Sign Language

Spoken and sign at the same time


"Hey!" Jack called out when he entered Mira's hospital room a day later.

"Hi! Oh wow," Mira commented when a group of people followed Jack in.

"Sorry, this is my team. They wanted to meet the girl who saved the day," Jack explained.

"Ha, it's no problem," Mira smiled. "I'm not sure how I saved the day when you, the FBI, could've gained the upper hand at any time."

Jack laughed, "I was just waiting for you to pick up the slack."

Some of the others laughed as Mira grabbed her pillow and hit Jack. He laughed as he grabbed the pillow away from her.

"Anyways, I'll introduce you to them," Jack said. "You know Sue."

"Hi," Mira smiled.

"Hi, glad to know you're alright."

"Oh, I'm just peachy now." Mira responded with a light laugh.

Sue laughed along with her. The others looked at Mira with surprise.

"You know sign?" The black woman standing next to Sue asked.

Mira nodded, "I'm an interpreting major."

A man with light brown hair whistled, "Never would've guessed that."

"You must be Australian mate?" Mira asked with an Australian accent.

"Of course, Shelia. How'd you guess?" He asked.

"I don't know mate, I really don't know," Mira joked.

He laughed, "I'm Bobby."

"Nice to meet you," Mira said, her accent back to normal.

"And I'm Lucy," The black woman said with a smile.

Mira smiled in response.

"I'm Demetrius, but you can call me D," The black man behind Lucy said.

"Hi," Mira said.

"I'm Myles Leland, the Third," The tall gangly man between Jack and Bobby introduced himself.

"You must be an Ivy League boy," Mira said as she pulled a leg up to her chest.

Myles cocked an eyebrow, "And why, pray tell, do you think that?"

"Cause only Ivy Leaguers introduce themselves with their full name plus title the way you did."

The others stifled their laughs behind their hands. Bobby slapped Myles on the back, "She got ya pegged mate."

Myles rolled his eyes. Mira smiled at his response.

"So, what's gonna happen to me?" Mira asked Jack.

"Nothing actually," Jack replied as he set the pillow down and leaned on it. "You acted in self-defense. There's nothing the lawyers can do especially when Sue and I, even Levi, are your witnesses."

Levi barked.

"Oh, I didn't even get to say hi to you!" Mira cried. "Get up here!"

Levi looked at Sue, who nodded. He jumped up onto the bed and Mira automatically started petting him and giving him kisses. She giggled when he licked her.

"So if nothing is going to happen to me, when am I getting out? I do have to get back to school," Mira asked. "I missed out on a month of school work."

"Doc said as long as you improve well, you should be out by the end of the week," Jack replied.

"Awesome," Mira said.

Jack threw the pillow gently back at Mira, "As much as I'd like to stay longer, we can't cause we got a case."

"Aww, come back tomorrow?" Mira asked.

"Of course, I still have to meet your parents about every thing that happened."

Mira rolled her eyes.

"Then go do your job, I'll still be here," Mira said.

"Ooh, Shelia, before we go, I got a question," Bobby asked.


"How'd you know how to shoot?"

Mira grinned, "I got four older brothers."