I was asleep, I knew I had to be asleep how else could I explain what I was doing.

I started walking down a long staircase to a landing.

There were two staircases on the landing that then joined into one large staircase, with a large rectangle landing in the middle.

I kept looking down and noticed that I was in a purple cloak with a fur and silver chain trim.

When I got to the landing a tall dark haired man came forward and held out his arm to me.

I looked into his eyes and was shocked to see that they were bright red.

Danger seeped out of his body.

I felt restless around this man, something about this man felt off to me.

I undid the cloak and it fell behind me, into the arms of a man in a dark grey suit.

He bowed his head and walked backwards with the cloak.

I look down to see that I am in a purple and blue ballroom gown with a large Georgian style diamond necklace.

I wanted to scream and run away, but my body wouldn't let me.

I started chanting to make my body wake up but it wouldn't wake up.

"Bella you will smile or else." The man hissed in a menacing tone.

He held out his elbow.

I grabbed a hold of his arm and faked a smiled.

I walked down the stairs behind him.

When we got to the bottom we were swamped by people.

"Aro, you look handsome tonight. Who is this lovely lady next to you?"

A blond man asked while he examined me.

I noticed that he licked his lips as if I was a dead man's last meal.

I turned my eyes to the ground before he started gloating with his friends.

"Her name is Isabella Swan." Aro smiled in triumph.

"Isabella Swan, Natalie Swan's sister?" The blonde man looked shocked and looked me over again.

"Yes, Caius the very one." He replied as both men start laughing.

"Well she doesn't look like much does she." He sneered before they all started laughing.

Their laugh sent shivers up my spine, shivers of fright and unease.

A fear I was not going to show anyone here.

I turned around looking for something or someone. I didn't know what.

I watch a tall blond haired waitress with a tray of drinks walk up to me.

"Champagne ma'am?" She asked in a strong accent as her mouth rose in a slight smile.

Something about this woman made me feel composed in this place.
I took a glass and looked into her face as i returned the smile.

I felt relief spread through my body as I stared into her eyes.

"Thank you." Something in me had started buzzing now.

I drank the drink and someone knocked me into the tray.

The waitress didn't move but growled at me as the tray of drinks spilled all over my dress.

Aro looked at me and his face was dark with torturous glare.

A small dark haired pixie came running up with a pile of towels.

She started patting my dress trying to help dry up the mess.

"Isabella, watch what you do." Aro hissed at me. "Now go back upstairs and change your dress. You will stay respectable and if you can't do that while eating or drinking, then you will not eat or drink at all."

I took the towel the lady handed to me and smiled gently in thanks.

I kept it folded and just dabbed it against my dress and skin as I walk up stairs.

I was followed by two gentlemen in suits.

Their expressions were hard and menacing. They walk me to a room at the top of the left flight of stairs and open the door.

One of them shoved me in and barks in a coarse chalkboard meet nails shrieking voice 'Hurry up.'

The room is large with a fire burning in the fire place. I notice the same dress I am wearing hanging off the side of a wardrobe.

I grab the new dress and walk into the bathroom.

I washed the champagne off my skin and put the fresh dress on.

I unfold the towel, I had been carrying carefully.

I find a small piece of paper in the middle of the towel.

I open the piece of paper carefully as my hands shake.

I stare at the familiar writing of my sister.

Bella, We will come for you. I promise please do not give up hope or do anything stupid.

Keep yourself safe.

We Love you Natalie.

Destroy this!

I woke up shaking, It was my first day of university.

I look at my clock and realise I have woken up way too early for University.

"Damn creative mind." I mumble to myself as I roll over and try to go back to sleep but sleep is evading me.

I grabbed a towel and headed to the bathroom to start my morning routeen.

After I finish getting ready I open my curtains.

The world outside was pelting it down with rain.

"It never shines here." I mumbled to myself.

I pull out some pens and paper, hit my CD player to start the music.

As the music filled my room I closed my eyes and focused on the details of my dream.

I started to draw the people and places of my dreams. I tried to get every detail down onto the paper.

Two hours later I had eaten breakfast and was ready to leave.

I double checked my bag and scanned my desk.

I stared at the new mobile, my new mobile on my desk. I got it yesterday when my sister Natalie dropped me off.

We had unloaded the car and walked into the kitchen for hot chocolate.

Natalie opened her bag and handed me the little silver mobile phone.

I got upset with her over it as I didn't want to take it.

Natalie has her ways of getting people to give her what she wants.

She made me promise to use it to call her in an emergency.

My halls block was only twenty minutes away from my campus and half an hour from the city centre.

I looked foreward to the walk and the independence that came with it.

My walk would be made pleasant by the fact that part of it was through a large open park.

I had gotten use to walking from an early age.

I never was going to be able to learn to drive so I found other ways of getting around from point A to B.

I either biked it or walked.

I have never wanted to be reliant on other people.

I got to the University art department on time for inductions to start.

We were to rally into the art block main Lobby.

I had to sit through the normal introductory lecture.

We then had a break before we split up and took part in a load of team building exercises to get to know our peers.

I found it very hard to engage - due to boardom.

I just kept my head down following everyone else's lead, while trying to not laugh at some peoples stupidity.

We had the afternoon off to do the tour of campus and explore the local facilities. I went and had lunch with some new friends.

Angela who would be in my Art History Class and Lauren who was a second year student mentor.

Lunch was probably the only bit of interesting change as I walked into the cafeteria and bumped right into a man.

His face just screamed super model.
"Sorry." I mumbled quickly while trying to break eye contact.

He looked at me and his body language was unfriendly and cold.

I wasn't sure if it was maybe it was something else.

When we got to the table I looked at the man again.

He was now sitting by the window in the far corner of the cafeteria.

He had joined three others.

"Who's that guy in the corner?" I whispered to Lauren.

She looked where I was looking and then turned to face me.

"Ah. They are the Cullen Family. Dr Cullen is a general surgeon at the hospital and his wife is a midwife there."

I quickly returned my eyeline from Lauren to The Cullen's.

"Edward, Emmet and Alice Cullen were adopted along with Jasper and Rosalie Hale.

Edward, Emmet and Alice are the dark haired three. Jasper and Rosalie Hale are the blond pair."

I looked up again to watch Alice lean in to Jasper while playing with an apple. . .

"Also Alice and Jasper are an item as are Emmet and Rosalie." She warned. ". . . and before you think about the other one.

Edward isn't interested in dating very shy and no one picks his fancy."

Everyone started filing out of the Cafeteria and I found my way to the Library and then went to explore the Studios and arts block.

I saw the glass room with all the benches and other glass equipment.

I couldn't wait to have a get started on working in the studios.

my mouth watered at the thought of making something again.

I also explored the dance and music rooms.

Again my mind filled with inspiration from standing in the rooms.

I stood still and watched as projects started laying their foundations in my mind.

I had so many I had to pull out my inspiration diary and try to capture some of them on paper.

I then went back to my dorm room and did some reading before I fell into the world of sleep.

My world of sleep had its good and bad days.

Tonight was a good night to dream as all the ideas flooded into my brain.

The next day we were thrown into health and safety assessments in the morning. The afternoon we would get to have some free time again.

I decided to go and start on one of the projects I had seen in my mind last night.

I found an empty dance and music studio to practice in.

I turned on my stereo -that I picked up after lunch - and started warming my body up.

I then started rehearsing my favourite Salsa routine, before I entered into the street dance piece I saw in my head.

I always liked salsa it helped my mind relax and sometimes even inspired me.

I closed my eyes to the music and just went free style.

I must have been dancing for about ten minutes when I was disrupted.

I heard a cough from the door way.

I opened my eyes and he was standing in the door way.

Edward Cullen was staring at me.

I jolted and just stared back at him.

"Do you mind telling me what you are doing in here?" He asked in an arrogant tone. He looked at me in disgust like I smelled awful.

I looked at him amazed. What did it look like? What was his problem?

"I'm dancing." I replied confused.

"I can see that but have you booked this room?" I looked at the floor and started moving from one foot to the other.

I shook my head I couldn't get the words out of my mouth.

"You need to book the room which I have done." He spoke in a

"Oh sorry." I said quietly.

I thought I knew the rules but clearly I got the one on studio spaces wrong.

"I'll just get my things together."

I walked over to the table and turned off my CD player as he walked to the piano. I mumbled my apology again and walked out the door as he started playing.

I stood in the hall and listened to the music that floated out of the studio.

I lost myself in his music.

It was beautiful and enchanting before I knew it my feet had cut loose from my body and were doing their own thing.

I stopped dancing when I notice someone had been watching me.

I had recognised her as a lecturer but that was all I knew.

I quickly looked at my watch and decided I would go back to the Social area to study for a bit, before going back to dorms and settling with a movie and a soda.

While I sat in the Social area reading up on nineteenth century artists, I was startled to hear someone cough.

"May I sit with you?" I looked up to see who it was and realised it was Edward Cullen.

"Suuuuure." I stuttered out and started pulling my books together into a neat stack.

"You dance beautifully by the way." He smiled at me then ran a hand through his hair.

He seemed to be very relaxed and arrogant.

"Thanks. It's just a hobby tho."

"Really?" He sounded surprised. "So does that mean you're not here to study Dance?"

"Nope. I'm here to study art and design."

He looked shocked again and his jaw dropped open.

"So Salsa dancing is just a hobby?"

"Yup dancing is one of my few leisure hobbies."

"Do you do more than salsa then?"

He was staring at me with curious eyes and was leaning forward waiting for my response.

"I can dance the Tango, Salsa and Ballet. I've not danced ballet for a while tho."

We carried on talking about different styles of dance and music.

When I looked up I noticed the social area was completely empty.

I looked at my watch and noticed the time.

I was hungry and I hadn't realised how late it was.

"I need to go and cook dinner. Would you like to join me?"

I started shoving all of my books into my bag.

"I would love to but I can't, I have to go. My family will probably be waiting for me at home."

"Okay. See you next time." We both headed off to the lobby and then parted ways.