Title: Heaven's Questions
Anime: Loveless

Seimei…. Why? Why did you leave me and never tell me my true name?


That is who I am.

I hate how it makes perfect sense, too.

A sentouki…. Soubi.


You are Beloved.

What was he to you?

Were you in love with each other?

Did you create the special bond that's more powerful than any bond between two people?

It sounded important the way Soubi talked about it—the way he said it to me.

The bond he wanted to create with me.

This world may be less boring now with him around, but it's certainly not worth living for.

He is an earless grown up.

When will I be able to get rid of my ears?

All of these kisses and hugs…. This so-called "love" he expresses for me…. Did he do this to you?

Were you like me to him, only more special?

You ordered him to be mine and to love me.

Your word is absolute.

Will I start to love him someday?

When I grow up, will I decide that I'm his?

Did your heart ache for him when he wasn't around?

Did he leave his mark on you, and confuse you with every word that came from his perfect lips?

He is so mature, and I feel so small.

Seimei…. I'm so confused.