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December 24th

Tom was partly ashamed he hadn't written to Harry yet, in truth the Biology course he was taken was so fascinating, that and he assumed Harry would be having too much fun with Lo, how wrong he was in fact Lo and Harry hadn't talked in weeks...

Harry decided that he was going to write his last letter to Tom today,

He sighed and pulled out his quill.

Dear Tom,

Why haven't you written back,

I miss you.

Lo and I are no longer talking, Infarct no one will talk to me, (Apart from the Hufflepuff Hagrid) and that girl I was telling you about, I haven't seen her since the "Lake", Maybe she went home for Christmas, I don't know...

I'm struggling with my Care of Magical creatures homework,

Tom please reply


Harry's eyes started watering he felt truly and utterly alone, He stopped eating in the kitchens because Lo and Myrtle still went there and it was just awkward, so every morning and evening he spent his "Meals" (yeah right Like he ate anything) Sitting alone at the slytherin table.

Harry walked down to lake again and sat in the very same spot he met Felix,

"Why Do I feel alone.."He whispered, a gust of wind picked up and a small square of parchment floated over, on the front were the words written elegantly,

Because you won't open your eyes Harry.

On the back it had the initials.

F.D scrawled out.

Harry's eyes widened and he started frantically looking around to find nothing, then a flicker of gold caught his eye only it was in the lake..

He stood up shocked only to find there was loads of gold strips to his horror it was hair, Harry did the only thing he could think of and jumped in. He found that the "Body" was further down than he thought and he was running out of air.

Harry saw a limb, he grabbed it and pulled them up.

"Them" turned out to be Felix, she smiled at him,

"Hello Harold, I expected you." She whispered,

"Your freezing!" he exclaimed, "As are you" She giggled.

"Here "He whispered a Drying and warming charms. She clung onto his arm,

"Lets go for a walk" Harry nodded, "Why were you in the lake." She got a cute mystical look in her eyes.

"I was looking for the Murpeople. " He smirked,

"thought they hated man?" He questioned,

"Half Mur" She sung.

" Really interesting. But how come you looked like you were drowning?"

Felix Twizzled her hair, "I was listening to them sing. it soothes me. Oh Harry I have one more thing to tell you before I leave you to your thoughts, Lo misses you." she smiled.

"He does?!" She rolled her eyes, "Duh and he'll only talked to you if you make the first move." She gave a small smile.

"Oh and Merry Christmas Harry Jam-" She kissed him on the cheek before running off.

"Wait! Felix?!" He shouted she ignored him and kept running,

"She was about to say something, Does she know my family?" He sighed and walked away.

Felix stopped at the entrance hall and sat on the stairs luckily she was alone,

"How could I make such a stupid mistake, Almost calling Harry by his real Name. " She sighed and twizzled her wand, "Harold James Potter. such a wondrous child although how he came here truly was Awful" She whispered, She didn't see the dark shadow of Logan Zambini behind the door.

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