Title: Girls Like Her
Anime: Loveless

Every day in school, she tries to associate herself with me.

She talks to me when I'm meant to listen to Ms. Shinonome, my twenty-three-year-old teacher who still has her ears.

When I want to be alone, there she is, trying to walk home with me.

I don't like girls like her, though.

The people at this school—at ANY school—are either users or the ones being used.

Yuiko is used.

What she and those girls that she hangs around have is NOT friendship.

I refuse to make friends with her because I'll become like her—weak and dependent.

Without my brother Seimei, though, I must remain strong and independent.

Girls like Yuiko need to grow up and face the facts: this life is not worth living, and only the strong will survive its trials.

Yet, when I watch her, I feel pity.

As she walks away after school with the people that are using her, carrying books that nobody else wanted to carry, I silently wait for her to mature and no be like the other girls like her.

Stand up for yourself, Yuiko.

Face the facts.

Grow up.