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Amy's Point Of View

"Amy?" Dr Marley's head popped around the door,

"Yes?" I relieped, looking up at the quirky doctor,

"Are you okay?"

"I'm fine." I replied simply,

"Well okay, you should be able to go home in about 2 days, if all goes well you should be okay to leave."

"Thank you." I said nodding as he turned for the door passing Ty on the way.

"Amy, what did he say?" Ty asked anxiously,

"I can go home in two days." I replied flatly, that same numb feeling was still there, everything was just okay? Nothings great or bad just okay?

I feel so distant from the world around me, even though now with all the machines gone I no longer have a barrier from it. No longer am I protected; simply vulnerable to everything and anything, that could harm me... I know I have Ty, but... I don't know, it just doesn't feel the same anymore...

"Hey are you okay?" A worried look forming on his worn face,

"Yes I am fine Ty." anger rising in my throat, I sighed tears burning in my eyes,

"Hey," Ty said, sensing my tension, slipping his hand into mine, "everything is going to be okay! Hey?" I squeezed his hand, the tears now blurring my vision,

"Stuff okay; it better be great!" Ty laughed as; a smile pulled at the corner of my mouth for the first time in months, no longer did that numbness control me as a sudden rush of happiness swept over my body freeing it from its darkness, "I love you Ty..." I replied knowing that was the truth, and that I did love him; that doubt no longer edged away at my mind, it was a thing of the past; distant no longer the present. I knew from then on everything was going to be okay or even more: absolutely fabulous, that this too will become a thing of the past no longer will it rule my life, I have to look to the future. It is something that has framed my life, it has made me: me...

It is something I will never ever forget...

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