Title: Show Me
Anime: Loveless


The ebony haired boy stopped walking. He didn't know that his Sentouki had even shown up to take him home today, and he wasn't in the mood. He started walking again.

"Ritsuka, let me take you home."

Instead, Ritsuka ran home, leaving Soubi behind him. He thought that he was home free, and that he could just relax for the mean time. If he didn't get in his mother's way, or see Soubi again tonight, he would be fine.

That night, after his shower was over with, the twelve-year-old found his window open. He walked over to close it—after peeking outside of it to check for Soubi—and he felt a pair of big strong arms wrap around him.

"I love you."

It was Soubi. Once again, he was showing his false, forced affections for the black haired boy. Ritsuka's eyes were wide. Soubi has never done this to him before. Then, his bangs fell over his eyes, and in a quiet voice that held a tinge of anger, Ritsuka spoke.

"If you really loved me, you would tell me things more often. You would tell me what happened to my brother, for real. You wouldn't love me because Seimei told you to. You would prove it."

After a moment of silence between the two distantly aged boys, Soubi let go of the younger boy, and went to lay on Ritsuka's bed. He kept his hands high above his head, near the wall behind the bed.

"If you want me to love you, punish me and tell me to do so. I am your slave."

Soubi was calm whenever he said such things. Ritsuka hated that he could be so cool.

"I-I couldn't do something like that to you! What are you even implying? That I…. do things to you? I can't! even if I'm so "important" to you, I couldn't POSSIBLY! And meon top? You're twenty Soubi! We shouldn't even HAVE a relationship! We shouldn't!"

Ritsuka was now leaning on the window, not wanting to look at his submissive-acting Sentouki.

Soubi didn't move from his position. He only turned his head to look at Ritsuka, and said,

"Show me."