Author's Note: So this is my very first fan fiction. Been reading it for years and enjoying different fandoms but I figured I'd give it a shot. This is a teacher!kink, which is a relationship between a student and a teacher. If that's not what you're into then you have been warned. This is a complete AU from the show. I have made Stiles a few years older then he is in the show and Derek is around the same age. This hasn't been beta'd so you're stuck with my crappy grammar skills. I think that's all I have to say, I suck at these things, let me know what you think! :)

Chapter 1: Attraction


Stiles refused to look at Mr. Hale's ass.

He was NOT going to look up.

He wasn't going to look up from his blank page to stare at the material impossibly stretched across the most beautiful butt he has ever seen. It doesn't matter that he needs to take the notes that are being written across the chalk board. Once he looks up, his eyes are going to wander and all hope will be lost.

Stiles let out a groan and smacked his head off the notepad on his desk. This teacher was going to be the end of him. It's bad enough that he actually needs this credit to graduate but so far Mr. Hale has made it impossible to concentrate with his disgustingly wide smile and the crinkled he gets in his nose sometimes when he laughs. Why did he have to start teaching this year? Why not next year when Stiles will be out of here and not have to be submitted to this form of slow torture. A form a torture that Stiles apparently liked to keep coming back to, he was such a masochist, he just couldn't stop.

"Mr. Stilinski. There a problem?" Shit. Stiles begrudgingly looked up towards Mr. Hale, seeing the flicker of annoyance flash through his eyes. Mr. Hale unfortunately disliked Stiles or that's how it seemed anyways, it's not like he doesn't have a reason because Stiles gave him every reason to not like him.

"Um—no, s-sorry, Sir," Stiles managed to stutter out, trying to ignore the fact that the flare in Mr. Hale's eyes made his pants tighter.

"Well stop making noises and smacking your head off the desk and write down what I'm writing on the board, I don't do it for my enjoyment; trust me." Mr. Hale replied sternly, turning around and continued writing.

Stiles grabbed his pen and started to scribble down the notes on the board, concentrating hard on the words and only the words.

Mr. Hale seemed like a great guy and an even better teacher. He had that fresh out of university feel about him with his I-can-create-change outlook that all teachers seem to have before students eventually beat it out of them. Stiles respected that, he really did and normally he would have been all for it but the constant series of awkward boners and constant mid-class fantasies made this a little difficult. Stiles was sure that he was considered one those kids that teachers barely tolerate to teach.

Due to his apparent uncontrollable attraction to this man Stiles took the minimalist attitude towards participation in class. He never spoke until he was spoken too, did enough work to literally get by and paid the least amount attention out of everyone in the room because the guys voice was hardwired to certain areas people shouldn't be seeing full mast during school hours. Mr. Hale had taken notice to this of course (not the awkward boners) and Stiles has been suffering from it ever since. The man with a flare seemed to become that much more attractive and he tried his hardest to make Stiles contribute. Stiles hoped he was going to be labelled the helpless case soon and just be left to his own devices.

It was a new writing assignment, which was to design your own children's book, story, pictures and all. Basically it was worth a good chunk of the semesters mark and Stiles really needed to pass it. Maybe he could write a story about the difference between wanting appropriate and inappropriate relationships. Stiles apparently skipped that chapter growing up.

The bell ringing snapped Stiles out of his trance of looking at the spot of discoloration at the girl's shirt in front of him. He was debating on whether or not to tell her. Didn't girls appreciate knowing things like that? Although she'd probably take it as some sort of insult but at least she wouldn't be walking around with a blotch on her shirt thanks to Stiles. He decided against it, there was enough of the female population ignoring him, didn't need one on the haters list.

"Okay class, I'll see you tomorrow! Have a great lunch! Oh! Also—remember to brainstorm that ideas for you children's book. I want to hear some great ideas tomorrow." Mr. Hale said, sliding off the corner of his desk that was currently sitting on and started to move towards his chair.

"Stiles," Mr. Hale's voice broke though the mass of excited voices. Stiles looked up to meet his teachers green eyes and felt a shiver go down his spine, "Can you stay behind for a few minutes? I need to speak to you." Stiles nodded dumbly, mouth slightly open.

Licking his lips he started to gather his things and slip them into his school bag. Stiles was not going let his mind wander to places he knew he really wanted to go, a private confrontation about Stiles' misbehaviour during a lunch hour; it was the start of a really bad porno. One he wanted to be in. He slung his bag over his shoulder and slowly moved his way up to Mr. Hale's desk, watching the man lean back in his chair, putting his hands behind his head.

Stiles stood there awkwardly for a few minutes trying to avoid eye contact with Mr. Hale until all the students finally filtered out of the classroom.

"I don't know what to think of you Mr. Stilinski." Mr. Hale finally broke the silence.

"I-I d-don't know what you mean, sir?" Stiles would run for the hills right now if he could. This confrontation was actually making him nauseated. His intense attraction to this man mixed with the fact that Mr. Hale completely intimidates the hell out of him isn't going well with him right now.

"No? Well, do you want to explain to me why you have A's in all your other classes and you're currently failing mine?" Failing? Stiles knew his mark was low but he would never let it get that low, would he? Stiles was at a completely loss as to how he could actually answer that. Sorry, I'm hopelessly in lust with you and I can't stand to be here so the only thing I can do is ignore every aspect of you. Like that would work—would it?

"I guess I'm just bad at writing." Stiles manages to squeak out, licking his lips nervously. Mr. Hale smiles, actually smiles and Stiles literally had lean back on the desk behind him before his legs gave out.

"You're funny, I got to admit that. Whatever the reason is I highly doubt it's your ability to string words together." Mr. Hale thought Stiles was funny, he could die happy, which will probably happen if he doesn't get out of this classroom soon.

"'Cause you apparently 'suck' at writing," Mr. Hale continued actually using finger quotes, "I have decided to make you my project for the rest of the year." Stiles jaw literally dropped. This wasn't going to end well.

"You are to meet me here lunch times or after school, at least three times a week, I know you're on the lacrosse team so I'm willing to be flexible on the days but while you're here, we can discuss the current projects that you're working on. I will give you constructed criticism of course as well as some extra credit assignments to boost your mark back to an A." Mr. Hale said happily, in an almost smug fashion. Stiles got bold, this wasn't going to happen.

"If I say no," Mr. Hale had leaned forward slightly, a subtle smirk forming at the edge of his mouth.

"You can but you won't. From my understanding you need this course to graduate and I'm not going to let a student, who I know can do better, half-ass his way through my class." Stiles was now desperate. The idea of spending that much time with Mr. Hale was horrifying; there must by some rule he is breaking doing this. Stiles will go to his father if he had too.

"I appreciate the special attention Mr. Hale but I seriously don't need it." Mr. Hale sighed and leaned back in his seat.

"The thing is Stiles is that you do need it. How about this? Once your grades pick up and you maintain them we can call it quits and you'll be free from me," Mr. Hale tried to reason with Stiles, trying to find some middle ground but Stiles wasn't going to accept it, no way in this world.

"Me asking is only a courtesy to you Stiles because your father was the one who contacted me about some extra credit and these were the terms we negotiated. He seemed rather smitten with the idea of it all actually." Stiles was going to kill his father, Sheriff or not. He was not going to let him forget this for a long time. He knew that he father did this as sort of a punishment for Stiles to make up for all the things he always manages to weasel his way out of.

"Well, it seems I have no choice, when should the first meeting be?" Stiles grounded out, letting his annoyance with the situation shine through. If he was forced to do this he was going to be a child about it. He doesn't care what Mr. Hale thinks.

"Lunch tomorrow, after class you can go grab something to eat and come directly here. Sound good?" Stiles nodded and Mr. Hale excused him. Stiles of course stocked out of the room, ignoring the chuckles from behind him.

Not only did Mr. Hale have a nice ass, he was one.

Scott was of course giving him a confused look as he finally managed to make it to their table. Ten minutes later then he normally got there. Stiles lived for lunch, he was always the first to be seated and waiting for everyone. The arrangement with Mr. Hale was of course going to interfere with this.

"Hey dude! What was the hold up? It's weird for you to be late for lunch." Stiles gave him an exasperated look, immediately letting him know he didn't really want to talk about.

"Mr. Hale wanted to speak with him after class," Lydia's voice decided to make herself known as she plopped herself down next to Jackson who was sitting next Danny. She smirked and continued, "Probably had to pull him aside and tell him that the way Stiles oogles him is inappropriate." Everyone started to laugh, even Allison who was sat next to Scott, who was next to him. Stiles immediately took notice to how fast the smirk on Scott's face faded. Stiles had recently told his friends about his certain attraction to men, more importantly his attraction to Mr. Hale. He probably would have left that part out if it wasn't for Lydia being the beast she was teasing him about it constantly.

Scott hadn't taken it to well. Stiles knew that, even though his best friend tried to hide it, but Stiles could always read him like a book. There was a change in their relationship after that and Stiles was having trouble trying to pinpoint what it was exactly, it was like Scott was retracting from him. If that made sense? Stiles wasn't sure if Scott needed time to adjust. Stiles knew that coming out would have some downturns but he never thought Scott would be one of them. Scott, Stiles thought, would be the person to constantly ask him questions about different guys and why Stiles found them attractive. Instead Scott avoided the subject like the plague. Now that Stiles thought about it, they haven't really talked about since Stiles had told him. Scott was still here though, that had to count for something at least.

"Ha. Ha. Lydia. Real comedian you are," she did a bow, "he actually wants to do one and one sessions with me to boost my mark in Writing because apparently I'm failing." Jackson snorted and Stiles rolled his eyes. He hated the fact Jackson sat with them now. Scott of course had to have Allison by his side, which meant Lydia, then Jackson and Danny.

"Really Stiles?" Allison asked, sounding surprised. Stiles knew he was a brain so failing a course was kind of a big deal but given the circumstances he felt that he had a good excuse. Stiles nodded towards Allison.

"I don't know maybe Mr. Hale has a little something for our Stiles here." Jackson spoke up. Stiles barely contained a sneer. 'Our Stiles', like hell.

"Highly doubt that, He nearly glared holes in me earlier today for not paying attention." Stiles spoke and saw Lydia roll her eyes. Okay maybe it was an exaggeration but they don't need to know that. He needs to have a chat with Lydia to let her know that just because they share the class together doesn't mean she gets steal his thunder or tell everyone what happens. Mr. Hale keeping him after class being a prime example.

"Well Stiles you do have that cute, hyperactive, eccentric thing about you. Maybe that is what gets Mr. Hale going?" Danny speaks up and Stiles looked at him in utter disbelief. He figured Danny would be on his side. Danny winks and at him, letting out a little chuckle.

"I hate you all." Stiles said, feeling his cheeks flush.

He knew Danny thought he was attractive.

Stiles got home late that night because of lacrosse practice running late, extremely late. They all had plans to go see a movie afterward but everyone bailed because they were too wiped to even sit in a theatre and eat popcorn, which Stiles agreed, took more energy than what he had. Plus he needed to get started on that writing assignment.

He had no idea where to ever start. Did Mr. Hale have an age limit? Stiles was never one for Dr. Seuss or any of those extremely kiddie books. He was more of a Brothers Grimm kind of guy. His mother used to read them to him as bedtime stories as a kid, makes no wonder why Stiles has such a warped sense of imagination.

He remembered how he would always have his mother read to him; sometimes hours on end and Brothers Grimm were his favourite tales. Even up until she died a few years ago, she would still read to him every now and then. Especially on rough days were he had been bullied. There was nothing that ever made him feel at ease then the sound of his mother's voice reading to him. He kept her copy of the Brothers Grimm collected works on his bedside table to flip through when he missed her. This happened more often these days. Just imagining her reading those words to him set calm in him that nothing else could.

Stiles sighed and turned off his computer and jumped into bed. His dad must have been working the late shift tonight. This was perfectly fine with Stiles, he didn't want him see him after going behind his back to Mr. Hale anyways. The silent treatment seems appropriate form of punishment; he said he was going to be childish about the whole thing so might as well go all out.

A yawn formed up through Stiles' chest and he figured he might as well head to bed, tomorrow was going to be a challenging day to say the least. Tossing his shirt and pants on the floor somewhere he got under the covers. He rolled over to turn off his lamp and saw his mother's book lying on the table. A pang of loss formed heavily in Stiles' stomach. He turned the light out reaching for the book. He held it against his chest, turning on his side. He breathed out heavily trying to will the tears forming in his eyes away. He imagined his mother's warm voice and her hands running through his hair, reading to him, offering up the comfort that only she could ever give him. The feeling of safety he desperately needed and never knew he lost until she was taken away from him. Holding the book even tighter Stiles closed his eyes and slowly drifted asleep, clutching his mother's book, naively hoping that when he woke in the morning, she'll be there to read it to him.

Stiles' day so far had been pretty uneventful, well besides the fact he was going to give himself a nervous breakdown. There was no way it was normal to have this much anxiety over spending an hour with another person. Maybe it was just Stiles overreacting, no, it was clearly Stiles overreacting. He honestly just wanted to vomit all the Mothra-sized butterflies out of his stomach. It wasn't like Mr. Hale was interested him in that way; it's not like it's a date or anything. It was strictly shop talk. Even with knowing all this, logic had left the building and Stiles couldn't really shake the nerves. This whole situation was strictly platonic, even less then that because it wasn't like Mr. Hale was his friend, just a nice guy doing his job and teaching young minds. Even with people like Stiles making his job extremely difficult.

Walking into his period before lunch, which of course was his writing class with Mr. Hale. That meant two hours of Mr. Sexy. Stiles hoped he could get through it without putting his foot in his mouth or in this case a limb or two. He tended to ramble a lot on a good day but the amount of nerves and emotions he was channeling, he was a time bomb waiting to go off.

Stiles took his regular seat in the back next to Lydia, who was applying some sort of lipstick. Hauling out his notepad and slapping it on his desk, she decided make his day just a little bit worse.

"Excited for you big date in an hour?" Of course she would go there. It was Lydia and she is a beast.

"Seriously? Are you really doing this now?" In all honesty he hadn't really expected any less from her. Since Allison came around, meaning Lydia by proxy, she had made it her goal in life to torment and tease him any chance she could. It was very pre-school of her and he was gay so it wasn't like it was a damaged way of flirting.

"Please, you're twitchier than normal, almost vibrating in you chair. You're pale and you look like you're going to be sick. Tell tale signs of a bad case of nerves. It wouldn't be my duty if I never addressed this." She smiled brightly at him. Stiles opened his mouth to retort but Mr. Hale took that moment to walk through the classroom threshold and if Stiles had any reservations about his sexuality, they immediately flew out the window.

Mr. Sexy took himself to a completely new set of standards and glancing over a Lydia, Stiles knew she agreed because her eyes did just as much roaming as Stiles' has been.

It was Friday so teachers were able to dress casually and as much as Stiles liked Mr. Hale in a dress shirt and tie. The tight fitted black shirt, which literally showed ever inch of his toned muscular body with a pair of jeans that fit and complimented everything, had to be illegal. Come to think of it Stiles is pretty sure teachers were not allowed to dress like this, casual or not.

"Damn." Stiles heard Lydia mutter and Stiles immediately took this a victory, she now understood where Stiles has been coming from these past two months.

"What I wouldn't do to be a fly on the wall when lunch starts," She smirked over at Stiles, "'cause if you make it through the next two hours without causing yourself completely and utter humiliation I will be impressed." Stiles had to literally control the urge to not get up and walk out because she was right. This is going to end badly, he was Stiles Stilinski and if that wasn't explanation enough, he didn't know what would be. He might as well off himself right now.

It kind of hit Stiles about halfway through the class, that the best way to get out of this situation with Mr. Hale was to actually contribute. It was so painfully obvious that Stiles could have literally pulled his close cropped hair out. He knew his avoidance caused this mess but he can't turn back time, if he could, he would have done this course last year and avoided this whole mess altogether.

He knew he dug his grave already, now it was time to get in it and dig six more feet. Stiles wasn't going to deny that he wasn't going to humiliate himself. If not today, then it would only be a matter of time. Take this very moment for example. Stiles hasn't stopped staring at Mr. Hale, watching every inch of his body like a starved wolf. He was so hard it was painful and despite this being a constant occurrence, it wasn't going to change the fact that his situation wasn't going to get any better. The more Stiles contributed, whether it be a comment here of there, Mr. Hale will see this as improvement, which means this special attention will be over faster. There was no way Stiles was going through this without Mr. Hale concluding Stiles had a few quirks about him that set him wildly apart from a lot of people.

Stiles would also consider it a miracle if Mr. Hale doesn't notice his apparent lust for the man and only the man.

"Before I get you guys go ahead with you planning and brainstorming. Does anyone else have any questions or comments? Anything else they would like to share with everyone?" Stiles couldn't help but feel this was directed at him in some way. He knew it wasn't but it just seemed like Mr. Hale was giving him a chance to insert himself in the class discussion before it ended. Stiles raised his hand meekly, not missing the surprised look that came across his teachers face before he nodded in his direction.

"Stiles." Stiles let a long breath shudder out of him, trying to gather the words in his head before they came running out of his mouth.

"Is there a certain age group you expect us to aim towards? 'Cause I have been thinking about writing something a bit more…mature. Not to mature, nothing sexual because it is a kid's book after all. Not that being exposed to some sexual education at an early age would be a total loss, probably be able to avoid all these teen pregnancy shows," Stiles saw Lydia cover her mouth trying not to laugh. He was rambling but Mr. Hale seemed more amused than anything. "That or cause more of them because of being so sexualized at such an early age." Stiles needed to stop saying words with sex in them, especially with Mr. Hale looking at him, in that shirt.

"I was thinking something darker—probably a better way of putting it. Sort of like the Brothers Grimm tales before Disney glamorized them. With monsters and creatures and all those things…" Stiles licked his lips quickly and shut his mouth. Lydia had put her head in her arms on the table, probably not being able deal with the amount of embarrassment she was feeling for Stiles at the moment.

Mr. Hale kind of stood there for a second not saying anything, probably taking it all in and Stiles felt a burning hot heat rush over his face. He refused to make eye contact at this point; he knew his face must have been fifty shades of red.

"Um—," Mr. Hale began, probably not even sure how to respond to whatever Stiles just spit out at him. "Any age group is fine, as long as it is still appropriate for younger children. I still want there to be a lesson the kids have to learn or have something positive to take from it." Mr. Hale nodded toward Stiles, smiling slightly and Stiles nodded back quickly, concentrating on anything he could find to distract him and quick.

"Anyone else?" Mr. Hale asked. There was silence around the room, "Good, now get to work."

The rest of the class passed by a lot quicker than Stiles anticipated. Once he managed to calm himself down and completely avoided looking in Lydia's direction because it was all she needed to make fun of him. He got a few ideas jotted down. He knew he wanted some supernatural creature as the main focus of the story. Maybe even the main character? He wanted the story to be dark, especially in the beginning because he really wanted to emphasis on the different between light and dark.

Stiles heard the lunch bell ring; he grabbed his school bag and headed toward the front of the classroom. He caught Mr. Hale's attention and just motioned to him that he was going to head to the cafeteria to grab his lunch. He nodded and Stiles bolted out of there.

Getting his food he saw all his friends sitting at the table laughing and immediately felt a pang of envy, now being on the outside looking in, he was kind of upset that he was missing out. Reluctantly Stiles left the lunchroom and head back towards Mr. Hale's classroom.

Stiles always knew he was different. Not extraordinarily different but just different. There were a lot of people that didn't get him. His humor, his way of thinking or just how he was in general. He guessed that was why he wasn't that popular. People just found him hard to really connect with him. Scott was the only one to who really understood him, to an extent. As they got older Scott had trouble understanding how Stiles actually functioned. Normally being with someone for so long you kind of get the ability to read them quickly and know what's on their mind just by looking at them. Stiles knew Scott was an open book but when it came to how Stiles' thought process was or how he managed to deconstruct things some times, he left Scott drifting in the wind.

The door was open and Mr. Hale was behind his desk. He looked up at Stiles and smiled at him, a reaction that Stiles never really expected. He told Stiles to close the door behind him and to take a seat in the desk in front of his.

The first thing Stiles notices when he walked into the room was Mr. Hale's food choice. A bag of plain chips and soda; Root Beer to be precise, not that Stiles could really complain with his slice all cheese pizza but at least he grabbed a bottle of water.

Mr. Hale must have noticed Stiles staring at his lunch because he offered Stiles a chip from the bag.

"Just because I'm a teacher, full of knowledge and good choices doesn't mean it extends to my food choices." Mr. Hale laughed out and Stiles declined a chip, taking a small bite of his pizza. Stiles feels like this is going to be the same thing as dealing with his father, trying to make him eat healthy. Stiles figured if Mr. Hale was going to forced this on him, he was going to force good food choices on him.

"I can't say much with a slice of pizza here." Stiles replied quietly. Stiles honestly wasn't quite sure how to respond around Mr. Hale. Even with the little crush aside. Mr. Hale was on whole level of attractive then Stiles was and let's face it, pretty people were kind of intimidating. Not that Stiles was some sort of push over, he knew how to stand his ground but people like Mr. Hale and Lydia had this aura around them that made it hard to know what to say or what to do.

"True." Mr. Hale replied with a small smile. Stiles immediately knew that he had said the wrong thing. He guessed Mr. Hale was expecting a bit more of a lively response, to get Stiles to come out of his shell?

"Well, if I keep seeing you eat like that then I'll just have put you on the diet. My dad hates it but he knows better not to fight me on it." That encouraged a smile from Mr. Hale, who purposefully grabbed a hand full of chips and stuffed them into his mouth. Stiles felt a knot form in his stomach and did his best to swat it away before it could get worse.

"So, how are we actually going to go about these sessions? I mean, if make the effort in class, like today, which I apologize about, I tend to babble and it can get ugly." Mr. Hale chuckled lightly at this. He totally thought Stiles was a dork, he wouldn't exactly be wrong in thinking that. "We won't have much to talk about it here." Mr. Hale finished his chips, crumpling up the bag he leaned back and threw the garbage right into he trashcan, his shirt riding up slightly, enough for Stiles to notice his treasure trail. This was going to be pure torture.

"Stiles you weren't that bad," Mr. Hale paused, reflecting on earlier, "Okay, maybe it was bad but it was an attempt at least! You had raised a good point. I bet a lot of people up until that point were thinking some Dr. Seuss kind of book, something very linear and it was refreshing to hear that you had actually thought about it." Stiles felt himself blush, full on, feeling the heat creep up his face until his ears were burning. It was different knowing that you embarrassed yourself but having the person you were trying to avoid doing it in front of actually notice and tell him was completely different. Then compliment him for going above what he'd expected from Stiles himself and the majority of that class, which was kind of awesome.

"Thanks," Stiles beamed a little, feeling some of the nervousness filter out of him.

"I kept thinking about what I liked to read—what I liked read to me as a child and I remembered all the times my mom used to read the Brothers Grimm fairy tales." Mr. Hale gave him a look that had sympathy written all over it. It was common knowledge that the sheriff's wife had passed a couple of years ago and Stiles was used to that look every time his mother was brought up around him or his father, it annoyed him more than anything. Coming from Mr. Hale, it was okay, genuine. Stiles could always tell when people did just because it was the right thing to do by society's standards and people who meant it.

"I was thinking of something more complex, not linear, as you said." Mr. Hale nodded, grabbing a note pad and started writing, that made Stiles nervous but continued, "I wanted creatures, maybe werewolves, that's what I've been leaning towards more. I don't want to make your typical beauty and the beast story but a nice twist, not to have two people or creatures at the opposite of the spectrum fall in love, you know?" Mr. Hale chuckled a little; he's done that a lot today so far.

"Isn't that kind of the point though?" Mr. Hale asked.

"Yeah, I get the whole opposites attract thing and that's great. Realistically though, relationships based on opposite qualities never really work out. I'm not saying all relationships like that are doomed but there has to be some common ground, something that each partner can share. I know when I look for that special someone, I'm not basing it off a need to fix someone or traits that drive me wild in both good and bad ways," Stiles tried to make that statement as general as possible. "I want someone that I have things in common with but also have just as many differences. You don't want to date yourself and trust me, been doing it for eighteen years now, you get pretty tired of yourself." Stiles saw Mr. Hale look down and shake his head, trying to hide his smile.

"Which is why in my story, I want my characters to be more realistic. Not be polar opposites but just be different enough to have an attraction and let kids know that you don't need a beast, to kiss a frog or any nonsense like that to find love and to keep it." Stiles is a romantic, always was and is pretty sure he always will be. Whoever the Stiles' special man is, can expect to be wooed. Flowers, rose peddles, chocolates, breakfast in bed and anything romantic Stiles can think of, will happen.

"I didn't know you were such a romantic Stiles," It felt like Mr. Hale was teasing him, Stiles could never tell these things. Observing things around him was easy but when it came to things blatantly in front of him, he was basically useless but Mr. Hale was smirking so he guessed he was.

"Well—I—ah, yes. I can't help it. I'm a sucker for the mushy happy endings. I don't care who you are, when the guy gets the girl or—ah the guy, because I don't want to be homophobic, it warms you. If not you're a machine! A cold hearted machine!" Mr. Hale smiled; his nose crinkling and Stiles full on swooned. It was a good thing he was sitting because his knees were already weak as it was.

"What about the lesbians?" Mr. Hale said a smile on his face, "Don't they deserve love too." Now Stiles knew Mr. Hale was teasing him. Stiles blushed again but pressed forward.

"Of course!" Stiles said fiercely, "can't forget the lesbians. Hey, you know what! Why don't I just write about Snow White waking up Sleeping Beauty with a kiss? I mean Snow White went through it, the prince CLEARLY didn't work out, probably had something to do with the seven dwarfs, I knew she spent too much time with men. It's never a good thing and we both know that. It's time to give women a go." Stiles laughed out and Mr. Hale actually had his head on his desk laughing. Stiles felt a great bit of accomplishment, he was a man who would give him grumpy looks all the time was wiping tears from his eyes from laughing.

Stiles thought it was the most beautiful thing he's ever seen.

"You are actually too much," Mr. Hale is still laughing. That earned a grin from Stiles.

"But seriously, what kind of twist are you thinking?" Mr. Hale said trying to get back on track but the smile on his face saying different things.

"A smutty lesbian story between two scandalous Disney princesses," Stiles couldn't help himself, he just had too. Mr. Hale broke out into laugher once more, Stiles joining him.

Once they both calmed down, Stiles grabbed his water taking a few big gulps, knowing a silence was settling on them. Removing the bottle from his lips, Stiles looked up at Mr. Hale and he was already staring at him. This lasted a few moments, just both of them looking at each other. Mr. Hale's eyes were bright green, glistening from the laughter. Stiles felt himself getting lost in them until Mr. Hale cleared his throat and spoke again.

"Well, I think we covered enough for today," Mr. Hale said, clearing his throat again. Stiles nodded, feeling a little off by the abruptness of the meeting ending. He gathered his garbage, his school bag and remembered he didn't know when the next meeting would be.

"Sir, I was thinking Monday, after school for our next session? I have lacrosse meeting at lunch and it always runs late…" Stiles said, he knew something had happened and he couldn't tell if it was bad or not.

"That sounds good to me Stiles! I have nothing planned for Monday after school. Just try and have some more details nailed down about this story of yours. I want to know more about this twist of yours! I want you to get creative! I'll probably have some options for your extra credit assignments as well." Stiles nodded and smiled at Mr. Hale, words forming on his lips before he even thought about it.

"Teachers actually have a social life? I mean they don't curl up in a cave marking things." Mr. Hale broke out into one of his wide smiles once more.

"Yes—I have a social life, I don't know about the others but I am twenty two so I do like to get out there, despite what most of you think." Stiles laughed and scratched the back of his neck; Stiles hadn't realized Mr. Hale was so young, a four year difference between both of them. Stiles had just recently turned eighteen and well, although he didn't feel like it sometimes, he was actually considered an adult.

"I have a cave though, sometimes it's unavoidable." Mr. Hale added and motioned Stiles to be on his way, telling him to enjoy the rest of his lunch. Stiles smiled and started to head out the door, telling him he'll see him Monday.

"Oh and Stiles?" Mr. Hale called out after him, Stiles turned around seeing Mr. Hale grinning slightly.

"Mr. Hale makes me feel grossly old. It's Derek." Derek. Stiles wasn't surprised by his name making him even sexier.

Derek Hale.

The name gave Stiles shivers.

"Derek." Stiles confirmed, smiling brightly.

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