Author's Note: AU, because there is no way that this would happen in the series! Jess and Becker are together.

Genre: Family and Humour

Summary: Siblings are menaces, or at least Becker's were. Is it any wonder that Becker freaks out when his Mum invites him and Jess for dinner, as well as the Core Team?

Disclaimer: I don't own Primeval or any films/books/songs that are featured in my books.

Siblings Are Menaces

Chapter 1 – The Invitation

So much had happened since the New Dawn and Convergence Fiasco. Jenny and Danny had come home to the ARC. Cutter, Sarah and Stephen had stepped through a tricky anomaly alive again. Connor and Abby had gotten married. Danny and Sarah had also gotten married. Emily and Matt were together and Emily was 4months pregnant with triplets. Jenny and Cutter couldn't get married as Cutter was still technically married to Helen. But they did have an 8 month year old baby boy called Evan Stephen Cutter. Lester had been knighted. And Jess and Becker had gotten together and moved into together.

It was December 15th 2013. In had been nearly 3 years since New Dawn and Convergence.

Becker and Jess were in his apartment. They sat on the L-Shaped sofa, kissing. They broke away as the doorbell went off, they both grinned at each other.

"That'll be the Pizza!" Becker said, pushing Jess off his lap and going to the front door. He was wrong. He opened his front door and Connor, Abby, Danny, Sarah, Matt, Stephen, Jenny (carrying Evan in a baby carrier), Cutter and Emily stood there grinning happily at him. He mouth hung wide open.

"What are you lot doing here?" Becker said raising his eyebrows.

"We thought we'd pop by and visit our friends. We paid for your Pizza and brought a movie." Connor said innocently, holding out his pizza for him to take. Becker sighed and decided he'd have to let them in on the plan. He'd been planning this quiet night at home for weeks now, though Jess hadn't realised it. But he had a very important question to ask.

"Look. Guys. Tonight really isn't a good night for you to visit. See, I'm going-…" Becker began but Jess appeared behind him and squealed excitedly. Becker shut his mouth with a snap and sighed. Looks like it would have to wait.

"Hey! Oh awesome we haven't watched a Movie in ages!" Jess said excitedly, taking the pizza from Connor.

"Looks like we're staying, mate." Matt said as he and Connor pushed around him. Abby pecked him on the cheek as she also passed him. Jenny and Sarah did the same as they also passed him. Danny patted him on the back he pushed him out of the way. Stephen laughed and ducked under his arm and entered the flat. Cutter was the only one left standing there with a innocent yet curious smile on his face.

"Come in, Professor." Becker said, opening the door for Cutter to come. "Thank you. What was it you were saying by the way?" Cutter asked as he entered. Becker closed the door and followed him inside. "Oh nothing." Becker sighed darkly.

The team watched Indiana Jones and ate all the pizza. Becker went into the Kitchen and cleaning up as everyone talked and laughed. He'd been quiet all night for some reason. They suspected that it had something to do with what he'd been saying earlier. But none of them really cared. They all had a good night.

The phone rang and Jess answered.


"Uh Hello? Who is this?" came a middle aged woman's voice.

"Jessica Parker. I live here. Can I help you?" Jess said calmly.

"Oh. You're this Jessica Girl my Son has been going out with then." said the Woman sounding smug.

"Excuse me? You're Mrs Becker? I'm sorry, I didn't realise. Your son's told me quite a bit about you." Jess said grinning widely. Everyone fell quiet and half-listened to the conversation

"It's quite alright dear. I hadn't expected to meet you over the phone either. I just called to invite my Son over for Christmas. You'd be welcome too. It's about time the family met the girl that's made our boy so happy." Mrs Becker said in a gentle tone. From what Jess guessed, she was smiling.

"That's sound brilliant; I've been dying to meet his family for ages. I'll tell him you invited us but I'm sure they'll be no problem with it." Jess said grinning.

"My Son also tells me you two have some quite good friends. I was wondering if they'd like to spend Christmas with us also. If you and My Son come that is." Mrs Becker invited politely.

"Well. I'll have to talk to them, but I'm sure a lot of them wouldn't mind meeting his family either. Thank you Mrs Becker." Jess said happily.

"Bye-bye Jessica." The Woman replied cheerfully, before hanging up. Jess put the phone down and grinned excitedly.

"Becker, sweetheart, your mother just called." Jess called into the Kitchen. Something smashed and Becker came speeding into the Living Room, his eyes wide with shock.

"My Mam called?" Becker repeated in shock. The boys snickered and the girls giggled.

"Yeah. She's sounds lovely. She's invited us and everyone here to spend Christmas with your family." Jess said cheerfully. Becker's jaw dropped and everyone started talking excitedly among themselves.

"W-we can't!" Becker finally said.

"And why not?" Jess said, placing her mug on the hatch to the kitchen.

"Because my family are crazy." Becker said rather pathetically. Everyone laughed. "I'm not kidding!" Becker said loud enough for everyone to hear over their roars of laughter.

"Sweetheart, we've been going out for nearly three years. I'd like to meet your family eventually." Jess said calmly.

"No you don't." Becker replied following her around the living room as she cleaned up. Everyone watched with amused expressions. "Jess, my family…they're…odd." He added slowly.

"Becker…" Jess began, turning to face him.

"His Wife is a murderous lunatic who tried to wipe out the human race, twice. Once when she already dead." She pointed to Cutter.

"He had an affair with said murderous lunatic Wife." She pointed to Stephen.

"She was dead." She pointed to Sarah.

"She used to be some woman called Claudia." She pointed to Jenny.

"They lived in the Cretaceous for a year." She pointed to Connor and Abby.

"His brother disappeared through an anomaly when he was 14, only to become a psychopath who tried to kill you, me, Matt and Emily." She pointed to Danny.

"She's from the 1840s." She pointed to Emily.

"He's from the Future." She pointed to Matt.

"I went to University when I was 15." She pointed to herself.

"You are an emotional retard." She pointed to him.

"And he was born in Lester's office!" she pointed to Evan.

"And we all run around chasing dinosaurs." She finished, putting her hand on her hip. "I think it's safe to say that nothing is really 'odd' after living our lives." Jess added sceptically.

There was a silence as everyone marvelled at Jess as she looked at Becker sceptically. "I think it's safe to say, we have really unbelievable lives." Cutter said slowly.

"Ya think?" Jess said smirking. She turned back to Becker and smiled brilliantly at him. She walked over and wrapped her arms around his neck.

"Becker. I want to meet your family. Is that so wrong?" Jess said doing her best puppy dog eyes. "Don't look into the eyes Becker! Don't look into the eyes!" Danny said, covering his eyes.

"Yes. It is." Becker replied, ignoring Danny.

"Tough, we're going to spend Christmas with your family whether you like it or not." Jess said firmly, putting her hands on her hips again.

"Alright." Becker groaned.

"And we're all coming too!" Jenny said smugly. Becker groaned again.

"Stop it! It'll be fun! Spending Christmas at the Becker's! I'm excited!" Jess said happily. Becker sat down on the L-shaped sofa and rubbed his hands over his face.

"If you think we're weird. Wait til you meet my siblings." Becker said, folding his arms. Jess laughed and sat down beside him.

"How bad could they be?" Jess asked grinning at him. Becker smiled at her as if she was a naive child.

"I have 10 brothers and sisters." Becker said coolly, before pecking her on the lips, and disappearing to the bedroom. Everyone sat frozen in their seats.

"Oh bloody hell; what have we gotten ourselves into?" Matt said slowly.


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