Chapter 3 – Family

When he looked at his two girls his mind sometimes wandered to Charlotte. They were so alike her, and yet so different.

Despite resembling him so much, each of his daughters had taken something after her own mother.

Charlotte had inherited Angela's sunny disposition, and her hazel eyes.

Carrie's eyes were as dark as Lorelei's, and she shared something of her intriguing grace.

Except for her hair, Abbie was the spitting image of Teresa. She was loyal and caring, and had beautiful green eyes.

As he watched his younger daughters playing merrily on the living room carpet, he thought that it might be the time for them to know about their long-lost eldest sister.

It was a bright September morning when they finally stood in front of the two plain tombstones with the names Angela Ruskin Jane and Charlotte Anne Jane engraved on them.

Carrie was bringing a bunch of daisies, while Abbie had chosen her favorite teddy bear.

They placed the gifts before their sister's grave and remained silent – with their arms wrapped around each other's waist.

Jane sighed softly, taking comfort from his wife's soothing presence by his side. Teresa's hand never left the small of his back, and that was enough to give him peace and strength.

A bunch of wildflowers that none of them had brought rested on the green grass beside Carrie's daisies.