Mitsuru knew the history of the dorm.

The wide area was indicative of a hotel lobby with the waiting couch, chairs and table. There was also the reception counter with the sign in book with a cub behind the counter.

There lay a pleasant cooling teal carpet with orange painted walls to balance the colors and give a dynamic composition.

Although the room was empty for the time being, she knew that it would be decorated with things from her own room at Korijo Mansion.

She had gone to the roof, to get some fresh air and pushed the door open.

She stared into the night and sighed.

Yet...despite the independence of being able to choose how it all looked there was a devoid element missing in the dorm.

For Akihiko, the orphanage that had burned down had always been...there.

He accepted Mitsuru's offer to stay in the dorms because where he had been staying had been cramped and reminded him of the orphanage.

Seeing the lobby however had made him regret his decision.

It was as though he had seen the ghost of the kids slowly leaving with their new families.

He felt the orange walls and both hands.

He had been hoping that this place would have something he needed in his life.


When Shinjiro followed Aki to the dorms, the first thing he had realized was that he no longer had to share his bed and space with other kids.

He had not dared to think of missing the warmth after the fire even if his prior living conditions were destitute.

No, he needed to think happy thoughts.

He shook his head and looked at the red room.

He barely put any effort into setting up his few worldly possessions before heading down and finding the kitchen.

Now, this.

This piqued his interest.

He dug around to find cook books and utensils, pots, pans and tea cups.

Despite all the items the fridge just had protein drinks and brought prepossessed food.

He looked, silently, for a second from beneath his beanie and scowled.

Despite his reputation among the three as being the apathetic hard-ass, he knew that they at least deserved a well cooked meal, even if it meant it would kill him inside.

Yukari had arrived and by then the residency had been reduced to two.

When she joined, she had regarded the dorms as a four wall barrier.

There was no mom to bother her, no stepdads to ask how she was or feel awkward around. Just...her.

Despite the empty feeling, she had at least gained security.

When Junpei joined, there were already four other people within.

He made his triumphant entrance by being glad that there was no need for a lock on his door.

No sir-ere! Just him, his junk and the sun light!

He had laid down on his mess of a bed and sighed.

He pulled on the brim of his hat and frowned.

He had gained autonomy and didn't need to fear coming back to his own pad but even with the others there, he had felt left out somehow.

Fuuka had to be helped to her room.

She came with heavy machinery and a personal computer.

She had no club to really join and would spend time in her room.

She had not minded being inclusive to her cocoon of a room but there were days where she felt she could have had done more to make her domicile dwelling more heartwarming and lively.

So she tried her hand at cooking or baking.

Despite her failure the others would come around, and one would even sneakily help her from the shadows of his beanie.

Ken had explored the place first.

He found a stair case leading to the basement, which had a double locked door with a lock.

Ignoring it, he had thought about how much he had missed mom.

Things were hard, but when she was around things were more...easier.

She may have been busy with work and left him notes to behave himself, he always complied.

Since the incident, he had been moved around a lot but was lucky to have found the resolution to find a base. He knew he didn't have much time to live in the shadow of his enemy, he would be back to where he felt, would be the most comfortable.

Yet, for now, he would enjoy cookies that were made with love from his "team."

Koromaru had been different from the others.

He would miss the shrine, and being with his master; eating noodles with him in their booth.

He wouldn't get to see people pass by, pray and pat him for luck.

He had been thankful that they saved him from mortal wounds and an awful abandoned end. So vowed to protect his new home, even if they couldn't understand.

Aigis had the hardest time adjusting.

She had no idea what to do aside from restoring her power because there was no oiling for her joints nor practice for combat every few hours.

She would often break into the others rooms but was scolded for them wanting privacy.

Other times she would try her best to stay with Koromaru when she didn't feel like powering down and just sat with the pooch.

There would be other times when she would follow him into the garden in the back through the doggy door.

She had lacked the understanding of when the others would add decorative items to the dorms like a baseball set, weights and dun bells or in the case of the girls, flowers.

When she asked about what a home meant, they gave their own definitions.

Despite their answers, her data-banks and definition of what a home was, varied.

Eventually, after November, she understood what a home really was.

It was a feeling of comfort and security; a feeling she was trying to impart on the others by standing by at night to make sure they could all rest peacefully.

Misuru on a whim had gone to the roof.

Usually at this time she would be busy, but had wanted some air to breathe.

She had not been up there in quite some time and smiled but sighed.

She had been surprised to hear the roof door be pushed opened when Aigis showed up with the others.

Yukari, Shinjiro and Fuuka brought some food, Junpei a blanket. Koromaru had been walked by Junpei and Ken and Akihiko had brought Fuuka's equipment to have some music play and a camera to commemorate the day.

The wild card smiled at her and held out their hand.

She smiled.

The element missing had been in front of her.

Yosuke moved to Inaba and felt lost.

In the city, he had a few friends but ultimately just felt like he was being pushed into the trains on his way to school. There was a rush of apathy that he felt back then and slowly crept into him.

He was hoping there was something fun about this new place to make up for the city but just withdrew into his headphones to tune reality out.

Chie had always been in the small town.

She couldn't have a lot of things like being pretty, a pet dog or

Kanji, from a young age, knew he was stuck no matter what he did.

His face didn't match his hobbies, and his interests were not fit for his build.

He couldn't leave Ma and dad bit the dust too early which left him mad at the world.

He couldn't do anything to change that.

Teddie didn't know much but felt at home with the others.

He had hoped to stay with the others once a day, for each day of the week- THATS A FIC IDEA.