Title: Gone
Anime: Elfen Lied

I admit it. She's adorable. I think she's cute.

I like everyone in the Kaede house, but I like Nyu the most.

Mayu is cute, but not my type. She's too young, and more like a younger sister to me.

Nana is nice, but I don't care for her like I care for Nyu. She's also like a younger sister.

Yuka is pretty, but she's my cousin. I thought I loved her in that way, but I don't have the same feelings for her like I do for Nyu. According to Mayu, and myself included, she's like the mother of the house, and I'm like the father. But according to myself and myself alone, Yuka and I don't have that kind of relationship.

And then, there's Nyu.

We share a history together. I can't forgive her for what she did in the past, but if I had known that lying to her would cause her to kill my family, I never would have done it. It was mainly my fault, and it showed me why I should never lie. I haven't lied since.

Her real name is Lucy. She is a killer, and she wants the world to be populated with her kind: Diclonius. She has a vengeful spirit, and hates her horns. When she acts like Nyu, though, she's different. She's like a child in a teenager's body. She's beautiful and pure. She's kind, too—a real treasure. She's like mine and Yuka's oldest child even though we aren't parents, and Yuka and I are only cousins, not a married couple.

I've underestimated the people around me on many occasions.

I've made many mistakes in my life, and wish to take back the many things I've done.

It hurts to remember the people I love. I still have Yuka, Mayu, Wanta, and Nana, though. But it's Nyu that my heart aches for, now.

We'll miss you, Nyu. Now that you're gone….