She was bloody miserable. After the horrible incident with Snape she had ran back to her quarters. She had skipped dinner that night and was definitely not going to be attending breakfast this morning. She couldn't stand to see him. The only thing she had to be grateful for was that she didn't have to teach lessons until the afternoon today. At least she could hide in her chambers until then. There was no way around it - her life was in complete shambles.

Only it wasn't. And perhaps that was the worst part. Nothing had happened with Severus. Nothing had happened and nothing was going to. She had completely blown it. She felt like a fool. All these fantasties of hers, all the moments she had thought they shared - it hadn't been mutual. She had built it all up in her mind, so much so, that she actually thought somehting could happen.

Was it for the best? Had she ever expected to actually have an affair with Severus Snape? Or was she just so miserable in her marriage that she found the only coping mechanism should could? Oh, she was loony. Only someone completely out of their mind would think of Snape the way she did. She had needed a reality check and she had got one. No need to worry any more about it. It's not like he would tell anyone what had happened. Her reputation would never be jeopardy. She could remain Hermione Granger - the bookish part of the Golden Trio who married her best friend and lived happily ever after.

She began to sob. Huge tear ran down her face and her whole body shook. She felt like a 3rd year. A 3rd year who had been rejected by their crush. It was all so pathetic. She had to pull it together.

She took a deep breathe. Yes, everything would be fine. She simply had to put Severus out of her mind for good. It shouldn't be too hard - considering he would probably never speak to her again. She could focus on Ron. And her work. She could find some ridiculous new hobby - one that took a lot of research. Yes, that was it. Something she could throw herself into.

Resolved, she cleaned herself up and set out for the library immediately. Nothing like the present. As she walked down the hall, her mind was already spinning with potential projects. Obviously, she needed to stay away from anything that involved potion making - she did not want to go down that road at all.

Suddenly, she was completely disoriented. Someone had yanked her into an alcove. Their hands covered her mouth so she couldn't scream. She struggled against her captor who stood behind her. Their second hand snaked around her waist, pulling her to them. Her hands were thrashing, trying to reach her wand. She could here a low voice casting a silencing spell and another she wasn't familiar with. She tried to remember any sort of self-defense she had ever learned.

"For someone who wanted this, you seem to be putting up a pretty big fight." The voice was so close to her ear, their lips grazed her lobe. She recognized it immediately, goosebumps spreading around her arms. She still couldn't see him but her whole body responded to his nearness. The hand covering her mouth slowly loosened its hold, causing the long fingers to rest on her lips gently.

The hand around her waist pulled her closer still. Her back was to his front and she could feel every part of him touching her. His thighs on the backs of her legs, his chest pressed to her back, and his groin pushing into her bottom. She was completely turned on by the entire situation.

"You wanted me to find you." She could feel his breath in her ear as he spoke. As he finished the words, he took her earlobe into his mouth, grazing his teeth over the sensitive skin. Was this real? Or simply another dream? She couldn't even be sure. But it felt so good to be here, she didn't want to think about it.

"Yes." She said. His mouth dipped below her ear, kissing the side of her neck. She pushed back further into him. His hands were now undoing the buttons to her shirt. Deft fingers popped open the top of her blouse and he reached inside to cup her breast. Slowly, he freed it from her bra. His fingers touched her everywhere, purposely grazing over her nipple. She could feel it reacting, becoming excited. She felt much too hot and would have liked to get rid of all their clothes then and there.

Promptly, his hands were gone and she barely had time to register when he turned her around and pushed her into the wall of the alcove. The stone was jutting into her back, but she hardly noticed. He had returned to her breast. He dipped his head down now, taking her nipple into his mouth. Gently he sucked and she felt it right in her core. He ran his tongue over it before sucking again, making her head fall back against the wall, eyes rolled up in pleasure. He removed his mouth and gently pulled her other breast from her bra.

"Touch your nipple, here." He instructed, pointing to the one he had just had in his mouth. Her eyes opened and she peered at him thoughtfully. Was he serious? She had never touched herself in front of somebody before.

"Now." He said. She complied. She felt the hard nipple between her fingers. It was huge! Swollen from his affections. As she rolled it between her thumb and fore finger, he watched approvingly. Then, he was on her second breasts. Tasting it, squeezing it, pulling it into her mouth. She gasped at the sensation of him touching her while she touched herself. It was erotic. She could feel her arousal, painfully. She had never felt so turned on. He raised his head to look at her.

"Now, show me your cunt." She stopped. Was he serious? What on earth did he mean?
"Pull up your skirt and tuck it into the waistband." Wow, he was bossy! But, almost effortlessly, she did what she was told. Desperately, she tried to remember what panties she had put on this morning. She was so unprepared for this!

Slowly, his fingers dragged across panties. Her whole body shook. Even with a layer of fabric as a barrier, his touch was overwhelming.

"Do you want me to touch you?" He asked, completely serious.
"Yes!" She was practically screaming. Deliberately, he took her hand. He kissed her fingers before pulling her pointer completely into his mouth. His tongue traced the finger. He pulled it out of his mouth for a moment.

"Touch yourself." He said in completely seriousness. She searched his face, trying to read what he was thinking. Normally, she would never do anything so bold, it seemed ridiculous! But she was so turned on, she was beyond caring. This was hot and she didn't want it to stop. Her fingers slid underneath the band of her underwear and dipped into her core. She was literally dripping with want. She slowly rubbed herself, gently because the whole area was sensitive. Her eyes had fallen closed, but she opened them when she heard his intake of breath. She looked at him, looking at her and for the first time, she saw want. He wanted her. It was there, written all over his face.

Her new revelation gave her courage. She inserted a finger into herself. She gasped when he returned her finger to his mouth. She slid her finger in and out of herself, and he followed suite with her fingers in his mouth. She inserted a second finger and he did the same. She was going to lose it. She began to pump herself quickly - feeling his mouth around his fingers, feeling her fingers inside herself. It was amazing. She pushed into herself again and again, feeling a buildup inside. She needed this. She wanted it. Oh, she wanted it so badly.

She pulled her fingers out and began to rub herself. As she did, his tongue found the crease between her fingers and began flick the skin there. She was panting and heaving and she knew that any second it would all be over.

"You wanted me to find you. You wanted me to find you so I could make you come." His voice penetrated her whole being. It was true!
"Yes, yes!" Without a second thought, he pulled down her panties so he could see her whole hand pleasuring herself.
"Don't stop. I want you touch yourself and imagine what it's like for me to rub you there. What it would be like for my hands to touch you there? My mouth on you there? My cock inside you there?" He wasn't even touching her now but his words for enough. Her pace quickened and she new she would come any moment now.

His tongue darted over her ear.
"Come now, Hermione." And it was her name that did it. She burst apart at the seems. She cried out, her whole body exploding with the sensation. Her knees went completely weak and she wasn't sure she could even hold herself up.

Her chest was heaving, her mouth was hanging open, her breasts were exposed (along with her nether regions) and her skirt was still shoved up against her waist. She must look ridiculous. His eyes roamed over her whole body.

"You needed that." He said quietly.
She simply nodded. Her mind couldn't grasp on to one coherent thought. She was in ecstasy.

"If we are going to do this, it will be on my terms." He said, completely serious. Do this! Was it something that would happened again? Could it happen again right now? Her tongue darted out to lick her lips. Would he kiss her?

"Okay." She said.

He looked at her then, as if he was still deciding something.

"You look very grown up after you've just come." And with that, he turned and left her there alone. And even though she was completely on cloud nine, she couldn't help but wonder what she had just agreed to.