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Chapter One: Mumpsimus

"You" she said scathingly as she pointed her wand at his chest.

"My my Granger, that is no way to speak to the head boy. Didn't your parents ever teach you manners? Or is that something foreign to muggles?" Said Draco as he too withdrew his wand.

"Everything so black and white to you isn't it Malfoy"

"Well at least I know my place, unlike you" he said as he inched closer to her menacingly.

"Sorry to burst your bubble you ignorant prat but if you haven't noticed Professor Dumbledore has given us equal ranking this year, and maybe it has slipped your mind, but who has always been at the top of the class list? I seem to recall my name, not yours, so clearly blood doesn't mean everything" Said Hermione almost nose to nose with Draco now. Momentarily stumped Draco glared savagely at her before he said "Oh just wait until you get out into the real world you prissy know it all, lets see how you cope then" he snarled as he backed Hermione into the door. Hermione did not back down and instead she let out a small laugh "Ha, I reckon I'll cope far better than you Malfoy, at least I don't have to run to my daddy every time I have a problem" she said as she slid the door open behind her, backed through it and then slammed it in his face.

"Why that little" Draco began but was cut off by the compartment door sliding open once again, this time however it was his good friend Blaise Zabini that entered. "I see you and the head girl are getting along splendidly" said Blaise jokingly as Draco snarled at him. "Well you're not done with her just yet mate, you've still got the prefects meeting...which by the way started about five minutes ago, oh and the fact that you'll be living with her for an entire year...I bet the two of you won't last one week the way you are always at each others throats."

"Don't remind me! I never liked Dumbledore, but now I utterly despise the man. I mean, this is pure torture, and Parkinson is still a prefect isn't she, just to make my life that much fucking worse"

"Oh yes, and she's soo excited to see her Drakie Poo" Said Blaise imitating her voice surprisingly well.

"And to think my parents considered having the two of us married" he said with a look of disgust.

Hermione waited grumpily in the prefects compartment. Of course Malfoy was going to be late... she thought. He probably feels the need to make a big entrance. That is if he can get his over sized ego through the door. Git.

Her patience drew thin and she stood up to begin the meeting. "Welcome prefects to another year at Hogwarts."

"Wheres Draco?" Pansy interjected rudely.

"Right here" said the man himself as he strutted through the doorway. "Now now Pansy, you should know better than to interrupt those who outrank you." The reproachful glare he received from her was worth sticking up for Granger. "My my, half of you look as though you're about to fall asleep, please don't tell me in my absence Granger has managed to tell you the whole history of Hogwarts prefects...how dull" he drawled which earned him some sniggers. Ron however was on his feet, ears turning steadily red. "Do sit down Weasley, you do not want to disappoint mummy on your first day back with a detention do you? I could easily have that arranged. I'm sure Filch would be delighted." Ron sat down in a huff, arms crossed, while Hermione openly glared at Draco. "I think we've had enough of your power plays Malfoy. I will ask the prefects to patrol the train for the remainder of the ride, patrol schedules as well as meeting times will be posted on your house bulletin boards. Enjoy the rest of the trip" The prefects eagerly filed out of the compartment excited to go see their friends and swap stories about their summers.

"Where do you think you're going Malfoy, we need to make up schedules"

"Oh I'm quite sure you can handle such a menial task on your own Granger"

"It is not a question of whether I can handle it or not, it's a question of responsibility"

"I do tire of your conscientious attitude Granger"

"And I of your arrogance, but we still have to work together, so we might as well get this done as fast as possible."

"Well wasn't Malfoy a foul little git today" Said Ron as he plopped into the thestral drawn carriage.

"He's absolutely intolerable, oh Harry you should have heard him!" Said Hermione. Ron piped in with some more colourful adjectives and they spent the rest of the carriage ride imaging ways to get Malfoy expelled. Once inside, the trio was greeted by Sir Nicholas. "Hello, Hello!" He said joyously. "Oh and I do believe a congratulations is in Ms. Granger! Oh the other ghost will be quite upset to find out it wasn't a student from their own house" said Sir Nicholas with a triumphant gesture which caused his head to wobble dangerously on his shoulders.

"Thanks Nick!"Said Hermione as she watched him glide through a rather disheveled looking second year, though no one could blame him, the feeling was rather unpleasant.

They entered the hall, and quickly took their place at the Gryffindor table. "I do hope The sorting doesn't take as long as last year..I'm absolutely starving!" Said Ron, Harry half heartedly nodded in agreement.

"I'm quite ravenous myself, but you do realize that this will be our last sorting ceremony...and last start of term feast, admittedly I don't want it to end!" Hermione exclaimed sadly. Harry met her gaze, before looking dejectedly towards the head table. "I really don't want to think about it being the last time actually, this really has been my only home" he acknowledged.

"I'll just be happy to have no more exams! And especially no more potions" said Ron.

"Oh Ron! You can be so insensitive..." but she was cutoff by the doors of The Great Hall opening once again to reveal the stumbling and jittering first years trying to bravely make their way up to the front. Nostalgically she watched them, a small smile pulling at her lips. She reached across the table and sueezed Harry's hand reassuringly.

The sorting hat's song was short, sweet and to the point. Hermione wondered how many times it had sang about house unity. Afterall, the sorting hat had seen it's fair share of wars throughout it's life at Hogwarts. Did the hat remember it all? Surely it was a powerful magical artifact but could the founders really have managed to replicate a real working brain. "Sally Aekins" Mcgonagal's sharp voice cut through her train of thought bringing her back to the present. They all watched as Sally was sorted into Ravenclaw, then Aubrey Allesworth became the first Gryffindor of the evening. Hermione clapped enthusiastically with the rest of her house. Before long, Dina Zephyr was sorted into Hufflepuff, It seemed Ron had gotten his wish.

The feast was splendid, but as always it seemed to end too was surprised to find herself already rounding up first years and sending them to their house prefects. "Ah Ms. Granger, Mr. Malfoy and myself were starting to wonder where you'd gotten off to. Lost in the hustle and bustle of things I see" Said Professor Dumbledore, his eyes it was clear Malfoy did not share his sentiments as he stood glowering behind the headmaster. "Sorry Professor Dumbledore, I did not mean to keep you waiting"

"Do not apologize my dear" He said with a warm smile. "Shall we be off then, I am sure the two of you are anxious to see your new dormitory.

The professor lead them on what seemed like a wild adventure through the halls of Hogwarts. Up stairs, down trap doors, through secret passage ways and when they were good and lost they finally came to stop at a portrait of a spunky young witch in 40's garb. She eyed them with interest, giving the headmaster a quick nod. Dumbledore sighed, "Ah well that was good and fun, I have never taken that route before" Then he smiled, with a mischievous glint in his eyes."Alas, I think its time we all go to bed, you two will want to be well rested for your first day, good night, oh and Mumpsimus"

"What an interesting choice headmaster, sounds like I am going to have fun with these two this year." She said as she swung open.

"The man in clearly off his rocker" Draco mumbled as he entered the common room first. He let out a small laugh as he took in his surroundings. "And this is why there should never be a Slytherin and Gryffindor head, it looks like its bloody Christmas in here." Hermione smiled, and laughed to herself. As much as she hated to admit it he was right.

On an end note, mumpsimus means one who sticks firmly and wrongly in their old ways. I know it's quite an obscure word but I came across it as I was writing this chapter and thought it fit perfectly.