Title: Crying with You
Anime: Elfen Lied

"Nobody wants you here!"

Mayu sat up with a jolt in her bed. She hadn't had a dream like that since she was alone. Ever since she had started living at the Kaede House, things had been better for her. She was going to school, she had friends, a home, good food to eat, a bath every day, and a bed to sleep in. Dreams like that weren't welcome here.

She was told to undress and get on her hands and knees. Trembling, like always, she did as she was told. She bent over the bed and waited for the inevitable.

One day, she told her mother what he step father had been doing to her…forcing things on her when she was gone. The one person in her life that she thought loved her slapped her after she told her, and yelled at her.

"Nobody wants you here!"

Mayu hugged her knees and the tears she despised so much started to roll down onto her pajama bottoms, moistening her legs. She suddenly felt alone again.

She envisioned the old days after she had ran away from home. She was all alone, and never got a chance to be clean. She found Wanta, and they became friends. Any money that she found went towards buying dog food, which they both shared to keep on living. Anyone that found her didn't love her. They called her names.

"I thought I'd lost you!" the woman said. She had found her dog, finally.

"Um…is that your dog?" Mayu asked.

"Thanks for finding him." The woman started to walk away with the dog.

"May I come visit him sometimes?"

"Are you kidding? You're filthy!" the woman started walking away again, now talking to her dog. "Come on. Let's get you fed and cleaned up…"

Later, Mayu had found another dog to keep her company. It looked like the dog that had been taken from her, and she called him the same name as the dog she had lost.

She walked outside in her pajamas and looked over at Wanta, who was sleeping peacefully beside his food dish. She reached down to pet him.

"At least I have you to cry with."

She let the tears fall.