A is For Abhorrent

A is for abhorrent, because that's how both of them feel about this thing they call a relationship.

B is for bittersweet, because the memories they have of each other are almost nothing but.

C is for caustic, because, no matter how hard they try, every word seems to come out as a crude, vicious remark.

D is for destructive, because neither one of them can remember how many vases they've broken or how many bruises they've given one another.

E is for enigmatic, because the boundary between love and hate is hard to find sometimes, even for them.

F is for frenzied, because that is how they love each other - frenzied, quick, and often spontaneously.

G is for guilty, because they know they shouldn't be doing this.

H is for hopeless, because, honestly, neither of them expected this to go anywhere good.

I is for irreplaceable, because there was nothing like what they had - of that, they were certain. Sometimes they felt that Francis and Arthur had a more stable relationship.

J is for juvenile, because what little of their time wasn't occupied by fighting, it was occupied by something far less innocent.

K is for kindred, because even they have their good days.

L is for loving, because, somewhere along the road, something just...changed.

M is for mystifying, because, despite their differences, something keeps them together, and, to be quite frank, it's a gorgeous thing.

N is for notorious, because the obstacles they overcame are definitely worth noting.

O is for outrageous, because they are the epitome of miraculous occurrences.

P is for perfect, because that's what their relationship is when they work at it.

Q is for quick, because, like their words, movements, and bodies, their love was always on the move.

R is for revolutionary, because everything they do breaks ground - and they're proud of that.

S is for sensual, because their more private endeavors were beautiful in such a sense.

T is for tumultuous, because, okay, they still have spats every once in a while, and things can get a little rocky.

U is for unforgiving, because maybe those spats were becoming more aggressive.

V is for venomous, because, suddenly, each word stings like poison.

W is for wicked, because sometimes their relationship was more hate than love.

X is for xenophilic, because their relationship does have love, even if it happened with the wrong person at the wrong time. They couldn't help that their countries were on unfavorable terms; in fact, that egged them on.

Y is for yeasty, because they never run out of ideas. Sometimes this works out in their favor, sometimes not.

Z is for zealous, because, no matter what they go through, they're always going to fight to keep what they have. Because they are Ivan and Alfred, and that's what they do for the one they love.

A/N: I'm not sure where these ideas come from, sometimes. ;; Anyway, I just wanted a little more RusAme in my reservoir of plotless Hetalia fanfiction. ^^