A/N: OKAY. First pairing ship thingy... It's probably gonna be shit, but whatever XD HUMANSTUCK.

Your name is NEPETA LEIJON, you go to a public school full of sluts and douchebags. You're not the most popular girl there... that's an understatement, everyone hates you. You have 2 friends in the entire school, TEREZI PYROPE and FEFERI PEIXES. You have no male friends, although, you'd like to have some. You are fine with Terezi and Feferi though, fine, no, you are MORE than fine with them. They took you under their wings when you first joined the school and stopped everyone picking on you, although, when they're not around. It's a nightmare.

Nepeta's alarm went off. 'Meow meow meow' it chorused. Nepeta growled and snuggled her face further into her pillow. Really, THIS early? Nepeta opened one eye to look at the time. '6:00' Nepeta sighed and fumbled for the snooze button, she ended up throwing the alarm clock at the wall and closing her eyes once again.

"Nepeta, wake up" A deep voice knocked on the door.

"Equius, can i skip school today?" Nepeta's voice was muffled, her face still engulfed in her pillow.


"I feel ill" Nepeta lied. She was itching to get out of bed and move.

Equius opened the door and sat on the end of her bed "Come here"

Nepeta rolled over and sat up slowly, she let her eyelids droop and pulled her quilt around her. She sure is lucky her skin is ghostly pale. Equius rested the back of his hand on Nepeta's forehead and his eyebrows knitted together. "Oh, my... you do seem ill" He stood up "I'll phone the school and tell them you can't make it today"

Nepeta sighed happily and lay back down. Equius left her room and closed the door gently. Nepeta could hear the tapping of his shoes as he walked down the corridor. Lucky you have a gullible brother. She looked around her room, almost forgetting what it looked like. She sat up and stared at one wall, then the next, then the next. "I should decorate" Nepeta sighed as she repeatedly looked at her plain dark red walls. Nepeta glanced over at a medium-sized light blue tin. That wasn't there before... She raised an eyebrow and cautiously stalked over to it, waving a hand to see if it would move. She deemed it safe and grab the tin, curious to what's inside. Nepeta carefully removed the lid and place it on the floor next to her. Inside was some... Chalk? And a note, Nepeta placed the tin next to the lid and took out the note.


I know you're bored, and i will get you a laptop, don't worry, but in the meantime, i got you some chalk, draw on your walls, they're boring. ~ Equius'

Nepeta chuckled to herself and put the note back in the tin, she looked around for a colour to start drawing with. Nepeta grinned. "ac grins as she spots a puurety green. ac quickly swipes the green from the mighty..." Nepeta tilted her head "the uh... the mighty tin beast!" Nepeta grabbed the chalk and held it in the air "ac rushes over to her wall and begins to draw" Nepeta sprung up and skipped over to her wall. Nepeta moved the chalk around in her fingers, taking in the feel of it, the smell, the look of it, then...

"Nepeta, someone's here for you" Nepeta froze as she heard Equius faint voice, she growled and tossed the chalk on her bed. "Just about to draw as well" Nepeta mumbled as she trotted down the stairs. Equius was holding the door open, he moved away as she blinked lazily and turned to look at her visitors.

"Nepeta!" Feferi exclaimed.

Terezi sniffed "I thought it was you, i lost your brother's sweaty smell" She grinned.

They were both in their uniforms, black skirt, white shirt, black tie. BORING.

"Did you need anything?" Nepeta rested her head on the door.

"We came to see if you wanted to walk to school with us" Feferi smiled.

"I'm not coming to school" Nepeta coughed.

"Ill again?" Terezi rolled her eyes.

"You know it" Nepeta sighed, she wished she could tell her friends the truth.

"Awh, well get better soon okay?" Feferi rubbed Nepeta's arm.

"I'll try" Nepeta narrowed her eyes as she saw a group walking behind them.

Feferi turned to look "Oh, there's Eridan... I- i better go..."

Terezi sniffed "I smell Karkles, is it okay if i go as well Nep?"

Nepeta nodded and narrowed her eyes even more as she was. HER.

Vriska Serket, most popular girl at school, and who was she with? Gamzee Makara of corse, the two were holding hands. She hated him, so much after what he did, she wished he would just go.

"Uhm... Bye then" Terezi nodded a farewell and followed Feferi towards the group.

Nepeta growled and slammed the door behind her. She slid down it and tucked her legs up to her chest as far as they would go.

"All that cold air isn't good for you" Equius kneeled on the floor and stroked her hair.

"I-I know" Nepeta coughed "I'm going back to my room"

"Alright then" Equius helped her up "I'm going to work now, I'll let you know if I'm going to be late"

"Alright, thanks" Nepeta mumbled as she climbed the stairs.

"Finally" Nepeta breathed in as she closed her bedroom door, she grabbed two more colours and began to draw on her wall. Scribbling down basic outlines in white, then going over them in green, the same with another colour. Nepeta loved to draw, especially cats and humans, she always got top in art class, she just drew what was on her mind, and the only thing on her mind right now was...

Nepeta stood back to admire her art. She had drawn herself in green, creeping up on the other character, a friendly smile on her face, tail high in the air. A heart in the middle. Then, sitting cross legged facing Nepeta, was Gamzee Makara.