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If you want to be treated like an adult, act like one.

Jason Todd doesn't care what people think, he doesn't care what people say, and he doesn't care what people do. That's just who he is, and his brothers and Bruce, even his new stepmom Selina accepted that when he put his anger aside and rejoined the family. So why were they so adamant about his cussing? Sure, cussing wasn't very polite, but since when was he ever a polite person?

But every time he cussed, he had gotten a lecture and sometimes even got grounded. Yeah, he was nineteen but apparently age doesn't matter to Bruce and Selina.

"f*cking Sh*t" Jason yelled, accidently cutting himself when he was working on his bike.

"Jason." Selina said in a warning tone.

Jason just rolled his eyes, and kept working. That's when he started getting hungry, and his stomach growled.

"Jason, go eat." Selina said looking at the computer, not even turning to look at him.

"But I'm not hungry" He said tightening the bolts on the bike.

"I heard your stomach growl, birdy, now go!" Selina said not really wanting to argue with the kid.

"I'm fine"

"Dang it, Jason if you don't go eat RIGHT NOW, I'm going to make sure you can't go on patrol!" Rule 1: Don't mess with a mad woman named Selina, because she can (and will) do far worse than what she says she'll do.

So he decided to stop, and eat some bread. Not because he was scarred of what she would do-no he wasn't scared of anyone, he was just…cautious, yes that's it, he wasn't scarred just cautious. Ok, so maybe she terrified him a little.

He was almost to the kitchen when Alfred stopped him, "Master Jason, might I suggest getting rid of your oil stained clothes, and washing up first?"

'Might I suggest my a$$' Jason thought "Come on Alf, can't I do it later?"

"I'd rather not get my floors dirty after I just mopped, young master." He said in his British accent, "And would you kindly speak proper English, as in 'May I do it later?"

Jason rolled his eyes and headed up to his room mumbling, "D*mn Alfred for keeping me away from my bread."

"Excuse me, young master, what was that?" Alfred said a little irritation in his voice.

"Nothing!" Rule 2 in the house: Don't make Alfred mad. Everyone knows this rule, because everyone in the house knows that Alfred is one of the scariest people alive when mad, and if you crossed a mad Alfred. Run.

"I had thought not," the butler said, leaving.

After he had changed he went into the kitchen and got two slices of bread, right when Tim comes in.

"Hey Jay what are you eating?" Tim said with a mild curiosity.

"A sandwich." Jason said.

"What kind of sandwich?" Tim said.

"Bread on bread the best kind," Jason said, smirking, knowing he was going to start an argument already.

"Jason. A sandwich is things in between bread, that's just bread," Tim stated.

"Come on, baby bird, I'm eating it like a sandwich, there for it is a sandwich" Jason said.

"No. Jay, look, you have to have something in between it."

"Who says," Jason challenged.

"The world."

"F*ck the world,"

"Why not, you've already f*cked everyone in it!" Tim said sharply making, Jason gap at what the usually best and most innocent of all the Robins said.

Rule 3: the only way to get Tim angry was to challenge his knowledge, and when you do he tends to be mad and not himself. This was a more fact then rule, but it came in handy.

A "TIMITHOY!" that made them both flinch, as they turned to see Bruce standing there. Jason smiled and Tim's mouth slowly turned down making a frown.

"He started it!" Tim said in a childish way.

"And now I'm ending it, room. Now! "Bruce said, signaling Tim to go upstairs.

"But he, UGH, fine!" Tim mentally kicked himself, he always got in trouble because of Jason. Jason was that one person that could just dig under his skin and make him act like this.

Jason smiled, and was about to walk out of the kitchen, until Bruce said, "Sit."

He quickly took a seat, fast.

Rule 4: Do not push Bruce, he may not be your biological father, but he would sure act like it.

"Why do you like instigating fights with your brothers?" Bruce started.

"Simple, old man, it's fun." Jason said, putting his feet on the table.

Bruce then pushed his feet off. "Feet of my table," he said, irritated. Jason rolled his eyes. "Don't roll your eyes at me either." he added.

That's when they heard a loud…

"JASON WHERE ARE YOU!" It was coming from upstairs.

"Down in the kitchen, Dickie-Bird!" Jason smirked, knowing he did something to his older brother, by the irritation he heard in his voice.

He then saw Dick stomp into the room with his hand tightly wrapped around Damian's wrist, pulling the youngest Robin in with him.

"Grayson, I demand you let go!" He said looking angry with a tad bit confusion, embarrassment, and a little pain. Dick must have been holding on tight.

"Fine," Dick said, pulling him toward Bruce, "Then why don't you tell him what you just told me, Damian," Dick said.

Damian then got a little nervous, and fidgeted just a little, almost unnoticeably, well unless you were a bat. "Well father, Dick was holding back with me during sparring, and I told him there was no need to but I could still tell he was holding a lot back so I told him to stop being a p*$$y"

Bruce's eyes then got a little wider, "And where did you learn that word from?"

"Todd," the little demon said. Bruce then looked angrily at Jason who just held his hands up in defense.

"The kid's probably heard, and said, worse," he said.

"Damian, go up to your room, I'll talk with you later," Bruce said.

"Yes, Father." Damian then went upstairs, and all glares turned to Jason.

"What'd I do?" He said.

"DANG IT, JASON YOUR SUPPOSED TO SET A GOOD EXAMPLE!" that came from Dick who, if had lasers for eyes, would have killed Jason.


"Stop cussing! He repeats what we say! And you sure don't act like one!" Dick yelled back "I'm tired of your cussing, and having to tell Damian it's wrong! So just stop!"

"Make me,Dick!" Jason challenged saying his name as an insult. What he didn't expect was Dick to grab his ear, and pull him into the bathroom, shoving soap in his mouth. If he had a word to describe it, it was nasty.

Bruce then walked into the bathroom to with his arms crossed, and a mixture of anger and amusment on his face.

Jason then tried to take the soap out, but had his hand popped by a wooden spoon. "DAMITH" Jason said through the soap. 'When did Dick get a spoon?' he thought, rubbing his now red hand.

Jason then turned to Bruce for help, but to his disappointment Bruce seemed to agree with Dick's method.

Jason then took the soap out, and said "This isn't fair a$$holes, I'm not a child you can't make me- OW!" Because at that very moment Bruce had taken the spoon, and hit across his sitting spot.

"Stand in the corner. The soap does not come out until we tell you." Bruce said in his monotone voice.

'When did I become a f*cking toddler?' Jason thought, as he rubbed his backside. He then did as told, because, well, that spoon hurts.

They then left him alone. That's when Stephanie and Cassandra walked by. They'd promised to visit the manner at least once every month.

"What happened to you?"

He was about to take the soap out when he heard "Jason." Come from downstairs.'What the h*ll how is that even poss- forget it, he's Batman.'

Then he saw another person lean on the door, to his surprise, it was Selina.

"You pushed Dick and/or Bruce too far, didn't you, Birdy?" She said, with a knowing smile.

He then nodded, banging his head on the wall.

"Stop that or you'll get brain damage." Selina said parentally.

"So, why Jay has soap in mouth?" Cass asked.

"Because Jason's an idiot, who doesn't know when to stop," Stephanie said.

Jason then turned his head a little to glare at her.

'This is going to be a long day,' he thought 'a really long day.'

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