Oxymorons don't work in relationships
Chapter 9:

In which decisions are not made about food, but are about love

Sakura's POV

"And here we are!"

The taxi pulls up and I look out of the window. The building we've stopped outside looks like a clown's wet dream or something. The whole of the outside is painted an extremely off-putting purple. A huge neon sign hangs down from the top of the building, exclaiming: 'Pizza pizza pizza!' and a huge pizza (in case we didn't get that there's pizza here) adorns the roof of the place, standing up like some bloody party hat. I feel a wave of dread overtake me.

Rock-Lee quickly whips out of the car and pays the taxi driver before heading over to my door to let me out.

"Lee," I murmur as he opens the door. "What is this place?"

Rock-Lee looks at me and then looks back to Pizza pizza pizza. "Why it's Pizza pizza pizza Sakura! The finest eating establishment…ever!"

"Lofty statement," I grimace as I get out of the car, ignoring Rock-Lee's helping hands. "Lee, I thought we were going somewhere more…you know, fancy?" I gesture down at my tight black dress and killer heels.

Rock-Lee's brow crumples and he cocks his head. "I am sorry Sakura, but I do not have a lot of money at the moment! I'm saving up for a gym membership!"

I stare at him in disbelief. "…oh." I manage.

He smiles and then sticks out his arm for me to link. "Now, shall we go?"

Holding in a sigh (he's trying to be nice afterall) I manage to gift the man with a smile before linking arms with him, and then we begin making our way to the restaurant.

Sasuke's POV


"They're here!" I jump to my feet and begin pulling on my jacket hastily. "Naruto, they're here."

Naruto nods his head, his eyes still fixed on the TV. "Let me just finish this lap." He says, his tongue sticking out with concentration.

"There's no time Naruto," I hiss, shoving him. "In what world is your stupid Mario more important than Sakura?"

Naruto pouts, but doesn't take his eyes away from the game. "In Princess Peach's world," he retorts.

Grumbling I lean down and rip the TV cable out of its socket. Naruto leaps up in horror and gives me a look of pure hurt.

"Sasuke!" He yelps.

"Shut up," I return before grabbing him and dragging him along with me as I head for the front door. "We've got to get going."

"Alright already!" Naruto says, yanking himself free. "I can walk you know!"

I glower at him from the side of my eye before I rip open the front door. Outside, in my car, sits Suigetsu and Ino. Ino has a look of pure concentration on her face, while Suigetsu's grinning.

"Let's go save your doomed relationship bruvva!" He yells.

I glower at him as I make my way to the car. "It's not doomed." I return.

Suigetsu shrugs and then, once we're all in, begins to back out of the drive. A ball of tension begins to form in my stomach. How is all of this going to go down?

Sakura's POV

"Mummy, why is the queen here?"

"That's not the queen darling, that's just some girl who thinks she's better than all of us."

Pulling an incredulous face, I slump down further in my seat. Who knew that –accidentally- overdressing would cause such a stir? All I've had since I've entered the restaurant is comments and stares (and a lot of glares.)

"So, Sakura! What do you think you'll order?"

I pick up the menu with one hand, only taking in the word 'pizza'.

"Is there really much choice? Pizza." I reply, placing my chin in my hand.

"But what sort of pizza?" Rock-Lee returns enthusiastically. "There's so many different types! That's part of the fun fun fun!"

I stare down at the cutlery, wondering how much it would actually hurt to try and take out my jugular with a butter knife.

Sasuke's POV

"So here's the plan," Ino whips out a mess of papers as Suigetsu swerves dangerously to avoid hitting a woman on a bicycle.

"Suigetsu," I growl. "Could you be more careful with my car please?"

Suigetsu spins the wheel and then flips a grin over his shoulder at me. "Sure!" He returns.

"Hn." I mutter moodily.

Ino throws a piece of paper at my face. "Are you listening dickwad?" She demands.

"Jeez!" I retort. "Yes."

"Right, your entrance into the restaurant is going to have to be as dramatic as possible," she begins.


"Having some people with you will definitely add to the drama. That's why Naruto and Suigetsu are going to go in with you."

"Why not you as well?" Naruto questions.

"Because Sakura will try to slit my throat with a butter knife if she realises that I'm helping her scummy boyfriend." Ino answers.

"You're so kind to me Ino." I sigh.

"I know," she replies, smiling brightly at me. "Now," she flicks through her papers, scanning them quickly. "What are you going to say to her?"

"Uh…I'm sorry?" I try.

Ino glowers at me and Suigetsu shakes his head.

"Sasuke." He reprimands.

"I don't know what I'm going to say!" I exclaim. "I was thinking I could maybe just…let it all come out?"

"Hmm," Ino strokes her chin. "That's a very daring tactic…only the most charismatic can get away with that."

"Sasuke's got the charisma of a one eyed chimp named Gertrude." Suigetsu throws helpfully over his shoulder.

"Hey," I retort. "Look Ino," I turn to look at the blonde. "I know you think I can't handle this…but I know I can. I love Sakura way too much to let her go…I'll manage it. I swear."

Ino regards me thoughtfully, and there is silence in the car, until Naruto speaks up.

"I can always help him out as well," he adds. "Sasuke, you could say something like…'my passion for you burns hotter than a million suns'."

We all sit in silence and then Ino smiles brightly. "Naruto that was beautiful. Sasuke, you've definitely got to say that!"

I sigh just as the car parks up.

Sakura's POV

"Have you still not decided what you want to order?" Rock-Lee gazes at me with concerned eyes.

"I said what I wanted!" I return moodily. "Pizza."

"You need help," Rock-Lee declares.

Oh that's ni-

"Waiters! We need help!"

"Wha?" I question because suddenly Rock-Lee and I are surrounded by around ten smiling waiters…one of them holding a guitar. "Oh n-"

But it's too late…they begin singing.

"Oh little girl, you can't decide what you wanna order."


"Oh little girl, you don't know what you wanna eat."

Rock-Lee starts clapping and I hit my head on the table. Willing the bastards to go away.

"Well, we're here to help you!"

I look up.

"We have pizza! We have pizza! We have pizza pizza pizzzaaa!"

"I know!" I yelp incredulously.

The waiters don't listen however. "Pizza pizza pizza pizza pizza pizz-"

"Stop the song!"

Wait a minute…I know that voice. I look over the waiter's shoulders only to see Sasuke, Suigetsu and Naruto strolling purposefully towards us.

"Sasuke?" I exclaim, getting to my feet.

Rock-Lee opens his eyes and glances round in shock. "Wh-what's going on Sakura?" He asks.

"This is what's going on buddy." Naruto roars before I can react and then he punches Lee straight in the mouth, knocking the poor man out immediately.

"Naruto!" Sasuke and I screech in unison.

"What did you do that for?" I yelp, as everyone in the restaurant turns to look and the waiters back away fearfully.

"Uh," Naruto flinches under my gaze. "I…I got caught up in the moment I guess. I'm sorry."

"What 'moment'?" I question. "What's going on?"


I move my eyes towards Sasuke and I try to stop my gaze softening.

"What," I question dangerously. "Do you want?"

Sasuke squirms a little, but then he straightens himself up. "Sakura, I've come here to apologise to you and to also beg for your forgiveness,"

My eyes widen.

"Sakura, I don't know why I said what I said to you…well; actually, I guess I do. It's because I'm a jerk. We've been together so long, you'd have thought I'd have got over my ego, but I guess I haven't. I still find it so hard to wrap my head around…that…that you make me so crazy. You make me strong, but at the same time…you make me weak. And that's not a bad thing, that's what you need. I need someone who can get through to me, but at the same time hold me up. But I'm stupid about crap like this and I hate the idea of needing to be helped, you know that. And all the way through our relationship I've just been this stoic jerk who never treated you right, who acted like you were a nuisance when really you're the only thing that makes me happy. I…I never ever intended to take you for granted Sakura. Honestly, in my head, each day, I would think about how lucky I was to have you. And now I've found out that I can barely…function without you. I just…I really hope you can forgive me."

My heart beats wildly; I stare at him in absolute shock. A mess of emotions swims around in my head. The whole restaurant is silent. My breath comes out raggedy.

"Also," Naruto steps forward. "His passion for you burns hotter than a thousand suns."

A woman at a table nearby swoons and faints.

"Uh," Sasuke nods at Naruto. "Yeah…and that."

There's another long silence and I know that I'm making him wait. I can see how nervous he is. He fidgets slightly and gulps, his eyebrows pulled into a nervous frown. Sasuke Uchiha just put every single one of his emotions on a plate for me…what do I do now?

"Uh…" Rock-Lee blearily opens his eyes.

Suddenly my feet are moving I walk towards Sasuke steadily, tears filling in my eyes as I reach him.

"That's all I ever needed to hear," I whisper. "You absolute bonehead." I smack him around the head before drawing him in for a kiss.

An 'aww' echoes around the restaurant. We pull away and I stare tearfully into his eyes.

"I love you Sakura." He whispers.

"I love you too." I murmur.

We hug and then I turn to look at Naruto. "And now for you." I growl.

Naruto gulps.

AN: Yay, Sasuke and Sakura are together again! But the story isn't over yet.