably the best looking person I had ever seen, though I could really only look at him as a brother. Gordie was the nicest person I had ever met, but was still a bit shy around me. Vern was, well, Vern was special. Like a little Teddy bear, packed full of innocents.

Maybe moving to Castle Rock wasn't the worst thing. My eyes closed as soon as my head hit the pillow, dreams filling my mind.

Just as Teddy began to lean into me, my dream was interrupted. "Leanne, wake up! Dad went to work but he told me to wake you up" I groaned, sitting up in my bed "Okay" When my sister didn't leave my bedroom I looked up at her "Laura, do you want something?" She crossed her arms across her chest "Why was that Duchamp kid at the door looking for you this morning?"

Suddenly I felt much more awake "Teddy was here?!" "Yea, why was he here?" I shrugged, dragging myself out of bed "We're...friends" I went to walk out of my bedroom, but I was stopped short when my sisters arm blocked the doorway. "You're lying" I let out a loud sigh "Why does it matter" "Because I don't like him. Something tells me he's up to no good" I laughed "You're one to talk, you're dating Ace!" She smirked "Yea but I can protect myself, you?" She shook her head. I rolled my eyes "Get out" She chuckled and left the room.

After a long shower I decided I should probably go find Teddy to see what he wanted. The last few days I had been wearing basket ball shorts, baggy shirts, and absolutely no makeup. But I had finally found the box that had my makeup and clothes. I found a nice sundress and threw it on. I quickly did my makeup. Boy, would this shock Teddy.

It wasn't long before I found Teddy walking towards what I took to be a diner. I ran up and tapped him on the shoulder "Hey" he turned to look at me, his eyes widening "WHOA" I smiled and nervously pulled at the hem on my dress "Yea..I finally found my clothes and makeup in all the boxes...Was that a good whoa or a bad whoa?" He smiled "Good whoa" I smiled back "So you came looking for me this morning?" He slung his arm over my shoulder "Just wanted to see you" I was about to reply when I caught sight of Chris, Gordie and Vern in the diner. Vern's jaw dropped when he saw me, but Chris and Gordie didn't smile.

Instead they gave me a look of...pity. "Look" I said to Teddy, pointing to the window of the diner "Should we go in and see them?" Teddy's arm tightened around my shoulder "No, lets just keep going" From the tone of Teddy's voice I knew not to ask why. We continued walking down the street, talking about random things. I soon noticed we were at the tree house "Ladies first" I was about to go first when I remembered I was wearing a dress "Haha, good try, you go" His face fell "Fine"

When we got inside the tree house I noticed someone had done some major cleaning in here, and did I smell air freshener? I was immediately pulled to the ground and pinned down by Teddy "Look, lets stop the bullshit. I like you and you like me, right?" With my eyes wide and my mouth agape, I nodded. Or at least I think I did, I don't remember. He smiled "Perfect" He slowly began to lean into me.