I am a fan of Sue Thomas and I thought I would give it a try. It was originally going to be a one shot but after writing it, I realized it was better off as a Short story. I am going to try my best at the hand signs, while I am deaf, it is hard for me to figure out how to write out a sign and describe the motions so the non-signers could understand it. So please bear with me on that.

Enjoy the story!


Spoken and sign at the same time

Disclaimers- (I so do hate this but what can I do? This is applies to the entire story.) I do not own the show nor its' characters. I own Mira and any other characters that you do not recognize.

Chapter 1

It was an unbearably hot day when a young woman in her early twenties stepped into the air-conditioned Hoover building. Her slightly mussed hair and disordered clothing barely attracted attention to her. Mira resembled Snow White with unnaturally pale skin. If anyone nearby at the moment actually took a second and closer look, they'd see someone who was extremely sick and needed help.

Mira relished the cold air for a minute that cooled her rising fever before she slowly went towards the elevators. Her hand shook as she pressed the 'up' button. She let her hair fall across her face, hiding her from the outside world, as she wrapped her arms around her mid-section hoping to squash the sick feeling she had currently.

"Are you alright?" A voice penetrated her muddled mind at the same time a hand touched her shoulder.

Mira jumped and turned to see a blonde woman looking at her with concern. It took her a few seconds to respond, but when she did, she simply nodded.

The woman cocked an eyebrow, "Are you sure?"

Her voice cracked as she responded, "Yea, I'm just…out of sorts is all."

Before the woman could open her mouth, a yellow lab that had been hidden behind her nudged her. She turned to look around. Mira realized how out of sorts she really was, as she didn't hear the man coming towards them had called out the blonde woman's name. She watched as the man maneuvered his briefcase over his shoulder as he moved his hands in the air. As soon as Mira recognized what he said, she realized the woman in front of her was deaf.

The elevator dinged, signaling its' arrival and Mira abruptly turned and entered the small room. The woman and the man followed her in. She hid herself in the back corner hoping to stop her rolling stomach.

"What floor?" The man asked her.

Mira was startled for a second, not expecting someone to talk to her. She had already forgotten that the woman spoke to her even if she knew the woman was deaf. They stared at her as she tried to remember where she was going.

"Four," Mira finally remembered.

The man looked at the woman with concern and pushed the button. The button was the only one lit up as they were going to the same floor.

"Hey hold the doors!"

The man quickly stopped the doors before they could close. The man that called out came into the elevator and the doors closed.

"Thanks, man," He said to the other.

"No problem," The other man said.

Suddenly the elevator screeched and came to a sudden stop.