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I rolled over and looked at Edward.

"N...nothing." I quietly stuttered out as I take shuddering breaths trying to calm myself.

I can feel Edward holding me to him tightly.

"Bella. . . . you need to talk to me. It's not nothing, if it was nothing you wouldn't be crying." He whispers as he wipes away some of the tears from my face. I look into his eyes and can't help myself as I pull him to me and kiss him passionately.

My hands find their way to his hair as his hands find their way to my hips and pull me tightly to him.
"Bella love." He sighs. "We need to stop please."

Rejection and embarrassment washes over me. "It's not like that," he says.
"I'm sorry." I whisper climbing off his lap and crawling into my bed.

Before I can get the covers over me Edward has thrown them off the bed and I'm being pinned under him.

"Bella. I want you. God baby I want you so badly." He whispers as he presses his forehead to mine.
"Then take me." I whisper as I place my hand on his face.

"I can't." He whispers.

"Why not? What's stopping you? I want you too." I whisper as I pull his face to me and begin kissing him.

When I need to start to breathe again I begin trailing kisses down the side of his face.

"Bella, we need to stop love."

"Why?" I repeat between kisses.

"Because you're a lady. . . . the lady I love. . . .the one I want to marry and the one I want to spend eternity following. Where I come from I would marry you first; then we would take each other on our wedding night."

I shake my head trying not chuckle at his out-dated notions.

I push on his body to get him to roll over.

He follows the lead and I straddle his lap.

I start kissing him again and I crush my body to his.

I can feel his body's reaction against my thigh and hear his deep breaths.

"Bella you're playing with fire." I can now hear the pain in his voice.

I sit up and look at him. He is staring at my hips where his hands currently lay.

"Baby I could hurt you. . . . Kill you even. I'm not human and you are. You're my fragile delicate beauty. You need to understand that Baby. It would kill me to hurt you."

I can hear the strain and regret in his voice.

I sit up straight and stare into his eyes.

I can see the battle in them.
"Edward I trust you. I love you." I grind my hips against him and feel his need. " I need to feel you connected to me."

I can still see the war going on inside his head.

"Edward I trust you" I whisper by his ear before capturing his lips to mine. "We don't need to go all the way; just as far as we both are comfortable."

At some point during the night I fall asleep to the feeling of a pair of lips kissing up my spine as his hands pull a sheet up my body.

When I wake up my body feels like jelly, but in a good way.

"So what did you see in that dream last night Bella? Whatever it was you were scared." I roll over to look at him.

"It was a dream that's all Edward nothing more." I look at him and hope he gets the clue to drop it.

He sighs and flops on to his side.

Grabbing the sheet I wrap it around my body tying a knot at my side.

As I get up Edward looks at me.

"Magic smarty time." I say in a chipper voice as I wander to the bathroom leaving a laughing Edward in my bed.

After I've finished in the bathroom I walk back into our bedroom and find Edward still in the bed looking concerned again.

I untie the knot and drop the sheet wrapped around me.

I stand in the doorway naked and leaning against the frame.

Edward gives me his standard cheeky smile and then with a single finger points to me then him and wiggles it back and forth.

I slowly walk towards Edward, I'm in no rush to get to him and I want to make him suffer slowly. . . . . .very slowly.

I hear him groan as I get half way to the bed and then he disappears before I find myself in my bed with him lying on top of me kissing down my body between whispers of love.

When we finally get dressed and leave the cabin to find me some Breakfast or Lunch or Dinner, -whatever meal time it is- we find it still light outside.

We head up to the deck and find everyone sitting around. There's a dining table set up at the side filled with different foods.

"And they live." Emmett shouts with a deep menacing evil cackle before he starts snickering.

I look at Edward as he glares at Emmett.

Natalie is sitting in a corner with what I can only presume is a fruit smoothie.

Like me, Nats doesn't drink tea or coffee, our thing is fruit juice and smoothies.

"Shut up Emmett." Edward barks as I walk up to Nats and sit in the vacant seat next to her.

"How you feeling? Did you sleep well?" Nats asked as she pushes a bowl of fruit salad towards me.

I grab the ladle and pour some into a bowl before I pick up a spoon.

"I feel great and slept like a baby." I look at Edward with a glare daring him to say anything, before putting a spoonful of salad in my mouth.

"Bella had a dream I had to wake her from. She was screaming and crying." Edward said emotionlessly and then buried his head in the paper he was holding.

"Bella what was it about?"

"It's nothing." I reply coldly.

"Clearly not Isabella Marie Swan." I cringe as Natalie barks my full name at me. "What did you see?"

Closing my eyes I take a deep breath, I'm out-numbered here and have no other option but to tell them what I saw; so I go with a slightly abridged version, not mentioning the deaths, as I don't want them throwing me into lock down.

"Bella what are you leaving out?" Natalie barked.

"Nothing." I flicked my hand in the air as I ate some more fruit salad.
"Isabella." She stresses every syllable of my name and then I feel an urge to tell the truth. I fight it off trying not to glare at Jasper.

"She's hiding something." Jasper says from his end of the table. I just glare at him.
"Isabella." Several voices shout. I throw my hands up in frustration.

"If you must know. I saw two versions, one where we are all safe and the other where two of us die." I scream as I run off the deck in tears.

I manage to find my way back to the cabin and then throw myself on the bed before screaming and crying into my pillow.

I'm only there a few seconds when I feel the blanket pulled up and Edward slips under the duvet.

I don't move, but bury my head deeper into the pillow.

"Bella love I need you to talk to me." He whispers gently before tangling his fingers into my hair and stroking it.

I gently roll over to face him and watch as his mask comes up.

"I can't . . . . . tell you." I whimper while his hand comes over to cup my face.

"Yes you can." He whispers while brushing my cheek.

"If I tell you, two of us die." His mask crumbles as he realizes that I mean him and me.

He wraps his arms around me and whispers sweet and calming things to reassure me as I cried myself to sleep.

I find myself in a burning building coughing as I run through the corridors.

I can hear screaming and small cries coming from somewhere nearby but I can't see where with all the smoke filling the air.

"It's okay kids, we are all going to be fine."

I follow the familiar voice and find its Natalie in a lounge type room.

"NATALIE." I can hear being shouted nearby as she heads to the window and looks outside.

"Chris. Help." She screams.

"We can't get in the stairs are gone." He shouts back panicked. Nats looks around the room then she turns back to the window.

"Chris get away from the window."
"Kids get away from the window." Nats then picks up a heavy lamp and throws it at the window.

She knocks all the glass out and then picks up a rug throwing that over the window frame.
"Chris get ready to play catch." I look through the window and see him nod with his hands out.

Nats walks up to the kids and calmly says.

"We need to get out of here kids so Chris is going to wait at the bottom and catch you okay." All the kids nod except one who is shaking.

"I'll go first." A young boy says, he may be nine or ten years old. He turns to the scared little girl and says "I'll meet you at the bottom Sasha. We have to trust them coz mummy and daddy do."

All the kids walk to the window and Nats shouts ready to which he nods.

Just as the little one jumps from the window ledge, Emmett appears at the window from nowhere and rips a window frame out of the wall creating a huge hole in the wall.

"Anyone want a hand?"
Nats smiles at him nodding and Emmett walks up to the kids.

"Who wants to go first?" Nats grabs another one of the kids to jump out the window and says words of encouragement to the kids.

"Come here sweetie" He says calmly holding his hand out to a little girl about 4 years old.

She holds his hand, but then jumps back when two more people appear through the hole Emmett made.

"It's okay kids, trust them." Nats says as one of the older kids walks to the window.

The little girl takes Emmett's hand again and he picks her up to walk to the hole. "Close your eyes sweetie." He says quietly and then just walks out of the hole.

She looks unfazed and the other two follow with children in their arms.

When Emmett jumps through the hole a second time he is followed by Edward.

"What you doing here?" Nats asked panicked.

"Where's Bella?"
"She was with you!" He shakes his head.
"You stay here and get the kids out I'll go look for her."

"Edward the west wing is gone."

Edward looks heartbroken and then his expression changes to determination.

"I'm still going to try. Carlisle and the girls are going to try and get the fire out. They've taken the pack with them as there are other people in the building."

Chris whistles loudly and Emmett's voice booms through the room

"Is that everyone?" Nats looks around.

"Yes. Can you help me down please Emmett?"

"Afraid of heights?" he snickers as his usual comical self.
"I'm not sure jumping is safe for me at the moment."

Emmet looks confused and then Nat puts her finger to her mouth saying to be quiet and then points to her stomach before rocking her arms back and forth.

"Sure thing Hun." He replies as he gently picks her up and jumps out the window.

Edward then leans out the window and sees people appearing from the woods and others are jumping in and out of various floors of the building. I hear some loud whistling and three guys, clearly from Chris's lot, come running from the nearby woods.
"Chris! They hit the crescent."
"Is everyone okay?"
"Yes, we got them out, but the buildings are gone."
"Bring everyone here. We still have people trapped and we can't protect everyone and help while spread out like this."

I turn my attention back to Edward. I then hear a heart breaking roar and smoke fills the room so thickly I can't even breath.

I throw myself up as I gasp for air.

"Bella? Baby." I look up to Edward and place my hand against his cheek.

"Oh thank god." I whisper as I bury my head into the crook of his neck.
"Talk to me love."
"We need to go home."

"We need to go home now." I plead with my eyes.

I watch as he gets out of bed and heads to the door.


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