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When Voldermort hits Harry with the killing curse he sends the one year old back 50 years ago to a certain orphanage where a 3 year old Tom currently lives. Tom Riddle takes in Harry as a little brother when he finds out Harry can talk to snakes as well... (Most of the Characters will be OC and names I've made up)
Prolog- The new comer.

Tom Riddle sat on the stairs practicing to tie his shoe laces, Mrs Lowdown came in holding the hand of a small infant, he looked quite similar to Tom, dark hair similar to his own, his completion was the same, but his eyes where a light shade of green that seemed to stare straight through him in his hands was a small bear that had the names HARRY.
He flashed Tom a toothy grin that consisted of two small front teeth, Tom raised an eyebrow and wearily smiled back.
Mrs Lowdown watched the exchanged a thoughtful look crossing her old wrinkle feature.
"Tom this is Harry, His parents passed away as well" Tom frowned and looked up at her ,
"Reason ever re one elsess 'ere" he stated, giving up on his laces and lazily shoving them down the sides of his shoes. "Well anyway, I have to teach Eliza to Knit so do you mind looking after Harry please," Tom started thinking his bottom lip sticking out as he down,
"I guess I could look after 'im fer a bit" She handed Harry to Tom and they went to the garden, right at the bottom ,
"Zelda, Zelda"Tom hissed, Harry smiled and started clapping hissing "Zelna ", A look of pure shock spread across Toms features he hissed "Hello Harry," He laughed and hissed "Lo Tom", Tom smiled, and Zelda a grass snake slithered out.

Looks like Tom had a new human friend... Maybe things would start getting better

8 Years later

It was Tom's 11th birthday and Harry had made him a card with Zelda drawn on the front ,but when the 9 year old bounced up the stairs and into Toms room, there was a man sat on Toms bed talking to Tom, "Hello and who might you be." He said. Harry looked at Tom for help.
"This is my brother Harry," Tom said, the man frowned,
"That's not true is it Tom." He said Tom growled, "He talks to snakes too and looks just like me." He snapped
"But Tom your Mother died giving Birth to you, that's what I was told," Tom sighed,
"fine if you chose for him to not be my brother, then he is my Equal."

2 years later.

It was Harry's 11th Birthday and and they were both waiting by the front doors at 6:30 am, for the post man to deliver letters, Harry had heard so much about Hogwarts and Tom had mentioned Harry just had to go, Harry really wanted to get away from here, and Toms snake Nagini had insisted that he left Zelda to Harry so he can keep and eye on him.
The postman shoved the letters through the postbox, Harry lunged forward and picked up the letters, he felt like crying when nothing was addressed to him, Tom patted him on the back,
"Its alright, maybe it got lost along the way" he offered Harry frowned, to him his birthday was ruined there was nothing that could mend the sick feeling in his stomach or the burning in his eyes he ran upstairs, and into the room he shared with Tom, he knew he couldn't hide from the light footsteps so he got under the covers and wiped the fallen tears away.
"Harry you will go to this school, even if I have to sneak you in I promise, " Harry let out a small smile,
"I guess," He wiped the rest of his tears away, but the sick feeling was her,
"Now open my present to you!" Tom said shoving 2 packages in his hand, Harry unwrapped the Smallest one, inside was a book that was labled Hogwarts a history. Tom gave his brother a hug and opened the next one feeling very giddy, Inside Tom explained was a picture taker but the pictures were better than muggles because they moved, Harry smiled and took one of Tom laughing, it came out 5 minutes later and a black and white Picture of Tom laughing made Harry's day.
Lunch was served, when Mrs Lowdown handed him a letter, "Came through my bedroom winda of all places."
Harry's eyes widened he finished his lunch super quickly and ran up the stairs to his room, Tom followed eagerly,
"come one Harry Open it.", his hand slid under the wax school, and the emerald writing read:
Dear Mr Riddle,
We are please to inform you that you are invited to attend,
Hogwarts School of Witch craft and Wizardry...
A/N I hope you enjoyed this chapter I enjoyed writing it ^_^