I do not own Danny Phantom; this is dedicated to Sam. ; warning, character death! The two quotes in the middle our from my other friends!

I only wanted to be a good mother.

I wanted to be a good mother. A mother who she could turn to when she had trouble with school, boys or anything really. A mother who she was proud to talk about. A mother who understood her.

The thing that hurts?

I wasn't.

When I first fell pregnant with Sam, I was so happy. I was always talking about my little treasure, about how whatever she wanted, I'd give her. Whenever I told my friends about my dream to be a good mother, they were all there for me. I was going to give my daughter everything she wanted.

When she was born, I was so happy.

I give her everything tht she wanted; the black and purple rattle, the purple baby blanket, and I knew she was a goth chick. I didn't care; she was my Samantha, my Sammykins, my daughter, my princess.

When I was shopping with my two-year-old princess, I realised how badly goths were treated. And I vowed myself to never let that happen to my little girl. And so, I bought her a pink dress.

Pink became an obsession. Everything my for my daughter became pink. She hated everything that I bought her.

I only wanted her to understand that I was trying to protect her.

Finally, she couldn't take it.

She ran away with the Fenton kid.

Time goes to fast; live like there's no tomorrow, love like you've never been hurt,

smile like frowns don't exist, sing as loud as you can. Be yourself.

She told me she hated me.

I let my only daughter slip out of my fingers, like she was water.

My husband wasn't with me anymore, and I needed her. I called her, but was greeted with a small, gentle voice.

"Hello? Fenton residence, Danielle speaking."

Sam had married Danny, found out a clone of his was her daughter, and cut off all contact with me.

Her voice snaps through. "I don't need you."

The dial tone peirced my ears.

I pulled out all the pills my husband had been given after being told about his illness, swallowing one after the other down; I continued this action for ages before my vision blurred, and I fell to the floor.

Jeremy, I'm coming.

I thought as I laid in hospital. Sam had hold of my hand.

"I'm sorry."

"Don't be."

If only she'd heard her daughters cries for her to come back

just seconds after her last breath was took and she fell into a sleep,

a deep sleep that she would never awaken from.